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A bridge between Joomla and the genealogy program WebTrees.
Provides a seamless login with default user settings.

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Compatible with PHP 5.x or less, and mySQL v5.x or less.

Install, then adjust settings according to your site in the JWebTrees component settings.

Create a menu item, selecting the JWebTrees menu type.

Set the options to your preferences. Note, you can create multiple menu items based on selective GedComs and WebTrees views if you wish. Leave blank if you only need to access a single GedCom.

JWebTrees is now ready for logins.

I'm very much impressed with JWebTrees. The Auto login worked right after i copied the jwtbridge.php file to Webtrees folder. Only issue is Webtrees (direct link)not getting logged out once i log-out of Joomla.

Thanks a lot for this extension.

It works nicely, for me on J2.5.3, it shows the webtrees inside joomla, but there's no real integration, just showing the program inside Joomla, still a lot of improvement is possible, and I hope that they will work on that.

Owner's reply: Well, apart from creating a Joomla user in webtrees, and automatically logging them in, what other integration could there be?

And if it's not doing this for you, then there is a problem with your setup. Please ask for support in this case.


Posted on 02 February 2012

Could not get it to work with joomla 1.7 and there is absolutely no support.

Owner's reply: Support doesn't just magically appear - you do need to advise me by email of your problem before I can help you.
Going by 2 other reqeusts I resolved, I would suggest first checking that both the Jwebtrees component directory and the webtrees data directory are writeable.


Posted on 26 November 2011

This is a nice plug-in and seems to work well. A really nice feature would be a way to merge the Joomla Users with the WebTree users instead of making the user have to create another login. Let me know if you have any questions.

Owner's reply: Unfortunately I missed a change in some variables within webtrees which broke this component a coupla versions back.
The latest v1.3.1 fixes this and is now back to a single Joomla login.

A great product

Posted on 13 June 2011

Easy to use, worked straight out of the box.

Didn't need support, not bad for a joomla fumbler.

Used to create a menu link to my family tree subdomain.

Well done.

Thank you

Posted on 07 June 2011

I have waiting this extension so many months and here it is.

Thank you once more.


Ben Van Bokkem
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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