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InteraMind Advanced Reports 3.0 - Better VirtueMart Reports, Direct To Your Inbox!

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InteraMind Advanced Reports 3.0 for Virtuemart is the newest version of our extremely popular InteraMind Reports component.

Create detailed reports for many aspects of your store, view them online and download them as a CSV file you can open in Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice!

New in version 3.0:
* Support for VirtueMart 2.0.2+, and for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x !
* Additional reports, fields and filters

New in version 2.3
* AutoMail functionality lets you - or anyone you choose - receive detailed, customized reports directly to your email!
* Add any of your custom VM user fields to the Orders Report, with no code changes
* View product attributes as distinct columns in the report

This extension also features:

* Save your frequently used report settings for one-click access! You can save multiple settings per report.
* Bookmark your favorite reports and access them with a single click from your browser!
* Select time spans such as "Last Month", "Yesterday" and "This Year" to avoid manually selecting dates every time you run the report.
* Choose from multiple reports! InteraMind Reports for Virtuemart ships with several built-in reports:

  1. The powerful and popular VirtueMart Simple Orders Report
  2. Category report - slice your orders by product category
  3. Vendor report - slice your orders by vendor
  4. Simple Product Report - view a list of your current stock levels and prices for all your products
  5. Abandoned cart report (VM 1.1 only)

InteraMind Reports requires a standard Joomla! 1.5, 2.5+, VirtueMart (1.1.3, 2.0.2 or higher) and PHP 5.
In less than a minute you can start producing professional CSV reports from your store admin.

VirtueMart reporting tool
VirtueMart reports
VirtueMart statistics

Needed the possibility to report right down on itemstatus. Bought the extension and found that it could not report on that level. I posted a supportticket and within 2 hours I got a reply and file that fixed my problem.

That is how it should be - great extension and great support!

I'm using several extensions from them ! All are working perfect.... And thanks for the greate support

Can not translate

Posted on 22 October 2012

Nice component, but if you like to use another language than English, you will have problem. There is not complete language file to translate. Very strange. From support they sent to me English, German and French to translate on my language but no complete.... So, if you like to spent 4 hours to search translate in php, good luck. This is message from support: I'm sorry, we don't have another language file other than something that I've sent you.

We don't use an English translation file, because the component is in English natively and so those strings need not be translated.

Owner's reply: Hi Pava, Thank you for the review and for using our component!
To clear up any misunderstandings, the component is fully translatable and has already been translated by our users to German, French and Portugese.
Since these are user translations, at times some new text might not be translated and show up in English on the component, and in this case it's easily translatable without needing to look at the code and see what key it is - the key is simply the english text itself (for example - "First name" is "COM_IMREPORTS_FIRST_NAME"). We believe this method makes it easier to translate because you see the strings in context, but it's a matter of taste.
Hopefully we can also work out the Czech translation together :)

I needed a better way to view all of my orders and was looking for a way to export them to an excel spreadsheet. This extension installed without problem and gave me exactly what I needed - now I can reconcile my accounts so much easier each month.

I also like the other reports, too - I am better able to see what products are out of stock and I like the abandon cart report.

I have never submitted an extension review before, I can HONESTLY say that I am blown away, by the quality of this extension, the affordability, and especially the support! I purchased this not knowing that the VM2 version hadn't been released. When i notified the developer it was completed a week later! Then we noticed my programmer hacked some of the VM2 code, and Guy didn't say 'that's not our problem'. NO, instead he requested access and FIXED it! 10 STARS, wouldn't be enough!! Thank You!

This extension is a very, very useful tool to get reports from VirtueMart data. It already has a lot of different kind of reports and it's quite easy to change settings according to needs.

On top of that, support is excellent: i had to customize one report, i asked for info, and in a really short time i got a ready-to-use solution.

Thank you guys!

Cannot begin to explain how much easier my job has become since purchasing InteraMind 360 Suite For VirtueMart Reporting. Not only is the product wonderful but the developers are even better. Guy has worked tirelessly to make sure our product is exactly what we needed. Definitely 5 Stars!

The extensions is really useful and it works like a charm. I recommend it to every single VM user!

I needed to do some modifying in pending orders report and I got the best support in the world by Interamind support team. THANK YOU!!!!!

Really excellent component. Really with it will save time, more accurate … and much more. Don’t miss it, it is highly recommended plus the support is really great!

They help me more than expected. Thank you

Works well

Posted on 21 November 2011

I use the reports to calculate sales of units to different suppliers. It saves me a lot of time and is accurate. I recently started using interamind's virtue mart advanced analytics and reports, the dashboard component and interamind reports. All have worked well and help to identify where my customers are coming from and help to track purchases and expenses. Especially important to me is that I can track which state or country the purchase is from.

