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This component is for owners of sites built around the Joomla K2 component, and want visitors to be able to post comments, but not have to register with the site to do so.

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When a comment is posted, later visitors can vote "yes" or "no" on the comment (as in, or click "report" for inappropriate comments. The administrative area for this component lists reported comments and comments with more than three "no" votes. The administrator can delete reported comments, and also blacklist the IP address of the commenter.

This component uses Ajax, and the vote count is updated immediately.

This component, unfortunately, requires a patch to the K2 core. A patch file for version 2.5 of K2 is provided.

Hi, Robert Broughton

Posted on 21 November 2012

I have installed this component and followed all the steps as written in the Readme.txt. what i m facing is all layout is fine but as far as i click on any button/link i.e thumbsup,down or report abuse i got a popup of ajax error.

Owner's reply: Can you give me the URL of a page where the problem occurs, so I can see what's going on?

I use joomla 1.7 and k2 v2.5.1

I have installed the component, but... i have to something more?? in my k2 comments i don´t see the option to "vote". I´m sure that i have to change something in my k2 template, but i can´t found the README file or any adittional template.


Owner's reply: The README.txt file is in administrator/components/com_tc_comments.

The README file will tell you what you have to do to modify your K2 template. It will also tell you that if you unzip the patch file that's in the same directory (UPGRADE TO v2.5.4 OF K2 FIRST!) you will get a template that is a modified version of the default K2 template. You would have to select this template in your K2 setup.

Works Great

Posted on 28 December 2010

I got this to work in no time at all. Great extension. K2 needs more of these great extensions.


Posted on 21 September 2010

sorry, but this extension doesn´t work on my site. I can´t see anything on the frontend....

Owner's reply: If you didn't see anything new in the front end, you didn't follow the directions in the README file. Specifically, you must modify your K2 template, or select the template supplied with the package.
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Comments management for K2

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