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This component manages medals and lets you hand them out as awards or achievements to your users, e.g. if they contribute a certain number of good articles, or display images in the Gallery.

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You can create medals, hand them out to the users, and display them e.g. in Fireboard / Kunena or Community Builder. A separate plugin for Community Builder is available. For more information, Readme and Changelog see the project homepage!

The Frontend displays medals statistics and which users were awarded with which medal. Also, with the available Plugin for CB the medals each user has earned can be displayed in his profile.

Currently supported languages are English, French, German and Dutch - contributed language files are welcome!

If jAwards helps you in building your community, please consider a donation to ensure future development at:

I just want to let you knoe I really love your extension! I was waiting your 2.5 version to update my joomla installation. Simply can't live without.

JAwards was exactly what i was looking for. Easy to use and works great! If there was a update or add-on that allowed automated awards to be given it would be everything I could ask for and would probably pay for it or make a donation or something.

But great job none the less.

I like it

Posted on 21 June 2011

I like the work and effort you have made and put into this component it is fantastic but manualy going through users one by one to add a award is allot of effort it would be terrific if you could perhaps make it a automated awards system.

There are a few things I would like to change:

- In the ACP, when you finish adding a medal or a medal icon it goes to the awards tab instead of back to the medals tab.

- It would be nice to customize the layout of the awards, or have a "top 10 latest awards" above the medals.

- Give users a customized page they can link to that shows all of the awards they have won. (to a friend or something)

- Have an example award or two so people can figure it out a bit easier.

- If someone made a CB plugin for this, that would be great.

The component works great! I think that this is a solid piece of work and I can't wait to see where it goes from here. Also, I have a ton of components installed and there were no conflicts. (please don't rate 1/5 just because you messed up your installation)

Owner's reply: Thank you for the review! Of course a CB-plugin is also available, showing all the awards of a user. You can find it on the Downloads page at Joomlacode.


Posted on 18 March 2009

Very easy to install and integrate with CB and Kunena(Fireboard) Forum (with instructions on Joomlacode). Has a lot of possibilities for use.


Posted on 14 March 2009

I just want to say I used JAwards for 1.0 I am now using it for 1.5. If fact I set it up in 1.5 so I could run 2 occasions of it for separate purposes. It is wonderful!!

Since we give so many awards each month we have created a large number of medals. I have a zip file containing 100 ribbons (these are ribbons only) you have to add your gold, bronze, silver, star or whatever medal to them.

They are free, I just don't know where to offer them so please let me know.


My first review ever !

Posted on 18 December 2008


This is my first review, well...I have been trying for how to get Jawards working for three days...I installed, did not see any medals..did not see the CB tab..I was so confusing...10mins ago, I got it working with reference the discussion on ( for this useful component and I finally got it working...Big thanks to the developer !!

Good for start

Posted on 21 September 2008

Its has good start, but lacks lots of functions. This component needs more support from others. I would like to see auto awards functions. For postings some kind of number of posts, for adding avatar and so on... It needs to be liek achievements system.

I think it would look good if the medals show up in the body content

The basic thing is served but just to check the awards of a user, one has to go to the profile or awards menu to view it. Instead it would be good if the medals show up wherever there is an activity from the awarded member. what say?

This is perfect for my site! There are a couple of issues and questions:

1. The reason for the award does not show.

2. Date format change?

3. Award notifications in content? I have no idea how to have a news item to announce the awards.

Other than that it is a great little extension. I will be donating today.

Owner's reply: You would need to enable "Show award reason" in the config, for them to show up.

Different formatting options for the date will be in the upcoming version of jAwards.


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