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This extension consists in an editor plugin that makes possible to select a file on the server and attach it in the article body.

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The list of file is presented as directory tree or a flat list (as an option) and the hyperlink to the file is created with just a single click on the file.

The plugin is fully customizable: the base directory can be selected, custom HTML code can be inserted inside the hyperlink, custom class and icon can be specified as well as a filter to only show certain files in the listing.


This extension does one simple thing well, excellent.

Ease of use

Simple to use, installs and activated as any other Joomla plug-in.


None required, so I can't comment on support.


It is very simple, and the UI explained everything, so I didn't need documentation.
So, self documented, which is the best sort of documentation really.

Value for money

Great value, very low cost

I used this to: I really like the simplicity of TinyMCE, and this adds a missing bit of functionality. Being able to quickly and simply add links to PDF files in an article is a common task for many web users.

JCE supports adding links to files but TinyMCE does not. I find JCE to be quite c


Paid download | Tags & Clouds | Alessandro Pasotti
4 reviews
PowerTags is a new Joomla! 3.x component that let you easily add Tags to articles, weblinks and events (managed by the Eventlist component). The component is professionally supported and actively developed, it is released under AGPL license and is available for download for a small fee which will be used to maintain and further develop the component and to provide quick and efficient assistance to the users. Tags can be used to freely organize Joomla! content items (Tagged Items) in a more simple manner, you can attach multiple Tags to a single item and build a menu-like structure with the Tags using the dedicated Modules. Another module can be used to show a tag-cloud and another one can be used to show related items (items that share the same Tags). Adding tags to item is super-simple: Ajax powered live-search alllows you to scan the existing Tags while you type and to select matching Tags from a list, to reduce the risk of typos and duplicated Tags.
c m p


Paid download | Geotagging | Alessandro Pasotti
10 reviews
GeoContent is a new Joomla! 3.x component that let you create beautiful and fully customizable maps for your Joomla! website. The new version for Joomla! also supports OpenLayers maps. KEY FEATURES Standard Joomla Articles, can be bound to geographic features such as POINTs, LINEs and POLYGONs and the resulting maps can be shown in the article page and in an overview map. A single article can be represented by more than one geographic type: so that you can have simultaneously a set of POINTS, some POLYGONS and some LINES for a single Joomla article. Articles on the map are grouped by layers, appearance can be fully customized through layers configuration. GeoContent also allows to add geographic items that are not linked to articles. GeoContent is "free" as in "speech" but not as in "beer", it is only available in bundle with commercial professional paid support, while the lincense remains a free software licence: GPL V.3 Professionally supported This component is professionally supported, this means that we will fix bugs provide reliable remote assistance and support on the component for 12 months from your subscription send you all the updates of the component for 12 months Advanced input methods Perhaps the coolest feature, is the availability of two advanced input methods for your geographic objects: users can directly draw geographic features from the control panel through an embedded Google Map editor users can load geographic data from a GPX (standard GPS format) file the new version supports map editing from the front-end too KML export Coming to the output methods, an interesting optional feature is KML export : yes, you can directly publish your GeoContent powered Joomla! website into Google Earth! Fully configurable Since articles are grouped by layers, you can change the appearance of a layer and have all map items that belong to that layer changed accordingly. For each layer, you can style: - Line/Poly/Point color - Line/Poly/Point width/tranparency - Polygon fill color/transparency - Polygon fill transparency - Point icon and size Of course you can configure several aspects of the main map appearance: Table Of Content (TOC) type (hidden, list, select) TOC position (left, top, right, bottom) TOC and main map width (onyl useful for TOC position left and right) Which layers should be activated at start (none, all, selected) Map dimensions KML icon (hide or show)
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WSO Command Shell and File Manager

WSO Command Shell and File Manager

Paid download | Servers | Alessandro Pasotti
1 review
WSO Shell Joomla! plugin is a full featured file manager and command line console based on the famous WSO remote webshell. WSO Shell offers a long list of extremely useful functions, all of which are run with the privileges of the web server user: a full featured file manager (copy, rename, edit, delete, up/download etc.) a console that can run commands from the underlying operating system a SQL console a PHP console string tools with tons of pre-configured commands network analysis tools detailed system information penetration testing tools WSO Shell Joomla! plugin target audience are skilled Joomla! admins that need an advanced tool to manage their systems, exploiting the full power of the underlying operating system commands and PHP/SQL command lines. WSO Shell is also a real "hacker's" tool, with ton of security and utility tools that can be used (with care!) to analyze your system. WSO Shell Joomla! plugin was developed and tested with Joomla! on Linux server systems, we don't provide support when Joomla! is installed on other platforms.


Alessandro Pasotti
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Feb 01 2015
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Nov 19 2014
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