Emails for VirtueMart

Emails for VirtueMart

Paid download | VirtueMart extensions | Interamind Ltd.
2.5 3
97 reviews
The Email Manager is the #1 HTML email editor for VirtueMart. You can edit and update VM email content in less than 5 minutes! Design your own HTML emails for each email type like "Order Confirmation", "Order Status Changed", "Registration", "Admin Order Confirmation". Our latest version is compatible with VirtueMart 2.6.x Main Features: * Edit VirtueMart Emails with an HTML editor. Very simple and user-friendly interface. * Add attachments to all emails. * Add product thumbnails to order confirmation emails. * Add CC and BCC to emails * Send "order status changed" email only for selected order statuses. * Add article content into emails with advanced tags * Support advanced language tags from VM language files! (PLUS edition) * Support separate tags for all Bill To and Ship To fields (new!) * Possibility to completely disable emails (new!) * New custom field tags from VM DB table (new!) * Ability to add images/banners to emails (Marketing content inside your emails!!!). * Dynamic data is injected into the email using Dynamic Labels (see example list under "Dynamic Labels" Tab above). * Using custom database fields from your system (orders and user_info tables). * Send a test mail for each email type before using it. * FREE AWO Dynamic Coupons plugin (PLUS edition) * Conditional content - customer segmentation (PLUS edition) * Joomla compatibility: 3.x 2.5, 1.5 * VirtueMart compatibility: 2.6.x and older * PHP 5 and up. Gift Coupons created automatically with the new Dynamic Coupons plugin. Are you giving out excellent deals? Why not inform your customers when they get their order confirmation? Don't only say it with words - add images, banners and more! With VirtueMart Emails Manager you can easily edit the content of the emails being sent by VirtueMart using a simple HTML editor - no coding or hacking required! The VirtueMart Emails Manager uses Joomla's default editor in order to provide full control of the email's look & feel and add custom HTML, tables, images, language tags, style and much more. Gift coupons can be created automatically with the new Dynamic Coupons plugin (*sold separately!) Want to become professional? Tired of editing VM language files? VMEE is the answer.
c p
Remarkety connector for Virtuemart

Remarkety connector for Virtuemart

Free | VirtueMart extensions | Interamind Ltd.
2.5 3
20 reviews
Remarkety is an email marketing platform created especially for online shops. Based on customer behavior and purchase history, Remarkety helps you build effective email campaigns that grow sales. VirtueMart shop owners can now send advanced and highly-targeted emails that leverage similar email technology used by Amazon and eBay. What can Remarkety do? Send Product Recommendation Emails Automatically suggest products your customers might like in emails. Automatically adds product images, links, prices, etc. Recover Abandoned Carts Automatically email customers with images, links and prices of products they left in their cart. Increase Customer Lifetime Value Remind your loyal shoppers about sales, available coupons or reward programs. Win Back Inactive Customers Deliver emails that urge old customers to visit your website and purchase again. Track Customer Behavior Analyze your customer behavior to send personalized emails more likely to lead to a sale. Order Followup Emails Followup orders with personal emails related to previous sales. Create Your Own Email Strategies You can easily segment customers by behavior to create customized email campaigns. Define Purchase Rate & ROI Intuitive dashboard displays essential analytics including purchase rate on every campaign. Why use Remarkety for email marketing? Remarkety is a perfect fit for your VirtueMart shop. Remarkety has the best benchmarks industry - wide, which undoubtedly give you the best ROI. Remarkety is trusted by thousands of businesses, and guarantees your business the best results.. Try these benchmarks on for size: 60% unique open rate | $3.40 in new revenue per email | 5.0% purchase rate per campaign | $16,000 in new sales How do I get started? It’s simple. Sign up and easily connect your VirtueMart store to Remarkety. In under two minutes, you’ll be creating your first email campaign. If you still feel like you need a demo, Remarkety has a great team ready to help. Simply email And don’t forget, you can always drop us a line at 1-800-570-7564 if you need some extra help - Remarkety is always available to take your calls.
VirtueMart Dashboard

