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The Joaktree application allows you to easily synchronize your website with the genealogical data in your desktop application and puts you in the driver’s seat for controlling what information is published on the internet.

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Version 1.5.0 for Joomla! 3.x is released (7 June 2013).

Version 1.4.4 for Joomla! 2.5 is released (9 May 2013).

Version 1.4.3 for Joomla! 2.5 is released (26 September 2012). This is a release to solve some reported bugs from version 1.4.2.

Version 1.4.2 for Joomla! 2.5 is released (12 September 2012). With this version users of your site can modify data online, upload pictures, etc. All features use Joomla's ACL. In addition, you can display your genealogical information on maps.

Joaktree Features

* Repeated synchronization with any stand alone application capable of producint GedCom 5.5 (and 5.5.1) files;
* Online adding, editing and deleting of information to keep your genealogy up-to-date;
* Wide support of GedCom tags (information)
* Control over the published data (privacy filters);
* Publication of source information of published data;
* Support of showing notes
* Notes and sources can be viewed per event
* Ease of use for the administrator of the website;
* Ease of navigation for the visitor of the website - such as drilldown to grandparents, grandchildren and more details;
* Search functionality;
* Publication of maps;
* Publication of pictures;
* Publication of an index;
* Publication of a Gendex;
* Support family trees of more than one family;
* Highly configurable - information can be shown based on access level of user

=== Wishlist for Joaktree ===
(last updated September 12, 2012)
* Creating a visual representation of a family tree;
* Calculate relationship distance between two persons;
* Integrating Joaktree with JoomSocial

This is a perfect example of the beauty of open source software. I decided to build a family tree site, searched the JED, and found this powerful extension that's absolutely free! It can even import and export data to sync with family tree software. Support and documentation are great too. If you're building a family tree site with Joomla, look no further.

Owner's reply: Thank you!


Posted on 29 December 2013

Excellent extension accompanied by a brilliant manual. Well done to developer.

This works very well on my site for Native American genealogy and I hope to use it on other sites. I have tried a wide variety of opensource and commercial genealogy software. None worked as well for my purpose as this. It is beyond belief that Joaktree is non-commercial, but the immediate response from the developer to some questions I had were just as wonderful. I also wanted a program that would plot the locations of where Native American ancestors lived and died on a map. This not only allowed for this but I can include the map in articles about those ancestors.


Seemless installation. The ability to upload and incorporate Gedcom files. You can selectively plot genealogy data on a static or interactive map. It will connect to Google geoplotting for all my entries and get the lat/long of their locations. I could add much more but the best thing is that it's built in a way that is very flexible for your particular needs.


The only element I had any difficulty with was to add a button to "create article" allowing my users to add a map to their own submissions. This may have been my own fault as I have many other extensions integrated into these article submissions and not all of those work as well as Joaktree.


Posted on 26 May 2013

I simply can't believe this extension comes without any fee. I figured that if only one or two extensions for a particular task were available that it probably wasn't very capable. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Niels has created a super tool for anyone that wants to add an interactive family tree to their site. I am very happy to find more and more features each time I log into it and add names. The photo slide show is a very nice compliment to the package.

The support from the forum is not only quick and helpful, but Niels answers questions with obvious enthusiasm and pride for his work. THANK YOU, Niels you have a fine product.

Owner's reply: Thanks for your review. Is much appreciated.


Posted on 07 July 2012

I can truly say that this component is Intuitive, easy to install and support is excellent.

I am a newbe to Genealogy and doubted if I would understand how to start. I strubbled on this component and I have not regrets, from day one Niels has been supportive to distraction (even on a busy schedule).

This is component looks daunting but a comprehensive manual is available, if like me you find manuals confusing then just download the component set up the basics no need for Gedcom and just start adding your family tree from the front-end.

Voila, log out and there you are the start of your family tree.

Take a look at Neils site you will see the wishlist I mean come on guys this is currently free, Neils is a busy chap and still the support is better than most paid components.

I can rave all day, A maga Thank you to the developer Neils who is giving back to the Joolma community.

Owner's reply: Thanks for your enthusiastic endorsement. Greatly appreciated.

I have been using JOAKTREE for some time now and I truly believe it is an amazing app! It gives me a chance to share my information with the online community! Thanks for developing it for us!


Posted on 08 December 2011

A very good solution to publish a gedcom in Joomla!

Good information and many options.

Very well done extension to Joomla!, well written manual that covers everything.

Highly recommended!

I decided to build a family tree site with Joomla 1.6 to make use of its ACL feature. Joaktree is the ideal component to compliment this. Getting your GEDCOM file set up takes a bit of care, but the documentation is very good and detailed.

I particularly like the way you can integrate custom articles with your tree members. I had a query about article linking, and the developer answered back in hours with a solution. You rarely see this response with commercial support.

I have no hestitation in recommending this excellent component.


Posted on 10 February 2011

I really like Joaktree. Was easy to install, and get up and running. Had an issue with it, immediately went over to the Joaktree forum, and received a response immediately via email! Thanks so much!

Today Many Years Ago for Joaktree

Today Many Years Ago for Joaktree

Free | Extensions Specific Non-sorted | Niels van Dantzig
2.5 3
1 review
This is a module to show genealogical events in the past for a specific date, week or month. It allows the user to enter a date and shows the information from your Joaktree database. Module exists for Joaktree 1.4.3 (for Joomla 2.5) and for Joaktree 1.5.0 (for Joomla 3.x).
Related Items for Joaktree

Related Items for Joaktree

Free | Extensions Specific Non-sorted | Niels van Dantzig
2.5 3
0 reviews
This is a module to show - related articles to a person in your Joaktree database; - related articles and linked persons to any article; Module is based on the related article module from Joomla!. Linking articles to persons is done by adding either the names or person-Ids as metakey of an article. Module exists for Joaktree 1.4.3 (for Joomla 2.5) and for Joaktree 1.5.0 (for Joomla 3.x).
Joaktree Search

Joaktree Search

Free | Extensions Search | Niels van Dantzig
2.5 3
0 reviews
Plugin to search through genealogical data in Joaktree tables. The plugin allows to search in names (first names and family names) as well as in notes. Plugin exists for Joaktree 1.4.3 (for Joomla 2.5) and for Joaktree 1.5.0 (for Joomla 3.x).


Niels van Dantzig
Date added:
Sep 18 2009
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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