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VM Affiliate is a complete and powerful affiliate tracking software, developed specifically for the Joomla! ™ CMS and its popular e-commerce component, VirtueMart.

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VM Affiliate provides the tools and technology required to create, manage and track an affiliate program, from scratch, with no hassle, provided that e-commerce activities are powered by VirtueMart.

Basically, installation and configuration take less than 5 minutes. At the end of this simple process, your affiliate program has been deployed. Affiliates can then already bump into your affiliate program’s offerings, sign up for it, and start advertising your products.

VM Affiliate integrates seamlessly with VirtueMart, acknowledges and uses its settings, blends within its administration as well as your website’s layout, tracks referred visits and orders, automates many tasks, and, best of all, it achieves all this without interfering in any way with VirtueMart processes or files.

It provides the administrator with a fully-fledged administration section to manage the affiliate program, and the users with an affiliate panel, where they can become affiliates, manage their accounts, have access to advertising material and personalized information.

Unlike other standard, stand-alone affiliate tracking software, VM Affiliate takes full advantage of its integration with the shopping cart, namely VirtueMart. This integration provides VM Affiliate with precious knowledge that enables it to grab the wheel and automatically operate and maintain the affiliate program, relieving you of this effort.

VM Affiliate comes in 19 languages: English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Hungarian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Greek, Romanian, Persian, Malaysian, Hebrew, Croatian and Serbian.

VM Affiliate is currently compatible with Joomla! 1.5, 1.7, 2.5 and VirtueMart 1.1 & 2.0.

Worst with support

Posted on 20 May 2015

1) Basic but enough for small scale use.
2) Referring url showing "NONE" sometimes.
3) Banner upload cannot change folder.

Ease of use



WORST. Emailed no reply, called the number no picked up. Facebook message no reply. Total disappointed.


Basic enough

Value for money

Yes if no support needed.

I used this to: I use this for my online store.


Posted on 11 April 2015


Ease of use

Could be great!





Value for money

No go!

I used this to: Joomla/Virtuemart affiliate program


Probably good, but I did not understand how to configure it and probably the developer has had some problem because does not respond.

Ease of use

Not really, in two weeks I wrote to him three times by mail, I wrote using the form on his site, I called in Romania, I sent sms. Nothing.


I do not know what to think, but you can imagine how my client feels with the site pretty much ready to go online and blocked by this step.


I hope, writing here, the developer is reached by this message, or by someone who knows him and who is in touch with him.

Value for money

Not expensive, but I hope that the developer is good and he has not had serious problems. I need his help to go on.

I used this to: Virtuemart 2 E-commerce. One last thing, buying and installing the extension in the backend of Joomla appear two new broken links to the manual and to the forum of the developer, both with error page. Best regards to all.


If you are not coder, which can fix component by yourself, don't buy it.

Ease of use

Its simple to use.


This component have terrible support. I was make support ticket, but nobody answer it. I can not recommend this component.

Value for money

Its waste of money, you can not use without fix.

I used this to: I use last version, but its not compatibility with 3rd party One Page Checkout cart. You event don't get any support if you need.

I love this extension for an e-commerce store. It can be used on other types of sites as well to drive traffic, but I use it for e-commerce. It is easy to use and very, very powerful.

I used it on one site, and I had a huge blogger in the category compliment the affiliate interface saying that VM Affiliate was the nicest and most powerful affiliate dashboard they had ever used. This is a site that sees more than 10,000 uniques a month, and that affiliate marketer had used ALL of the big affiliate marketing dashboards. She said ours was the nicest!

I am about to use it again for another client who has a ton of traffic and sales. But there can always be improvement in sales and this is a great way to do it!

I found VM Affiliate easy to use on the back-end. And even when I got a little confused I found the support swift and amazingly helpful.

One great feature which I love, love, love is the auto-generation of ads based on products from VM. This is a great time-saver. You can still design regular art banners, but with the automatically generated text ads, you get a bunch of ready to roll ads right out of the gate! That saves a bunch of time for sure. I am not sure that any other affiliate program comes close to this ease of use.

Another thing I found this extension helpful for was to provide additional tracking for ads in the wild that are not specifically tied to an affiliate. Say one is doing banner swaps or banner ads elsewhere. One may use the codes form VM Affiliate to provide excellent tracking of the value of the placement. One can easily see if a banner is not performing. This is above and beyond any analytics one might have or reports from vendors. One may not trust the reports from other people, but VM Affiliate will be straight forward with the performance.

All in all, this is an excellent extension with professionals to back it up. I know that when my clients need the most robust affiliate system, I look nowhere else and just get the best: VM Affiliate.

Excellent Support!

Posted on 26 October 2012

The extension looks good in the backend and integrates smoothly with Virtuemart. There were no technical difficulties. When I ran into problems, Globacide went out of their way to make the extension work on my site, custom modifying the extension quite extensively to make me a satisfied customer. I can honestly recommend this product and service. Thank you very much!

I didn't have rated many components in JED but for this excellent piece of work I really found time to rate it as a great product, really helpful for virtuemart and support is just great exist there even Sundays.

I had an installation problem and the technician answered in just 5 minutes, excellent communication, super helpful and quick. The technician personally installed and configured the component!

The reliable value for money is excellent

Highly recommended

If I could give a higher rating, I would.

Quite simply, I'm a skeptic, not naturally...actually an optimist by birth...but a skeptic of the 'tech/programmer' world from a, until now, never ending barrage of 'never-meeting expectations' tech-folk.

I read the reviews of VM Affiliate, here and elsewhere. Was encouraged by the fact the owner stepped up and answered/defended himself in validated/documented records in the few instances of negatives. Seemed credible and I 'rolled the dice' and bought VM Affiliate!

Wow folks! I WISH that every other program support/owner etc in the tech world was as supportive and selflessly helpful as VM Affiliate. I have spent TONS of money on programs and 'help' that consistently fail me. Believe me when I say: "I can't thank VM Affiliate enough for their level of support and no attempts to nickel-and-dime me, ever!" One price=record-setting awesome support.

Short details: MY tech and server folks=painful to deal with...VM Affiliate, stepped up and offered a solution and took the time to do it themselves when it looked like MY people weren't capable of a quickie solution!

THAT is support!

I registered to JED just to review this extension.

The extension is great and just installs out of the box without changing files or manual hacks. The plugin does all the work.

The layout is so good and clean, merges with all kinds of templates without changes.

Even if you need to change something, the code is so well written and commented, you'll find everything you need without much studying.

I needed to implement some extra features and the support not only replied within minutes but also they took the trouble to make some changes for me. The extension is very good but the costumer support is out of this world.

VM Mass Update

VM Mass Update

Paid download | VirtueMart extensions | Emilian Manolache
11 reviews
VM Mass Update is an advanced, instant product management solution for VirtueMart, focused on mass editing and handling operations. Manage hundreds, thousands of products, quickly and effectively, using an intuitive, responsive, grid-based, Excel-like interface. VM Mass Update's main focus is allowing for quick mass value updating of all major product fields, such as price, stock units, category, publishing state, and many more. Increasing your products prices by 10%, for example, is a matter of seconds, even for thousands of products. The other strong features of VM Mass Update are powerful import/export functions for products. You are able to quickly import/update products from CSV files, or otherwise automatically create products by uploading a collection of product images. The export features allow you to export your product data to CSV, Excel, PDF and HTML formats. VM Mass Update is currently compatible with Joomla! 1.5, 1.7, 2.5 and VirtueMart 1.1 & 2.0.
c p

VM Affiliate

Emilian Manolache
Last updated:
Jan 17 2015
Date added:
Mar 27 2008
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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