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Database Management

Replicate your website (file, folder) and / or database (tables).

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It creates an environment of pre-production (for an editorial group work, develloppement or otherwise) prior to publication production. This solution allows you to clone the site easily by keeping all the different configurations

You can have a mirror while managing exceptions (file, file, table) and can be used to re-install a site in minutes after haking.

The system uses "rsync" available on all servers linux in general (even on shared hosting like to OVH for example).

The setup is simple for synchronise the websites:
Site master to site slave, without exception,
Database master to database slave, depending on the action plan for each table.

Replication is the only component Joomla (currently) to do this.

best replication

Well the extension in theory is very good, when I replicated my website it worked wonderfull...then I saw that had one dir with the same name inside the slave dir....and another one inside ,and another,and another, end of story im deleting the dirs for hours in ssh I dont recomend this extension until get a fix !

Owner's reply: hi
I never encounter this problem.
Have you always the problem ?
if so, can you tell me a little more and contact me directly on my website
best regards

Great extension!

Posted on 01 March 2011

Great extension...Got it up and running in no time on one of my sites. Not quite working on another site and getting a blank screen when I replicate base on another site, not quite sure why...

This will save me hours of work, thank you!

download problem

Posted on 04 May 2010

I'm having the same problem. Download is not possible not even after registration.

A real pity as it looks very promising

Owner's reply: hi

I just repeat the test personally.
I registered, I confirm that registration, and I download the component after accepting the license.

I had no problem, and I perform the operation in 2 minutes.
I do not understand your problem, you're on your mail?

best regard

Download problem

Posted on 14 February 2010

I can not register to download your extension. Can not recive activation email.

Owner's reply: Editor translated:
Are you sure of the email address you use?
I never got any email from you

Vous êtes sur de votre mail ?
je n'ai jamais reçu de demande de votre part.

Very nice!

Posted on 16 December 2009

Works perfectly! I use it to copy the website's form data to a local server from which I link an application with mysql.

Would be interesting to have the possibility to start the replication from a menu of automatically every time a form gets submitted.

Unfortunately my programming knowledge is not sufficient to do it myself....

For the rest, perfect tool! Thx!

Great tool!

Posted on 24 November 2009

With this tool it is possible to have a little staging process in joomla! All you need is to have a demo/test environment and the live site installation. If you are ready just click the button! Perfect!

Greetings artd

I like this extension and it has a lot of potential.

I would rate it Excellent if it had an option to define the B site configuration.php file settings on the fly. ie.

Temp and log file paths.

And ofcourse the most important one, Database name and user credentials.

Owner's reply: to define the configuration of site "B", simply replicate the file configuration.php Site "A" and connect to admin the site "B".

but beware, do not forget to return the file configuration.php in exclusion before the next replication site "A"

worked for me

Posted on 12 June 2009

Worked fine for me, I did have a record in one of my tables that it kept telling me was a duplication so I used my phpmyadmin to delete the problem record. After that it ran with no issues.

Would be nice to see it build and save a new configuration file based on variables set in the settings. I will try to find some time and see if I can submit that to the owner.

Great Job on the Component!

Owner's reply: hello

you can replicate all the web / base first, then change the configuration of the site (slave site) in the administration of joomla, then exclude the configuration.php file the next replication (Web Master), not the delete the new configuration (Web Slave)

But if you have any ideas, thank you for your help

Looks Great.

Posted on 25 February 2009

This extension installed with easy and looks promising. I was able to replicate the database with no problems at all but I encountered an error replicating the the site. For some reason the configuration,php file was not transferred. When I manually transferred it to the new site all I got was a blank screen.

I look forward to the continued development of the great idea.


Owner's reply: 1 / the configuration file should not be transferred because it has a different setting depending on the site.
- File path
- DB Connect
must indeed transferred by hand the first time or temporarily remove exceptions Replication file (component / replication / preference), then re-setting according to the second configuration
2 / white screen comes the problem of re-setting the configuration file of destination.
Note: If you do not manually set the second configuration (destination). something very simple is to install a joomla (same version as the source) in this folder and go to the end of the installation procedure (thus "deleting file installation"), then replicated by above. and there, it works without problem


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