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Version 2.0 release. Compatible with Jomsocial 3.x and Joomla 3.x

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A Cool Approval is a pro-active solution to photo, video and message screening and or moderation for use with Jomsocial. A Cool Approval is compatible with Jomsocial 3.x and is Joomla! 2.5 and Joomla! 3.x compatible.

comacoolcore: This is a core component that is the foundation of A Cool Approval.
acoolapproval: A Cool Approval module is an administrator side module which should be placed in the cpanel position for easy approval of photos and videos.
plg_coolcommunity: A Cool Community plugin intercepts all photos and videos uploaded to your site and puts them in a queue for an administrator to approve or delete.

Version 0.1.8 now features wall post moderation.

Version 0.1.9 now has plugin paramaters available for choosing what to moderate and what not to moderate.

Version 2.0 updated for joomla 3.0

Version 3.1 fixed minor bugs and updated mailer functions.


Posted on 29 November 2013

This review is really excellent. It allows to accept or reject: avatars (profile photos), videos, photos, group photos, event photos, and cover photos with the new jomsocial.

It works perfectly and the developer is really great at providing support.


Owner's reply: You're very welcome!

This product fills a MAJOR security and abuse shortcoming in Jomsocial's process for handling uploaded video.

Without it, any user could bog down your server with hours of video being encoded, or potentially worse, offend hundreds of your community's users with pornography or worse. This elegant solution prevents that by allowing the admin to moderate and pre-approve content before it gets posted. I echo the previous reviewer when I say it really should be included in Jomsocial's next release.

And if you hit a snag, like I did trying to make it work with Jomsocial's remote hosting of video on Amazon S3, using Zencoder for encoding, (which it does, btw), the developer will likely display dedication to helping you above and beyond the call of duty. (At least he did for me.) Thanks for all your help in getting this to work, and making my Jomsocial video site possible. Without this extension and your terrific support, it would not have been.

Owner's reply: Thanks for your review.

Very Nice

Posted on 24 May 2012

This is a awesome plugin for JomSocial. It should actually be at their core files. It gives you the ability to moderate avatars and pictures. If JomSocial really wants to dominate the market they need to make this core. I have two sites that I was kind of cautious about using JomSocial on because of their educational nature, and business nature. By adding this feature I was able to use it and my clients love it.

It's extremely easy to add to sites being a novice coder it was fantastic to see how easy it was. Instructions are very clear, make sure you use the right package, if you do, you will be fine.

It does not have an email notification system built in, however I was so suprised and relieved that when I posted on the forum, I got a response the next morning. They directed me to some scripting language, and while we haven't figured it out I am confident by their support that they will. This was going above and beyond what I purchased and for that they are getting five stars!

I will post back once we got the email notification figured out and let you know that it was completed, but if your looking for something that you can login to and see the changes and approve disapprove this lives up to it's billing 100%

Owner's reply: Thanks for your review. We have added the email notifications to the extension.
A Cool Community Search

A Cool Community Search

Paid download | JomSocial Extensions | oasisfleeting
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This is a smart search / finder plugin for jomsocial. Future updates will bring additions for community builder and other social networking platforms for Joomla. This plugin will: 1) Allow you to choose which fields you want to index with smart search / finder 2) Allow you to choose which fields you want to show as results 3) Show users avatar and or thumbnail with search results 4) Show users display name and status with search results.
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A Cool Approval

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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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