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Financial, Calculators

Calculator Generator is a site where you can build your own custom calculator module for Joomla!

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No need to know any PHP, HTML or CSS, just type some text and click some buttons to download a ready to install tiny module prepared specifically for you.
You won't be asked to install a huge package of component, modules and plugins only to configure a small box on your site. All configurations are made in the genarator, so you will recieve a clean module, which will do only the tasks you wanted it to do.

Working with the generator is easy and it's well documented. The site offers a step-by-step tutorial (building a BMI calculator) and a lot of demo calculators, quizzes and converters:
- Days Converter
- Unit Converter
- Day of the Week Calculator
- Coin Flipping
- How Many Days Until/Since Calculator
- Your Next Birthday Calculator
- IQ test
- Political Quiz
- Price Calculator
- Zodiac Ovulation Calculator
If you prefer, you can download one of the demos right away and modify the module itself to fit your own needs.
The generated module is perfectly structured with separate language, css, view and controller files. It's easy to translate it and customize its appearance.

The service is free and your module will contain no ads. Please, rate it if you like it.

Maybe it's just me since I'm on a Mac, but I couldn't get the generator to work in Firefox. It get saying there was an error with my setup and the module couldn't be generated. Luckily I also have Google Chrome installed and was able to use that to successfully get my calculator generated.

Once the module was installed, it was very easy to assign its position and turn it on. Bam, done! Awesome. I worry that if it needs to be changed in the future it'll be a total pain though... after all, it'll have to be re-generated all over again. Good thing this probably won't happen with my current client, but for somebody else that might be a pain.

Overall pretty happy with this plugin. I'm glad I didn't have to use straight javascript code in a module to achieve this; it's much nicer being able to use a true Joomla module instead. Thank you!


Posted on 24 May 2013

My client arranges patient finance for dental practices, and he needed an online calculator so his customers could work out patient repayments and how much the various interest rates would cost the dentist.

I found all sorts of mortgage and car loan calculators but none of them was a Patch on Andrew's loan calculator.

What's more, because I'm hopeless at the kind of calculations involved, Andrew created the calculator for me.

I've been working with websites for more than ten years and I have never come across such good support - even from paid extensions.

If you need a customised calculator it has to be Calculator Generator - and if you're not clever enough to work out the maths yourself it seems Andrew is happy to help.

He earned every penny of the small donation we made.

Excellent extension

Posted on 12 April 2013

i wanted to create a calculator to work out prices for jobs based on square footage, so i set value ranges and prices that related. i had some trouble getting some text to display for any results over a certain value, but i emailed the developer who was very helpful and gave me the code to achieve it.

it does exactly what i wanted it to and ive themed it using the css and the language files to match the design of my website.

5 stars.

Just what I needed

Posted on 27 December 2012

I wanted to create a calculator so customers can work out the cost of a product, and include any discount for bulk.

With this extension, I managed to do it flawlessly, and the ability to download your creation and incorporate seamlessly into Joomla is brilliant!

Thank you for such a great extension!

Excellent job

Posted on 28 October 2012

Useful, friendly, powerful.

Thanks for this extension, excellent job.

This is an ideal extension for me - I wanted a method for users to calculate the fee for our trekking programmes, based on age and numbers in the party. It took a little bit of working out the best way to set this up, but the tutorial helped a lot.

Improvements would be more options in the module once it has been loaded: change variables mainly... and a way of copying the formulae rather than having to key them manually in each time.

But aside from that, this is an excellent alternative to the norm (as long as the generator page doesn't disappear!)

Thank you!

Posted on 11 September 2012

This module does exactly what I need. Very easy to configure and install. Thank you!

I had to create formulas for medicine doses, and with just a few simple steps I created modules for my client.

The limits of this extension is just your imagination...

I cannot wait if this extension is updated.


Posted on 25 July 2012

This is *exactly* what I needed to fool my client into thinking I'm not only a programmer, but also a mathematical genius! :D


Posted on 24 July 2012

We have a client that needed a custom calculator that would provide the site visitor 4 different responses based on the input. This worked perfectly! Documentation was easy to follow. Great job!

Calculator Generator

Andrew Art
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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