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IlkePortfolio is the Ilke Benson's tool to manage a project portfolio on
your web.

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IlkePortfolio has 3 different levels:

Categories: You can manage your projects categorizing them in multiple
category levels. Each project could be link to several categories. The
categories could be related each other.
Projects: The main part of Ilke Portfolio. Each project has got thumbnail,
description, title, link....
Project's details: All projects could be amplified showing its project
details. A project detail is not mandatory, so if you have a simple project
there isn't any problem. Each detail has it description and image.

Settings. All the IlkePortfolio stylesheet could be manage through the
administrator. And in this moment, you can choose between three different
"Project detail views"

There are two different menu types: All projects and a single project menu
that directly show you the project Details.

SEO/SEM. IlkePortfolio is "Friendly Urls" compatible. And it has got it own
Xmap module.
Joomfish. You can search for our Joomfish module too.



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In several clients we need to create custom scroll bars to adapt it to the page personal theme. This kind of programation is very dependent to the browser. Borried to do the same ever and ever... we decided to create and share Ilke Scroller Ilke Scroller is the final SYSTEM plugin which we could put custom scrolls in any of our Joomla! modules. ¿Is easy to use? It is a plugin, you simply have to put a special div that evolve all your scrollable code and the scroll appears almost by magic. Only when a scroll is necessary, of course. ¿Are all browser supported? We try it in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera y Safari, and some SmartPhones browsers too ¿How it works? It is fully configurated, you only have to choose if you want to change the scroll colours or if you want to add it images. All these changes are edited in the administrator, it's quite simple. Later, we create a couple of divs in our articles or Joomla! modules and it is READY to work.


Javier Morgado Rodríguez
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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