VirtueMart Dashboard

Paid download | VirtueMart extensions | Interamind Ltd.
2.5 3
7 reviews
Now, the good old VM dashboard is published under GPL. Supports VM 2.0.x Be on top of your VirtueMart Statistics, at a glance VirtueMart Dashboard is the ultimate entry point for your store, providing you with immediate insights about the health and performance of your store. Making use of Google Gadgets and of our proprietary GVStreamer technology, VM Dashboard is as much fun and easy to use as it is powerful. With VirtueMart Dashboard, it doesn't take more than a glimpse to view your store's key performance metrics. Great visualizations like charts, tables, maps and gauges will help you grasp - in one brief look - the main indicators of your store. But it doesn't end there: Analyze past performance, see how your orders stack up, locate your customers, and more! VirtueMart Dashboard is "Manager-Friendly" and can be used by corporate officers and store's business managers for keeping them on top of the store's vital metrics Drill down, alternate views, save to excel and other features VirtueMart Dashboard provides these cool features to help you get answers easily and intuitively about your business: Filter by date - View data for any period you choose, by selecting start and end dates, or by selecting one of the preset filters: 'Today', 'Yesterday', 'Last week', 'Last month', 'Last 3 month', 'Last 6 month', 'Last year', 'All'. Intelligent visual design - Each piece of information is presented in the most effective way possible. By using the right chart or table, we ensure that data is best viewed and expressed. Alternate views - VirtueMart Dashboard allows you to view some of the data in more than one way, for example, you may view orders by country in an interactive world map, or you may switch to view the same data in a table. Sortable tables - All data tables can be sorted by any column. For example, you may sort the 'orders by country' table by total orders or by country. Drill down - Sometimes you may want to look deeper into the information displayed in the dashboard. Some of the views allow you to do just that, for example, each of the entries in the 'orders by status' table is a link that opens VirtueMart list of the orders in that status. Save to excel - Almost all of the views, even charts, allow you to save the underlaying data as a CSV file, for further offline analysis. Full customization - Add or remove views from the dashboard. Change the order of views for maximize efficiency.
Dynamic Coupon Codes for VirtueMart Emails

Dynamic Coupon Codes for VirtueMart Emails

Paid download | VirtueMart extensions | Interamind Ltd.
4 reviews
Dynamic coupon codes plugin for VirtueMart Emails Manager and Order Follow-up plugin. Latest version is 3.0 - compatible with VirtueMart 2.0. This plugin comes for FREE with the Email Manager component. Dramatically increase customer loyalty and retention with personal coupons! Features: * New - Coupon value can be set as percentage of the previous order's total * pre-text * post-text * coupon style This extremely powerful plugin lets you add dynamic coupons into VirtueMart Emails Manager email templates. Also support adding coupons into InteraMind FREE Order Follow-up emails. For example, you can offer a gift coupon to your customers for their next purchase right inside the "order confirmation" email. A real sales booster! Coupons can be add to specific order statuses. Just use the following coupon tag inside the Email Manager email templates in order to add dynamic coupons: [COUPON:percentortotal|giftorpermanent|couponvalue|validvalue|startdate|expirydate] Examples: [COUPON:percent|gift|25] [COUPON:percent|gift|25|150] [COUPON:percent|gift|25||now|3] [COUPON:percent|gift|25|||2013-05-28] Once VirtueMart Email Manager or Order Follow-up find this Tag inside the email, it dynamically creates a new VirtueMart coupon code and adds it both to VirtueMart admin and to the email template. The newly created email might look like this: 4C504BCF71082 This is a MUST plugin for every VirtueMart store!
Dynamic AwoCoupon Codes for InteraMind Emails

Dynamic AwoCoupon Codes for InteraMind Emails

Paid download | VirtueMart extensions | Interamind Ltd.
1 review
Dynamic AwoCoupon codes plugin for VirtueMart Email Manager and Order Follow-up plugin. Latest version is 3.0 and compatible with VirtueMart 2.0. Dramatically increase customer loyalty and retention with personal coupons! Features: Override Expiration date Set the coupon for specific customer pre-text post-text coupon style send to specific order status This extremely powerful plugin lets you add dynamic AwoCoupons into VirtueMart Emails Manager email templates. Also support adding coupons into InteraMind FREE Order Follow-up emails. For example, you can offer a gift coupon to your customers for their next purchase right inside the "order confirmation" email. A real sales booster! Coupons can be add to specific order statuses. Just use the following coupon tag inside the Emails Manager email templates in order to add dynamic AwoCoupons: You can override the expiration date and the user list with the parameters of the tag. Eaxmple: [COUPON_AWO:77|14|current] Once VirtueMart Emails Manager or Order Follow-up find this Tag inside the email, it dynamically creates a new AwoCoupon code and adds it both to AwoCoupons list and into the email template. The newly created email might look like this: 4C504BCF71082 Hungarian and Bulgarian translation added :)

Reports for VirtueMart

Interamind Ltd.
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Apr 11 2009
GPLv2 or later
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