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CARTwebERP - Industrial grade Joomla shopping cart integrated with webERP accounting. Multiple price levels. Payment gateways - PayPal,, and Accounts Receivable. High volume sales - large inventory requires integration with erp system.

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Product pictures, product pdf brochures/manuals and customer records entered in webERP are automatically presented by CARTwebERP to provide your company a way to be selling on the net in 5 minutes. (See the demo) webERP's Sophisticated Freight and Sales Tax tables are used to calculate freight and taxes, based on the destination and shipping location zip codes.

Provides your customer the easiest way to shop and place orders for your products since no log in or registration is required and there are only 2 steps to check out! In addition to accounts receivable to make a purchase, your customers may use credit cards through PayPal and An entry is made automatically in webERP for Internet payments to apply against the invoice.

Once the order is placed, it is on your webERP accounting system. Nothing to synchronize or import. G/L entries can be exported to other accounting packages, like Quick Books.

Several add on extensions are available, YMM - year make and model part selection, Associated parts - "substitutes", "also bought", freight tracking number module, inventory pricing and more!

Spanish and French Translations thanks to Rafael Chacon!

Google Products XML file creation thanks to Gary Ferguson!

A plug in allows the placement of selling blocks in articles or anywhere for any stock number.

Created by a developer of webERP, Mo Kelly.

For a seamless integration between your shopping cart and your accounting system, the combination of webERP and CARTwebERP cannot be beat!

I have tried out many different free shopping cart extensions for Joomla and CartWEBErp is by far the best. It integrated perfectly with WebERP software to create a seamless ordering platform for my company. Not to mention it is a powerful extension with a lot of options. I was able to create a robust, instant inventory and ordering system without any programming knowledge. Plugin installation and configuration was quick and super easy, the documentation and videos on the joomlamo website were comprehensive and very helpful. During initial setup I had a few problems due to user error (my webERP database was not set up correctly). The support from Mo was instant and professional. He figured out what was wrong and helped me fix it immediately. I would highly recommend this plugin to anyone looking for an option rich shopping cart.

Mo Kelly

Posted on 27 August 2012

I have had the pleasure of working with Mo Kelly for a year and have been thrilled with his work. He is extremely knowledgeable about Joomla and on the rare occasion he is stumped, he knows how to get the answer. He is patient with us and responsive to our needs and questions. Having worked with many IT folks over the years, I am extremely pleased with him and highly recommend him.

Lost Money and Time.

Posted on 20 April 2012

Unfortunately my detailed review didn't make it on here so I'll try a short version. This extension does not work properly even after several code changes by the developer. Credit card submission page is not encrypted. Paid support was given grudgingly and we were accused of misusing the support plan. We lost our money and many, many hours of time with nothing to show for it.

If you really want to use this I suggest you be able and willing to fix the code yourself or pay to have it all done for you. There seems to be no in between.

Owner's reply: Sorry for the issues installing CARTwebERP. The new installation program defaults to selling all sales categories. Also other items in the set up parameters should default to improve the installation experience.

Please take note of the "Quick Install" instructions. Call me if you difficulties.

Not working

Posted on 27 July 2011

I tried to install this on two different websites Both Joomla 1.6. Both where connecting to the database, but would not list products, or categories. Lots of errors all over the page.

There was very little documentation, all on the website for sales. There is no support except with an expensive contract.

Three weeks of work later, I upgraded to joomla 1.7 for security reasons and checked the website. There was a new CARTwebERP for 1.7, only it was $10 and I had payed $5 for the now free 1.6 version. I called Mo, and was told I needed 1.7 version and I had to pay the full amount to get it. I never did get it working so I deleted it instead.

I would never treat a customer like that.

Owner's reply: I am sorry that Rayj had difficulties installing. I think the "errors" were actually failed SQL statements with corresponding installation instructions that point out connection issues and point out missing tables to help get the cart set up quickly. This cart is a bridge and it is important that certain data tables exist in webERP for it to work.

There are 18 pages of documentation for CARTwebERP with 3 links to "How To" videos on There are 4 more pages documenting add ons.

As the seller of a product, I enjoy my right to set the price and change it at any time. At the time of this writing all of my Joomla extensions are free.

Clients that subscribe to our support plans have concluded that our rates are reasonable.

I apologize for anything that upset Rayj.

Great component!!!

Posted on 18 April 2010

As a user of webERP and Joomla since 2005, we have grown to develop our site to the best of it's ability. A few select modules help and enhance our service for customers and in the way we do business online. However, with the addition of this new component (CARTwebERP), we are really looking forward to even more generated sales online. The automation of sales, stock and prices is vital and this new component does just that and more. The support from the developer Mo Kelly of is 100% and dedicated too. So we have no problem in recommending CARTwebERP and the developer.

Having spent many years developing ERP systems and internet systems, the key problem was integration. I finally found the excellent combination in CartwebERP, Joomla and webERP. The combination works very well, the support is excellent - new features of webERP were added to the frontend with very little delay. I see a great future for cartwebERP and webERP. Every new business looking to start up an internet based and/or bricks and mortar business should look at this combination. Definitely worth it.

Phenominal Cart!

Posted on 27 October 2009

We have been using CARTwebERP at for 6 months. It is the easiest shopping cart to install and there is nothing to maintain. Descriptions, pricing, pictures, and everything come from our accounting database. Whenever we change these things in our accounting system it is also changed on the web site. Our customers enter their orders directly into our accounting system through our Joomla web site. Nothing to synchronize. Payments are recorded too. All we have to do is show the merchandise is shipped and match the payment with the invoice. With webERP accounting system as the backend, it has the strongest back end of any shopping cart!



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Originally webERPinventory was designed as a Joomla component integrated with webERP to allow modification of customer pricing. Updating reorder levels for stock and modifying customer pricing for stock by price list or individual customer pricing is made simple with this GUI. The latest version includes an RFQ and Purchase Order system integrated with webERP. From your cell phone or desktop select the category you want to replenish and enter quantities requested. A request replenish screen shows all requests and allows the buyer to send RFQ's to vendors in the Maintain Supplier Price Lists or create PO's for the preferred vendor. RFQ and PO emails are sent and for RFQ's and there is a link for the vendor to enter price quotes directly into the system. These create price records in the Maintain Supplier Price List. webERP is an open source accounting package that is very popular. At JoomlaMo we are writing Joomal extensions integrated with webERP so that companies can access and update data in webERP without direct access to webERP. This reduces training time and the user interface is more friendly and powerful. For instance, this inventory reorder level and pricing update is much easier to access than through webERP. This method of RFQ's and PO's makes controlling inventory easy!


Mo Kelly
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Jun 24 2009
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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