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The extension lets your customers to compare selected products in your VirtueMart 2.0 shop*. Easy installation with no VirtueMart core files impact.

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Major advantages of this extension are:

  • Unlimited number of comparable products. Let your customer choose, how many products he or she wants to compare - three, twelve, one hundred or ALL!
  • You can compare any type of products from any category. Just check the product you want to compare, and it will appear in the comparison table with all its parameters.
  • Easy installation. You don't need programming knowledge or special skills. Simply upload the VX compareAll, and configure it from administration panel of VirtueMart.
  • No hack, which means the extension does not hurt your VirtueMart installation core. It is important for future VirtueMart upgrades or security updates.
  • Responsive design, ready to use in mobile environment.
  • Product compare module shows the list of products with thumbnails, selected for comparison, in any module position.
  • Multilingual support; Translations included are: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Czech, Russian. You can add your languages.

Installation instructions are included in the package.

  • Version 1.03.2 for Virtuemart 1.1.9 is also available.

The extension I could not test it well, for the total inability to get support on the manufacturer's website, there are no emails, contacts, or any system to allow you to contact; even if you are the customer!.

I found that the major limitation Template owner, goes to overlap the one in use; if you use a template or under Template to manage objects, this is a big problem.

So I can not give a positive opinion, when a customer is totally abandoned in the purchase to pay an Extension or Plugin.

Owner's reply: Definitely we offer full support to our customers. If you are the customer, please check your purchase confirmation letter for support email, and send us your request. We are always happy to help!

For pre-sales inquiries, please use the extension branch at Virtuemart forum:

I purchased this product and had a little problem with it working with my template. I emailed the guys at virtuext and they got back to me straight away. I emailed my template through to them in which they had a look and showed me where I was going wrong. It works perfectly on my website now. Will definitely purchase another product from these guys. Thanks :)

I have been using the extension for almost 1 year, so I can share my experiences from the point of view of the average user - not programmer.

At the very beginning I had to challenge with 2 main problems:

1. Extension supplied own layout - to adapt it to my current layout view I needed to modify it. Additionally I use VM only as a catalogue so my standard layout needed a lot more modifications.

2. 'Live module' problem - selected products did not appear in the module.

Thanks to very helpful support it had managed to solve the first and other minor issues.

When it comes to the second main problem - unfortunately despite the support efforts it still exists. Despite many attempts, set up the site from the scratch and various settings the 'live module' doesn't work properly. VM restricts somehow the module operation...

Besides, the extension works as it should. It has very friendly comparison table layout and useful multilanguage feature. Thanks to template override there's possibility to exclude some VM categories from comparison.

Generally the extension is a very good idea for products comparison but it has many shortcomings. There's a lot things to do.. But the worse thing is the developer stopped to improve the extension - (last update on Oct 17, 2012). Why??

these guys rock

Posted on 12 July 2012

I am so glad I took a chance on this extension! It works and the support is the best

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VX compareAll products compare

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Dec 23 2014
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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