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Portfolio Zen pulls images and paragraphs from articles in the Article Manager to create an attractive slide show of portfolio work. Setting it up is as simple as creating a section for portfolio works, categories for navigation, and articles for portfolio pieces in each category. Portfolio Zen currently has two distinct layouts with more on the way. The extension is mobile and tablet friendly and uses no flash.

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=== Version 2.1 Released June 11, 2012 ===

Bug fix for image paths that affected some article editors.

I'd been looking for a way to layout a group of images in a Yearbook kind of style. I stumbled across this extension and liked its look. Once installed (simple), I looked at the second option for the Kite layout. Loved it, using it, and will us it again.

This is an excellent component and I thank the author for this.

But contrary to the author's claim that the external JS has now been integrated with the component, the latest download still has JS being pulled from aolcdn.

Also, the width of the slideshow seems to have been hardcoded (500px). Even when I modified the script to a different width, it resets to 500px when the JS executes.

I hope the author can fix this.

Owner's reply: Portfolio Zen initially shipped with a stylesheet that was leeching from the Dojo project. This was an error I made in migrating from development to production and was what I was referring to by correcting the external links.

Portfolio Zen makes use of AOL's cdn because cdn's are faster for loading javascript frameworks.

Relating to the width issue, I'm currently working on an updated version that will be more flexible in regards to the images sizes. I'm also adding another layout and may include the option of using a local version of dojo vs a cdn. I expect to have it done and on the website by the new year.

Thanks for using Portfolio Zen and taking the time to write your review!

Very Nice and simple

Posted on 26 October 2010

this component is really excellent to me, very simple, many components add an unneeded tools and panels, however, making it inside joomla's sections and category makes it highly customizable a bit of files editing and css/javascript knowledge will do the job, lightweight and exellent, hope i donate when i get the chance too...ready to support in the meantime.

I have found this extension useful to display a portfolio of websites that our web design company has worked on. The only reason this doesn't receive 5 out of 5 stars is because it doesn't (currently) work with our sh404SEF extension i.e. doesn't have a search engine friendly url.

Despite the lack of SEF support this extension works great.

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Portfolio Zen

Blue Bridge Development
Date added:
Nov 24 2009
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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