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This is a Virtuemart Mod that will allow you to have FULL control over your inventory based on the attributes. Currently virtuemart gives you the option to control your product in stock. But what if you have different sizes and colors? How do you keep inventory of how many Mediums or Larges were purchased? There are ways to use VM Product Types and Product Attribute to control this but it is a bit confusing and time consuming. HERE IS YOUR EASY ANSWER TO THAT PROBLEM: You enter the amount you have in stock for each medium-2. After each sale the stock for that attribute is decreased. When the stock reaches 0 the attribute is removed from the drop down box on the front end, and cannot be selected or ordered until you have replenished the stock for that attribute.

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The extensions works well in terms of establishing stock quantities for each size. BUT there is a major issue - the sizes selected by the customer do not appear in the order anywhere, making it impossible to fill the order!! They do not show in the admin area, or the email sent to the store admin or the customer. Could be a great extension, but this is a real problem.

Vital, but problematic

Posted on 05 October 2011

To be fair, this extension does add in vital functionality to Virtuemart. It's also important to note that this isn't a traditional component or plugin - Virtuemart doesn't make it easy to modify its core and so to function, this component requires manual overwriting of core VM files by the user. Without these modifications, the component doesn't function.

The readme provided is barely sufficient. It's fine if you're doing a straight install, but when the time comes to upgrade the documentation is non-existent.

Support was once excellent, but now appears to be extremely patchy.

Non technical users will have difficulty with the installation. I've got many years of Joomla work under my belt, but the latest updates to VM & Inventory Control render my client sites unusable and I've been unable to rectify the issue. So moderately skilled people may also have difficulty.

Owner's reply: Thank you for your feedback. Documentation has been updated to help novice users. The consistent feedback about this component states that when it is installed properly, it solves alot of headaches and problems as far as inventory is concerned.

This is one of the most important extensions for VM as far as I am concerned if you want stock control for items with attributes.

It is now possible to set a stock value for an item with attributes without having to use the child/parent item relationship as per current VM. Virtuemart's system is unwieldy, complicated to use, counter-intuitive and results in thousands of child items. Some shops have items with 30 sizes, 5 colour variations and other attributes. With hundreds of products in your shop this could end up with thousands of child products and a requirement for a dedicated server...

The idea is simply that you can have a stock level for each and every variety of item that you wish to have in the shop. This extension accomplishes this and does what VM should have had all along.

Not as great

Posted on 18 August 2011

The advertisment promised Easy Inventory Control. Its not as easy as it could have been.

First of all the program let you controll that your customers don´t buy more of a product then you have on your stock. Thats perfect, but it stops there.

The demo video is showing the old version of the program and there is a large different in todays version instead of the video. That complicates thing when there is no good documentation of the new version.

In the webstore a t-shirt in ex. red will show the total numbers of product in that category. Ex. if you have 3 Large og 2 Medium will the store show that you have 5 products anyway of which attribute the customer choose.

There is no easy way to check how many products of different attributes in stock. You have to go into each product. If you have a lots of products it will take a lot of time. Instead it should have been a list where each product/attribut was shown:


Red T-Shirt red medium: 3

Red T-Shirt red medium: 1

instead of Red T-shirt: 4

Another thing is that you have to make 2 products for the 1st attribute, and for the 2nd attribute you can put it under each of the products.

A good way to solve this issue is to let us choose 2 attributes of a product instead of just 1.

This product is not worth 80 dollar at this version. Great improvement to this extension must be done before it works for the most of us.

Owner's reply: This component extends the current virtuemart workflow as far as adding products with different attributes is concerned. You have to add numerous child products with the original virtuemart configuration. This addon cuts that down drastically. In any inventory system whether ecommerce or physical location, seperate products MUST be added to inventory in order to crosscheck the stock PERFECTLY as you stated. That is exactly what this component does.(Separate product ids for each color, which are then grouped together on the frontend so that the customer can switch back and forth and view different colors for a given product. I am happy that you pointed out that I solved the distinct major issue this component was made for PERFECTLY. I am sorry this component was not made to solve all of virtuemart flaws. Please post in our forum and we will see what we can do to solve additional problems in the next release.

Bought the product, and did not want to worry about certain quirks I installed in my virtuemart so I asked the company to install it - for a VERY reasonable price it was installed the next day. Then I wrote back about a change that I wanted - and for no additional cost it was done in five minutes. The product is a must if you carry different sizes or colors. Easy to maintain and use. Worth the price.

Easy Inventory Control (IC) is a must for all that have gears of different sizes, colors, models that are sold 7/24.

I had a support request cause I had upgraded Virtuemart (VM) from 1.7 to 1.8 online and a client-shop stopped working after that upgrade.

I got help in express from Next Phase designs.

Superb support and I was up and running within minutes. I am impressed.

this is a must have for vm in my opinion, great stock control - just waiting for the update to vm 1.1.8 - but quick response

great product


Posted on 18 March 2011

i installed that extension for a T-Shirt / Clothing Shop.

Because it is a patch the Installation has some manual steps but it's all easy to do.

It works fine and the support was good, quick and friendly.

I made it by myself but a K2mart Patch would be welcome in the next release!

I was looking for months for this solution. It's great for example in a clothing store.

However you pay more than an everage good solution for Joomla/virtuemart and this company won't give any support. I had some presales questions, I bought it in good faith.

Now that I got it, some things aren't working and no answer for months on my questions.

I really hope the devellopper will spend more time at his forum.

Owner's reply: Thank you for purchasing. The things that are not working is based on incorrect configuration of your sef components. I have answered in the forum, and I am always helping. My forum is full of posts, and replies by me.

great tool but...

Posted on 15 July 2010

great tool but it has an attributes limit. only two attributes are availible! good enough for a t-shirt shop but not for more.

Owner's reply: This is true, It cross checks for t-shirt and clothing websites perfectly and other ecommerce shops that needs to keep inventory for size and/or color.Custom coding can be also done to satisfy each case. More attribute options coming soon.

Easy Inventory Control

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Jul 21 2009
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