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This plugin provides enterprise workflow support for our Open Source Simple Content Versioning component. It provides version annotation, content staging and review workflow for Joomla. Features include:

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* Revise, edit and approve article changes before going live with those changes.
* Send article changes for approval via email
* Edit and save changes to published articles without affecting the live site
* Save notes regarding article versions
* Optionally stage all content changes automatically
* Automatically stage content from specific user groups
* Optional administrator email notifications of staged content that is ready for review
* Complete revision history with access to all staged and prior versions of article content
* Optionally disable on the front-end

This is in my point of view the best extension for editorial driven websites that need a workflow and approval solution, especially when the editors are working in the backend mostly. It´s not so sophisticated in layout etc. but it works like it should. I really hope, the developement will be continued for Joomla 3.x.

I'm missing a GUI to (re)publish changed artikels. Working just with the Notification-E-Mail an than "take a guess" witch version should be published ist to difficult.

Has potential

Posted on 10 May 2012

This could be an excellent component, but at this time it feels 80% complete. Pretty much everything you need is in place, but some of the features just don't work, or work poorly. for example, primary email notifications work, but any additional do not. Also, the preview which will allow an approver to see what has changed between versions sometimes includes html source code, which confuses end users that are unaware what that type of code means.

All of this would be fine if there were existing solutions to these problems or software updates to those of us who PAID for this extension, but sadly this is not the case. Questions on the forum go unanswered or just ignored, and the "Premium" support via email you are supposed to get for purchasing the component also goes ignored.

Having said that, I don't think getting what you are promised is asking too much in this case. I'm not asking for the developer to magically whisk himself through my monitor and fix whatever issue I have, I'm just asking for a REPLY when I or anyone else who bought the component asks a question.

The title says it all... ;)

Seriously, you don't need to know much to use versioning and workflow, just a little bit of logical thinking.

I SOOOOO have longed for this to be Joomla Core because that WOULD more or less be a real competitor and alternative to massively expensive commercial, and often worse, CMS's.

Thanks for making this. :-)

Very clever solution but one that you need to be a pro to understand and use. We started off with the sister product of version control which worked fine, but when we came to use workflow the whole thing fell apart.

The forum support is all well and good but emails to the developer seem to disappear into a blackhole - plus the payment only gives you a few months of access to download and thats your lot - no good if you delete the download by accident.

So, a good product, certainly - and one that Joomla sorely could do with being as part of its core - but let down by the support channels. If Joomla formed a majority of my job, I'd probably have more time to sit down and learn it properly, so is defo one for the experts.

I needed a simple approval system for a client site. We wanted a system where employees could edit only their own pages, but any edits/updates/changes had to be approved by the admin.

This is excellent for this purpose. All the employees are set up as authors, so the only content they can edit is their own, and it emails admin when they make a change. Admin then selects the version to be published (usually the latest) and away they go!

The version plugin that comes with it is also great as it allows for the provision of rollback if you mess something up in an article.

I like it, simple, intuitive, and fills a big hole in core joomla.

This is the first time I've felt compelled to review an extension for all the wrong reasons.

Simply, it does not do what it says it will do. Add to that one channel of support, a forum, where nobody replies and you have a recipe for disaster.

I installed this on a client site after reading the one good review and was left with a trail of problems and unanswered questions.

Keep away from this extension!

Owner's reply: Sorry you had problems Gary. It actually does do what it advertises, as evidenced by hundreds of satisfied users. We did respond to your email and forum-based requests, our last unanswered post to you was "I've just tested this and haven't found any problems. Is there a place I can see this (not) working? Thanks!"

I've had a good look through the demo and tried it all out, it looks excellent. I've thought for some time that this is what joomla has been sorely missing if it wants to appeal to larger corporations and be more of an alternative to commercial CMS systems. And now with this it finally has it.

I looked through it thinking about what i felt it should do and after looking at the plugin found that it did everything i think it should!

The next corporate site i do is going to be getting this bought for it.

Top marks from me!



Free | Content Versioning | Michael Fatica
30 reviews
Requires Joomla 1.5.4 or later This component and two plugins provide a simple content versioning solution for Joomla. It saves a backup copy each time content is saved. It also adds an editor button to allow you to restore a document you're editing with a backup version. +Features -A new enterprise workflow add-on to this package is now available! (Workflow is 1.5 only) See our site for more info! -A new autosave add-on to this package is now available! See our site for more info! -Shows a list of prior versions for every article, their size, creator and date -Allows for preview of prior versions before use -Send an optional email notification when content changes -Shows a difference view, displaying changes from current to selected version. -Shows the number of versions directly on the button -Displayed as a an editor icon, no separate component to deal with -Translated into French, Spanish, Catalan, German and English -Configurable limit of versions to store -Ability to delete prior versions -Ajax enabled, very simple to use. -Optionally disabled for front-end users Recent updates: *Improved "Diff" view performance for very large articles *Universal installer! *Added document size to the selection screen *Updated to include support for JCK Editor *Updated to include support for FCKEditor *Updated to use correct directory seperator. *If you have had problems installing, we found that a spanish character in the xml file was causing problems with some versions of Joomla. Please try the latest version. *Fixed multiple front-end bugs, *Added new installer script *Updated difference view *Moved SCV to use the actual revision number from SVN *Added a "Difference" view to the preview showing difference between current article and selected version *Fixed autoincrement bug in table create statement *Added limit to number of versions to store (under content plugin parameters) *Added version deletion with Ajax goodness *Thanks to Lucas Guardino from Web Empresa for the Spanish and the Catalan Translation *Added the author name next to the version *Added language files for multilingual support *Added full content preview for large articles *Added a version check for 1.5.4 or higher *Added a training video *Fixed a bug to include fulltext
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Workflow for Simple Content Versioning

Michael Fatica
Date added:
May 28 2009
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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