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Sales Analytics is the popular outstanding reporting tool for your VirtueMart online store (now also for VirtueMart 2). Right out-of-the-box operation, with no further configuration steps. It is designed with usability as a key feature, and so it is very easy to install and operate. It works the same way as the most popular analytic tools today: "with just one click".

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Once installed you instantly get access to: 17 reporting areas, 308 report types with 9 main report values, 4 fully flexible timeframes and 3 reporting layers, that tell you all you want to know about your online store in the most intuitive way.

Sales, Products, Orders, Categories, Attributes, Customers, Shopper Groups, Payment Methods, Locations, Manufacturers, Inventory, Taxes, Shipping, Currencies, User Registrations, Coupon Discount, Vendors ... everything. All the valuable information available is shown to you in the most friendly manner, every report combining an easily readable graphical display for quick interpretation, a detailed matrix data for deeper inspection, and the suitable global values so you can see the whole picture.

It also provides a powerful time framework so you can easily check your sales data using 4 different time frames: Days, Weeks, Months and Years.

Using Sales Analytics on your online shop, you'll get to know exactly what need to be done, where and when. No more valuable data lost. With this out-of-the-box solution, now all your online shop information will be at your hands. You only need to install it, and you can start using it right away. No further configuration required, and no hard learning-curve: move to every report you want with just one click.

Sales Analytics performance has also been optimized to work with huge online stores.

Compatible with VirtueMart 1 & Joomla! 1.5, and VirtueMart 2 & Joomla! 2.5.

Do not rely on it, some calculations are just dead wrong. And don't expect any support, your messages on the forum go un-answered and also your emails will not be answered.

Owner's reply: Hi Sandchit,

Sales Analytics is working perfectly well in over 500 installations. Users praise our job, and thanks to debugging, optimization, and user feedbacks, calculations are definitely accurate (otherwise nobody would love the tool).

The only issue you've reported is about the user registration map report (for not displaying all the countries). And as I told you by email, it's probably related to the data on your database (if the data is not in the standard ISO format that the tool can recognise, the tool can not guess it).

There is still an open support ticket for this, and we have given you instructions about what we need to debug it. I hope we can work it out soon.

Excellent extension

Posted on 23 February 2014

Excellent extension, it can generate every report that can cross your mind! I had a question for the developer and I've got an answer in less then 30 minutes, so the support is also great. I recommand this extension to every VM2 store admin!

A feature-rich extension. Have been using it for almost 2 years now. But do not rely on it, some calculations are just dead wrong. And don't expect any support, your messages on the forum go un-answered.

Sales analytics the best component for Virtuemart.

Highly recommended and thank's to César Revert Gomar for a great help support.

It works like a charm from the very begining, and without any configurations. Intuitive, easy to use interface, it brings deep knowledge of what's going on with sales. One of the best investments in my shop.

From the start of our webshop back in 2008 we have come a long way and have seen and used a lot of modules, components and plugins for our Joomla / VM shop.

From the beginning it was clear that the analysis (report) function of VM was (lets put it mildly) basic...

The Sales Analytics component realy fills this gap. Every possible report you can come up with can be shown within one or two clicks. From you best selling products and catagories upto the your top buyers. This is a superb tool!!!

And yes you can export any of the many, many report in a nice XLS format to save and further analyse if needed.

César and his team hit the spot with this component.

You will not regret the few dollars spend on this one.


Posted on 31 August 2012

Excellent extension. It's all so easy to get all the reports you can imagine. Superb realization of a very powerful tool, congrats!

Highly recommended for complicated shopping carts :)

component is configured with different sections of stats. the best component so far in Virtuemart Sales analytics.

Support is brilliant!!

I was calling to company for support

César Revert Gomar was great help.


The best reports for VM

Posted on 27 March 2011

Many options to create reports, really professional layout and nice graphs.

Would be perfect if you solved the issue about importing this images and add an option to to extract reports from different shopper groups.

Apart from this, the component is great and will save lots of hours, great improvement from the simple reports system on VM.

Owner's reply: Hi manuxx2, in our latest release v1.4 we have included the "Shopper Groups" report area. Thank you for your feedback.

Works great, you have multiple options to get reports from different aspects of VM, its layout is proffesional aswell as the translation and It won't mess your code like other solutions.

The only thing I miss is an option to extract reports of users by user groups.

Owner's reply: Hi willx, in our latest release v1.4 we have included the "Shopper Groups" report area. Thank you for your feedback.


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Sales Analytics

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