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This is a very useful K2 plugin, which enables administrators of websites powered by Joomla and K2 to assign more than one K2 extra fields group to a K2 category.

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The groups can be displayed in Accordion, Tabs or Falt layout, just like shown in the slides below.

The plugin also supports rendering multiselect fields as checkboxes, where K2 does not have checkbox field type.

The plugin enables ordering select/multiselect values alphabetically, core K2 does not support this feature till now.

Install this plugin to save time and complexity, you will not need to refactor your extra fields groups.

The plugin is integrated smoothly with K2 forms for categories and items, no need for extra forms or components.

For whom using K2 for directory or lisiting purposes, you can use this plugin to show values of select/multiselect/radiobutton fields as images/icons, like in a resturant, club or hotel, you need to show features/facilities as icons.

This is truly a great extension, I wonder why it is not an integrated part of K2!

Support is excellent also!

A must have plug-in!

Posted on 30 September 2014

I'm building a quite complex site with 3 languages and a bunch of K2 overrides, so I could really see the idea in using MEFG.

I installed it and had some minor issues, which their support sorted out within the hour.

Installing their beta actually fixed the issue.

Then I started working with it and it's just great!

It does exactly what it says it does! :-)

In my K2 overrides I'm also extracting the extrafields for use in other places in the templateoverride and the extra field "image" was being a pain in the a** :-)

After a few emails betwen me and the support, they sent me a code snippet, that fixed it - thanks Mohamed!

And as they wrote: "this will be included in the coming update, as it should work like this"! :-)

Glad to have helped out!

Now go buy this awesome plug-in!

MEFG really takes K2 to another level, making the possibilities endless.

The support is outstanding. I had to contact the developer few time to resolve a javascript conflict was assisted until I got it up and running.

This is a must have for anybody using K2. Thank you for this great extension.


Posted on 01 July 2014

the plugin works.. but the support is great. a couple of time's we needed update. but he solves it :D

only bad thing is that the support is only 3 months.. would be better for a year

I bought and installed this plugin, it worked just within a click.

If you consider to reuse your info data in groups and repeatedly, such as catalog, web store, classified ads, this plugin is the best choice!

the support from the extension developer is very fast. Any inquiry almost was replied with perfect solution within a day.

Integrates smoothly and effectively. moreover the support I got from the developer for some costume work is superb. Thanks.

I don't leave many reviews unless they really deserve it and this extension does in the most positive way. First, besides saving me the tedious and time consuming task of editing hundreds of extra fields for different K2 items, the support for the extension is first rate. There was a small jquery conflict and Mohamed really went the distance to come up with a solution. His support for the extension far outweighed the small price I paid for its use. This extension is a great value and does the job well. I highly recommend it if you need a way to add multiple extra field groups to K2 categories.



Posted on 29 January 2014

I am working on a complex content website. MEFG is a great plugin for assigning multiple K2 extra fields to K2 category. Beside that, it orders the extra fields value in alphabetically on both back-end and front-end which is easy to read. That helps to save time A LOT for us. Before we found this extension, when we need to add more value, which is not in an order, we need to delete the whole thing and start over because we want to display in order to help visitors find the information easily. I just had a small issue since I had too many plugins on my site, so it conflicted, and it was not working properly. However, The support was GREAT. The developer responded to the issue within a few hours. My issue has been fixed and we are happy with this product and support.


Posted on 13 January 2014

I am designing an industrial instrument shop center by k2. industrial instrument have different group of technical features. and some of the groups are common in some product categories. By MEFG I can assign multi extra filed group to each product category and most important is that i can put some common extra fields in one group and assign this group to all product category and then assign especial field group to each special category.

We're very happy to have come across this extension and its developer, the extension allows associate more than one extra field group to a K2 category and k2 item, this is very easy to set up - had it up and running in minutes.

Support is also great - the developer has been very helpful, gave us a great price for tweaks and customization as we needed to our specific needs, and was very fast on execution and delivery and has been a pleasure to work with!

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Multiple Extra Fields Groups for K2

Mohamed Abdelaziz
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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