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Now with Captcha System

Insert contact forms in your SobiPro items. You select the field to be used as the destination address from the application's configuration page.


Captcha System
The destination address of the messages is entered when filling the entry form
Forms can be displayed directly in content AND/OR as a link (text or image) that opens a "lightbox" like popup (based on Mediabox)
4 different styles for the popup display
Messages are sent using AJAX
Nice feedback is displayed to the visitors while the email is being sent
Easily customizable with css


  1. You define a field as follow (if don't exists): type: 'InputBox' Filter: 'Email Address' Required: Yes
  2. In the application's configuration, you: Select the field to use as recipient for the message (created in the previous step) Choose the "display" you want to use If you use 'Mediabox' display, you can change the link (text or image) to be displayed to open the popup.

BONUS: ContactFormPro Content Plugin with Editor Button and Multiple Captcha System now included!

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I invite you to take a look at the demo...

Since the developers of this extension "tells you" there is a free version, they just play around with you wasting your time and they just don´t let you download it, first they ask you to like them on facebook and then to wait a "seconds" that become an several minutes without the option of download it, but the upgrade to paid version button works like charm, is ok to pay but first i always like to try it to see if it it going to be usefull, in wich case i´m NOT goin to pay for something i really don´t know how is going to work on my site.

Too bad for the admins of this site, it looked like a good idea, since they don´t waste your time making you wait after like them on facebook and after register at their site, and then what else? dancing a russian balalaika? NO WAY JOSÉ.

Thanks, i´ll try another one

not that good, do not buy

Posted on 21 November 2012

not even broke my sobi, even more, the developer do not attend any doubt in his site thru none channel. a waste of money.

Exactly what I want...and more

Posted on 04 September 2012

This field is easy to install and easy to use. It-s exactly what I want for my directory. And the author reply quickly et help me when I need.


Extends the functional components required, in my opinion, option. There were problems with the integration and configuration of the expansion, but the developers have responded to my problem and helped quickly.

Great extension

Posted on 17 April 2012

An excellent plugin. I experienced some early problems related to a conflict with another extension. It was fixed promptly, along with some valuable improvements. Well worth the investment

Sobipro is awesome, but I was not happy with the "mailto" function being used to email entry contacts. The contact form app is what I had been waiting for. I finally feel like my Sobipro directory is complete thanks to the great work by Sébastien.

The support is also great. Had an answer about a small problem very quickly.

If you are using Sobipro, I suggest getting this extension right away!

Owner's reply: This is too much... Thank you!
ContactForm Pro

ContactForm Pro

Free | Contact forms | Sebastien Chartier
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9 reviews
NEW STYLES ADDED EVERY MONTH!!! Adding contact forms in Joomla! could'nt be easier! With the new Editor Button... Insert ContactFormPro with a few mouse clicks almost ANYWHERE in your Joomla! content: Articles, K2 items, Custom HTML modules or any other content parsed by the Content Plugins (pretty much everywhere you use a HTML editor to enter data) MAIN FEATURES -- NEW -- Mailto field now accepts a list of recipients, separated by ; -- NEW -- Integration with the Joomla Captcha plugin system. MathGuard is still available. -- NEW -- Name + email inserted automatically for logged in users. -- NEW -- Visitors can receive a copy of the message they send -- NEW -- You can enter one or more "admin" email addresses to send a copy of all messages sent with ContactForm Forms can be displayed directly in content AND/OR as a link (text or image) that opens the form in a "lightbox" like popup Optional field validation on blur Free Editor Button Messages sent using AJAX Nice feedback is displayed to the visitors while the email is being sent Many options to customize each form according your needs Default options can be set in the plugins manager. Options can be overridden in the plugin tags (using the Editor Button or Manually) Multiple instances on the same page without problems Easy to customize with css TRANSLATIONS NEEDED! Collaborate by translating this extension into your language and receive premium membership on our website. Current translations are: English, French, German & Dutch Please report any bug to

ContactForm for SobiPro

Sebastien Chartier
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
Uses updater:
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