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Cherry Picker will allow your visitors to filter products by any parameters, just like

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Advantages of Cherry Picker (CP):

  1. CP supports both: Product Types (VM1.1) and Custom Fields (VM2);

  2. Optimized and polished search algorithms provide you best performance out there. You can search tens of thousands of products and still have low loads on your database!

  3. CP comes with a variety of beautiful layouts:
         • Simple List - regular list of filters;
         • Checkbox List - you can select multiple filters with checkboxes and apply all with one click;
         • Dropdown List - HTML-stylized list;
         • Simple Dropdown List - provides an opportunity to search in Progressive Mode -- where you select filters one-by-one.

  4. Color filters can be represented as actual color boxes;

  5. Select ranges of filters (e.g. RAM from 4GB to 8GB):    ——[]———[]—

  6. CP has beautiful URLs (which Google will love). For example:

  7. Update results with Ajax AND update Browser URL address, which means your visitors can bookmark results and return to the very same page;

  8. Cherry Picker comes bundled with VM Breadz — a breadcrubms module that apart from categories also includes applied Filters, Manufacturers, Search keywords in its path!

  9. And final but not least, if you want advanced experience, yo can use Fast Seller — a dedicated component with which you'll be able to manage filters super easily and super fast (which default VM interface cannot provide).


First, great extension! But there is even better support! I sent email on holidays, and get answers on all my questions.

Ease of use

It's very easy to use and configure, with many options.

Value for money

It's worth every penny!

1st class support

Posted on 15 September 2014

I used that extension in different projects of mine and the product is excellent, easy to install, configure and operate.

But mostly I must comment about the excellent support from Max. efficient, professional and fast!

I strongly recommend!!

Great support

Posted on 09 September 2014

just integrated cherry picker on a vm2.9.9 / j3.3.3-shop. Max did a great job in helping me to configure and in making cherry picker run in ajax-mode.

Can just recommend cherry picker and the services of Max.

Great extension

Posted on 14 July 2014

This a great feature for VM. It is easy to set up and has excellent support.

Easy tool with a lot of options to customise to your needs. I got the version which uses Product Types and it gives you so many options more, which can be easily defined in Fast Sale. The little problems I experienced were immediately resolved by extensive and very fast support!

After buying this module, there were some problems with integration in Virtuemart. But contacting support, it was decided. It works as it should. Thanks to the developer. Thanks for his patience. Excellent. Thank you Maksym!

With this extension, visitors can easily filter all products in your store, it is SO GOOD!

Also, when I had a bump Max of really helped me out so it is even better now than it already was and fits my needs no less than 100%! BIG UP!

i found this software here and buy it, i install and give any or other error, the fast support solve the problems... now work normaly, totally recommended galt...

I work with Virtuemart for a long time and can definitely say that you never find better modul than Cherry Picker and supplement to it Fast Seller. Especially, I would like to note that the support of developers is on the high level. I bought a lot of different modules and components in Internet, but consideration that I am not a developer, and often have the nuances with installations and updates in which the answer I can not find by myself. Developers of Cherry Picker helped me more than once. It would be good to have more such developers in Internet. Thank you very much.


At first i had issues getting the plugin to work properly but its all due to the template that I'm using, I'm just happy that they're support is very patient and very very helpful.

one issue we had is with the price filter not working right due to VM Tax & Calculation Rule are not being applied due to VM Database _virtuemart_calc_categories -> virtuemart_category_id Type is smallint and my category IDs has 12+digits, so the fix was to change from smallint to bigint on the _virtuemart_calc_categories type

Thanks for this awesome filter and for all the time spent helping me getting the filter to work perfectly!

Cherry Picker for HikaShop

Cherry Picker for HikaShop

Paid download | HikaShop extensions | Maksym
2.5 3
1 review
Cherry Picker is a product filtering module that has gained the widest popularity among Virtuemart users. And now it's coming to a HikaShop shopping cart. It is a complete port that preserves all the advanced features in addition with some of the unique options available to HikaShop only. SEE AN EXTENDED LIST OF FEATURES: SET-UP Extensions set-up and filters management is fast and easy -- you do not need to hack any core files. Here is how little you need to do before you have filters up and running: COMPATIBILITY All versions of HikaShop are supported: Starter, Essential and Bussiness. There are no limitations to the number of products or filters you can have in your store whatsoever. HERITAGE Here is what current Virtuemart users think about Cherry Picker:
Breadcrumbs for Virtuemart

Breadcrumbs for Virtuemart

Paid download | VirtueMart extensions | Maksym
2.5 3
4 reviews
VM Breadz - a module that will show breadcrumbs of your store. It includes all filters that were applied by user. Will display in correct order and allow user to delete filter with close (x)-link. Just like! Features: * VM Breadz will work only when you enter your Virtuemart store. It is done on purpose. When you browse your other Joomla categories you may use default Joomla Breadcrumbs, and put it to display everywhere except Virtuemart. When you enter Virtuemart - that is where VM Breadz's role starts. * From a start it is styled like with functionality of Though you can style it through CSS as you wish. * Includes all filters apllied by user in correct order (in the same sequence they were applied). * Provides with '(x)', sort of 'Close-link' to remove the filter. * Easy customizable through the back-end menu. * This module is developed to be used in combination with Cherry Picker. Though it will also work by itself as Virtuemart breadcrumbs. * Supports SEF.
Compare Desk for Virtuemart

Compare Desk for Virtuemart

Paid download | VirtueMart extensions | Maksym
2.5 3
1 review
Compare Desk is a product compare component for Virtuemart easy to use and rich in functionality. SEE AN EXTENDED LIST OF FEATURES: COMPATIBILITY Supports Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x and Virtuemart 2.x and 3.x.
Compare Desk for HikaShop

Compare Desk for HikaShop

Paid download | HikaShop extensions | Maksym
2.5 3
0 reviews
Compare Desk is a product compare component for HikaShop easy to use and rich in functionality. SEE AN EXTENDED LIST OF FEATURES: COMPATIBILITY All versions of HikaShop are supported: Starter, Essential and Bussiness.

Cherry Picker for Virtuemart

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Jan 14 2015
Date added:
Oct 31 2009
GPLv2 or later
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