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Languages, Multi-lingual Content

Alternative, much simpler approach to multilingual websites.

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Simple solution dedicated to websites that use multiple languages pararelly (e.g. some articles are in english, some contents are in german, some in italian etc.) In general it is NOT for managing translations!

Plugin, when properly installed and setup, will automatically change the website front-end language according to the language declared in article/menu parameters (more on the plugins website).

It will also keep referal language context for both, Search and User functions. ( component translation will change according to the site, component was fired on )

Note 1: I strongly recommend enabling system plugin "Language Code" to keep up with SEO requirements.

Note 2: DO NOT USE it with native Language Filter.

That would be all.
Waiting for your feedback :]

I had a problem with Joomla that I couldn't seem to figure out. What I needed was to have a couple pages appear in Spanish, with the rest of the site being in English. Because of this, I didn't need the traditional "multilanuage" support that is normally offered in the language management area. The English and Spanish pages were totally different, so there wouldn't have been an association of these pages. To have people login or select "Spanish" in a language switcher module would be counterproductive for a page or two on the site.

Because of this, Joomla's language manager didn't help at all. I posted in the forum and asked what I could do. The language forum mod started trying to give me some workaroundsm but then he ended up giving me a link to this extension. I tried it, and it did EVERYTHING I needed it do. It did what I thought the menu language option should have done all along. Thanks for the great plugin!



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Latest Update: Problem with galleries not appearing in modules/first page solved MyFlickr 2.0 released! Short description: Powerful Joomla! Content Plugin for easy and painless Flickr integration. Quick Start: Documentation: Features: Supports for Joomla! 2.5 and 3.+ Ability to display flickr photos from: galleries, groups, photosets, user streams or custom search functions Support for JavaScript libraries: Slimbox Lightbox Fancybox 1 & 2 Colorbox Justified Gallery Active Cache function Great amount of customization options myFlickr 2.0 compared to myFlickr 1.0.8 I have rewritten whole plugin to meet better code standards and new, more consistent and expandable architecture (also for future development). Therefore plugin syntax is not 100% backwards compatible (sorry). I have created aliases for older plugin attributes so in most cases it should work fine with old syntax, but some attributes had to be dropped in favor of new plugin structure. To better understand logic behind plugins options please reffer to: Basic Plugin Syntax (example): { myFlickr }feed=photoset, photoset_id=72157633641616028, layout=table, columns=3, style=css6, gallery=lightbox{ /myFlickr }
Password 2 Download

Password 2 Download

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Password 2 Download is a compact module for Joomla! 1.7 and 2.5 that provides password protection for your download links. I've written this module as a part of one of projects that I am working on. The idea about it was to create simple environment to prevent downloading some specific contents by random website visitors. Another idea was to create it independent from Joomla! Registration Component. So there it is. Basic Features: Easy to install and implement Simple, still effective password protection Restrict download to registered users ( if needed ) Prevent direct downloads Supports most mime types And how does it work? Follow these instructions: First download the module. ( Link to the Downloads section ) Install it. Go to Module Manager and find Password 2 Download module Setup password you want your links to be protected with Setup up to 10 download links Publish it Test it Requires: PHP > 5.2 JavaScript (jQuery) NOTE: Download files are passed through php to hide real urls and prevent direct downloads. It means this solution is not fitted to handle large files! Enjoy :)

Language Changer

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Mar 22 2015
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Nov 19 2014
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