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Introducing Community Builder Advanced Search V2.4

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************ UPDATED ON 09 January 2014 Joomla 3.x support

Improvements Included:
1. Ability to add introductory text and field descriptions, also predefined text into the textfields.
2. Ability to select what is returned in search results you can add any field now, also CSS classes to any field in the search results (in order to customize the results as you want).
3. Multiple independent search setup an additional module comes now with your purcashe: one module that keeps the search form and the results list on the same page, other 2 modules that shows the search form on one page of the site and the results list on other page of the site (the form can point to this second page).
4. Shows the number of results frontend.
5. Joomla 1.5,1.6,1.7,2.5 and 3.x native.
6. Common user bugfixes
7. Better frontend
8. Better search results
9. Support for multi checkboxes
10. Search Result links to profile
11. Works with Community Builder CB 1.9
12. You can edit every button and text within component and module. (We had many foreign customers who requested this feature to make translation easier)
13. You have to define the Joomla usergroups you want to search (you can select them from the list Joomla offers)
14. The administrator can keep the original keyword (from the previous versions) or to search only by the defined CB fields.
15. You have option to search inside CB lists.
16. A CB user logged in have can save and manage his search forms (fields and their values) in order to user later or set as default (the form will be field with desired values when the user access the form the first time).
17. A CB user logged in can save and manage the results lists.
18. A CB user logged in can ignore undesired users found in the search in order to select the results he wants. He can also manage the ignored list results to make visible again.

Trust the oldest Community Builder Search Component. We hope you'll love the 2.4 version. This component is how it is because of the plenty user requests and suggestions, let me know if you need any other feature on this component.

This is a Joomla Native component + modules that enables you to search any field defined in CB (Community Builder) and CB lists. Using this component and
the modules you can show a CB Search form in the frontend and control the available fields or the CB lists (you can use either the fields either the lists) for search and the sequence of these fields in the search results. There can be configured an unlimited number of different searches (with there own fields and description) in the backend, but in the frontend the component is preset to the first search. You can access the other defined searches using the modules (they can be set to the search you want).

We tested it with all Joomla versions. Using this component you can show multiple CB Search forms in the frontend and c

Not working

Posted on 11 June 2015

Tried it, not working for me. I got an mysql error, and the developers was not answering to any messages, nothing in one month sice purchase

Ease of use

The administrator section was ok, but the frontend was just not working,

Value for money

Waste of energy and money


A few years ago I bought the component and it was good. Now is not longer fully compatible with Community Builder. No support was offered.

Ease of use

It is ok. most of it.


No support is offered.

Value for money


I used this to: I am using 2.4 with Joomla 3.4 and Community Builder 2.

I use that extension on a multilingual site and there has been a bug according the custom translation which can be done within the component itself (a very nice feature!). I did contact the developer and he immediately did solve the problem. I recommend this extension with conviction.

This is a must have for any Community Builder system that needs to search the CB user database. I searched for a long time for a component that would easily let me display my CB user database (I used this for a directory listing of business users). This is the only component I could find that allowed me to search any user field I wanted. I used this in Joomla 2.5 on a site and also a new Joomla 3.0 site and it works great!!! The team answered my questions within minutes/hour and was very helpful when I had a problem (turned out to be an issue with my site and a conflict - NOT a CB AdvSearch issue)

If you need a component to search and display your Community Builder User database this is a must have!

Great Support

Posted on 30 July 2012

This is a great component for searching combinations from fields and custom fields in your community builder user list.

I had a few issues such as pagination. I contacted the developers and Dan logged into my website and fixed the issues within a couple of days. The support could not have been better. If only all extensions had such support!

Owner's reply: Thank You! If only every happy customer would leave a review like this.


I looked everywhere for specific support on this purchase product? I need to hide certain users from this search and even if I block their profiles, (can't block super admin) they still show up? Is there some kind of filter that I can use to BLOCK super admins or certain user id's? Thank you kindly

Owner's reply: Support is here, I replied to your email yesterday it's Sunday. On Monday, we'll investigate your issue with superadmins and results.

We also had a few problems with this component. Translations did not work first, but with the quick help of developer we were provided with a perfect working update thats working fine in Joomla 2.5.2 environment and latest installment of community builder. We can only recommend this component - all others didn´t work for us and had a bad developer support.

Thanks again to Dan for his quick support!

Owner's reply: You're very welcome! It's good to see that somebody takes the time to submit a review when they're happy:)

Thank you and good luck with your project!

joomla 25

Posted on 12 July 2012

so, we have the same problem ... it doesn't work with j 25! sorry guys, but maybe there is an other version ?

Owner's reply: Hello Peter,

This is the only version, we tested with Joomla 2.5 it works fine, I replied to your email which you sent before this review that if you run into any incompatibility issue just let me know. I can't help you without knowing the exact description of "it doesn't work".


Not working well

Posted on 19 April 2012

- The componend does not respect J2.5 ACL groups (search doesnt work when users are not placed as registered).

- NO range search possible

- Does NOT search user lists

- Has NO front end-template to style

All together I wonder where the benefit is in comparision with useing CB lists in search mode, except that CB lsists in search mode work!?

25 EUR wasted!!! no refund policy (of course).

Owner's reply: Our component and module is targeted to search Community Builder users and the fields they are filling in for their CB profile that's why it is called CB Advanced Search.

Yes, it does not include the Joomla groups but we never advertised that it does while we can customize to do that.

(Spoiler Alert)Range search will be in the next version.

The stylesheet for the component is inside this file:

For the module the file is /modules/mod_cbadvsearch/tmpl/default.php

Kind Regards,

Firstly the component did not work when I installed on J1.5.23, but without further delay I contacted their support desk & though it took a lot of time to get it fixed, the component is unlike any other. Its a brilliant component with super-flexibility. The after-sales support is one of a kind. They are very fast & very repsonsive & do value your money. If you are looking for a Search component This is it. I bought another module called CB Pro search for $15 & it doesnt work & the support desk ignored me completely, then I bought CB Adv Search for 25Eur & its worth it. worth every penny. DONT LOOK ANY FURTHER. THIS IS IT. Great Job Csaba & Dan. Keep up the good work. Looking forward for some more products from you.

CB Advanced Search

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Dec 22 2009
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