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Editor Buttons, Icon Packs

Plugin to insert FontAwesome icons into your contents.

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One Font, 585 Icons with infinite scalability. Perfect on Retina Display.
Designed from scratch to be fully compatible with bootstrap 3.
Screen Reader Compatible.
Easily style icon color, size, shadow and anything that's posible with css.

-Font Awesome updated to 4.4.0: 66 new icons
-search button

-Insert Color Icon
-Automatic updates
-Font Awesome updated to 4.3.0
-Minor bugfix

-Edit size, rotation, fixed width, border, pull and spin
-Font Awesome updated to 4.2.0
-Minor bugfix

Useful Fontawesome plugin

Posted on 22 August 2015

Editor button with nice icons preview and many options (color, rotate, size...)
Useful option to not load Fontawesome Css, if already have 1

Ease of use

Very easy: it works without the need of documentation, or any configuration settings.


I think it is self explanatory

I used this to: I use this to give to the site/template owners the option to use Fontawesome without struggling with code or difficult shortcodes.
Many thanks to the developer !!!

(Why don't have a Fontawesome plugin like that into the Joomla! core ?)

Works as Expected

Posted on 23 December 2014

Finally Joomla has a font icon inserter. The syntax used for modifying the icons via classes is a great idea making it easier to style them.

Ease of use

Using this extension was a breeze. Simply install the package, enable the two plugins, and start inserting your icons. Options are good too.

Social 2s

Social 2s

Free | Social Share | anton
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Social 2s is a J! 3.x plugin to display the buttons of the most popular social networks. Supports Opengraph, twitter cards, virtuemart... It's focused on speed. There are lots of Joomla plugins that do that. So why Social 2s is special? Social 2s doesn't load external javascript if not needed, and only loads the required javascript. Say goodbye to load hundreds of unnecessary scripts and say hello to a faster web. More features: Article and Category view display Supports OpenGraph Supports Twitter cards Supports FontAwesome Supports Bootstrap 3 Supports for Virtuemart Different styles (dark, colored, icon). >2.1.4 released Some little changes in backend fix litle bug in Categories "same as article" function >2.1.3 twitter cards added! complete some descriptions to better understanding >2.1.2 fix default image opengraph bug with intro and fullimage get defaul image optimizations >2.1.1 opengraph remove in category view bugfix twitter data-count >2.1.0 RELEASED optimizations preventing offscreen bootstrap 3.3.5 first installation display fixed >2.0.9 posfix with cta minor css optimizations DTF bug with arrows and buttons fix cookies with CTA better text (I know... everybody hates texts) >2.0.8 rtm CTA style choose default social network cookie to close forever CTA fix arrow: now adaptable to button size >2.0.7 Call To Action preview CTA sizes Better out-of-screen behavior (unified and relative to button clicked) debug minify >2.0.6 gplus features fb button count default fix odd situation with in/ex behavior Cookie support for gearcookies Cookie support for folcomedia cookies alert, Cookie support for joomball cookies, Cookie support for crayon cookieaccept > 2.0.5 - QUALITY VERSION w3c html5 compliant fixed behavior css minify language unify align as a class linkedin arkane language way fixed >2.0.4 fix error on vk injection removing vk script check injection only in articles check feature view >2.0.3 Variables: -s2sshowtext -s2sstyle['default', 'colour','dark','iconcolour'] -s2sposfix >2.0.2 Position fixed mobile position fixed >2.0.1 remove plugins {...} to opengraph description >2.0.0 completly backend rearrange fontawesome 4.4.0 split for articles and categories take values from article in category updated jquery 1.11.3 twitter counter load script on load bugfix double loaded linkedin in article (required in category) includes twitter follow button js minification update facebook version 2.4 facebook custom layout Pinterest customization options Linkedin counter Tumblr options (includes follow) Vk customization and upgrade method >1.0.53 minor aesthetic changes >1.0.52 Opengraph customized image option except article content Opengraph extended tags: amount, currency, dates start, dates end >1.0.51 Opengraph customized image >1.0.50 New style coloured icons Adjustments in all styles and behaviors Cookie style tuned >1.0.49 Preliminary support for virtuemart Minor language fix Added Modern Base template (css3) Minor aesthetic changes in colour and dark style >1.0.48 Minor bugfix with position (if you have problems with that, please open plugin configuration, choose after, before or both positions and save) >1.0.47 Minor aesthetic bugfix Intro and full images check > 1.0.46 group buttons and button sizes UNLOCKED! better arrange of buttons > 1.0.45 New api for tumblr with localise Category support for tumblr > 1.0.44 Category support for pinterest & linkedin > 1.0.43 Category support for twitter & facebook > 1.0.42 improved bootstrap buttons > 1.0.41 facebook opengraph metas images > 1.0.40 first implementation facebook opengraph metas > 1.0.39 fix FontAwesome font path FontAwesome updated 4.3.0 > 1.0.38 improved colored template 1.0.37 improved dark template 1.0.36 add base css add style system for better templating adapt sizes to Bootstrap3 minor fixes 1.0.35 Fb language fixed (thanks to Heikki Jokinen) 1.0.34 FontAwesome updated to 4.2 VK added Minor bugfix 1.0.33 Tumblr added 1.0.32 fixed arrow with offscreen elements 1.0.31b beta versions offscreen check update bootstrap 3.2.0 1.0.30 Twitter api updated Facebook api updated Pinterest updated Fixed error with pinterest count 1.0.29 license check updated minor bugfix 1.0.29b minor bugfix 1.0.28 Suppor for joomla 3.2 beta Better organization Template system Dark template added minor bugfix


Free | Images | anton
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imgtopicture converts your images into the new HTML5 supersmart element PICTURE The picture element has the skill to show different versions of your images depending on the device width. Imgtopicture will generate automatically the different versions of your images and will store in cache directory to increase the speed. We are working hard to release this public BETA version. Use it carefully :)
facebook coupon

facebook coupon

Free | Gifts & Coupons | anton
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Facebook coupon allows to show a coupon code or a download button when the user click on facebook button. Its a reward to follow you on facebook :)

dx FontAwesome button

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Aug 17 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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