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Simple File Manager is a Joomla! component for creating public and private download centers in Joomla! 3.x. It's very easy to use and it's highly customizable.
It makes you able to share public files or to reserve private documents to single users. You can also list files in categories, apply labels, change icons, generate email reports, statistics, and much more...

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You can assign documents to a single group or to a Joomla user making him the only one who can see/download it. Simple File Manager can also generate automatic email reports in order to alert users when a new document becomes avaible to download.
In Simple File Manager every file is protected by extnernal access and is stored in a random-generated path to increase storage security.
This component supports multilanguage websites and comes already traslated in English, Italian and Spanish. You can get other translations via the localized Joomla! communities.

Simple file manager ti permette di creare aree download personalizzate in Joomla! 3. E' l'unico componente gratuito che offre anche la possibilità di creare **aree download private** e riservare file a singoli utenti o a gruppi, rendendoli inaccessibili agli utenti non autorizzati. L'intuitiva interfaccia integrata ne fa un componente di facile utilizzo anche per scopi professionali. Simple File Manager è un'estensione 100% italiana che supporta il sistema multilingua di Joomla!. Viene rilasciata già tradotta in italiano, inglese e spagnolo. Puoi scaricare altre lingue tramite le comunità Joomla! localizzate. L'interfaccia utente responsive riprende a pieno il look & feel del CMS Joomla! rendendo ancora più agevole l'uso del componente. Altre caratteristiche: ✔ Possibilità di riservare file protetti da lettura (ricevute, diagnosi, documenti privati, ecc...); ✔ Sistema di notifiche via email; ✔ Icone personalizzabili; ✔ Etichette;


Category and file descriptions auto-fill without much extra work.

Ease of use

Once you learn the work-flow it is quite simple


I love the "download free but pay to scrub backlink" model. I can stress test and then pay!!!

I used this to: I am using this for two sites coming to production. Both for files reserved for registered users that I don't want the general public to see. Works great on my mysql install; I still need to tweak for postgre.


Simple and easy. It does what it promises.

Ease of use

Yes it is


It's so simple that you don't need any documentation

I used this to: Sharing files to my users. Each user sees his own files.

Very nice and clean component. It would be nice if we can allow user to upload files thru the front end.

This is a good extension but even after paying the suggested donation there seems to be no response from the developer to provide backlink free version as p-romised, even after direct contact by me via email.


Owner's reply: Hi samot, thank you for your reveiew but please the next time use the contact form instead of posting unreal problems here. Every substainer gets a version without backlink. Please look in your spam folder or check if tour PayPal transaction was completed successfully.



Posted on 07 June 2014

All ok, but there are some bad things.

1. Files are uploaded in randowm folders, we don't have posibbility to define folders where they are stored.

2. Searching a site by filename or it's description (using search modules) doesn't show a files.

Owner's reply: Thank you for your feedback oeriel!
Random folders are unavoidable for security reasons: keeping files position secret increases download centers security also in case of wrong file permissions.
I fixed the filename filter, now it works properly :)

Really excellent layout, easy to use and smart. If you need something light to manage downloads with a pretty site interface, this is the solution.

Take care: if you select a user in the document settings, only this one will be able to see and download the file!

Finally, a new extension, with a concept completely easy file management. What you wanted finally came true!!

easy and nice

Posted on 04 December 2013

Very good extension, easy to use and powerful.

Works perfectly on J3, and the support is fantastic.

Component simple and very useful for private or public downloads.

You can still improve, but worth a try.

Owner's reply: Hi gnumax! Thank you very much for your review. I admit that the old version wasn't so exciting to use but currently i completely rewrote extension code to allow it to run on Joomla! 3. It's really user-friendly. I hope you'll try it so you can also give me suggestions about how to improve it.

Simple File Manager

Giovanni Mansillo
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Aug 27 2015
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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