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This module provides every day one new verse from Bible. All you need is set this module once and then it works under an "auto-pilot" management.
You don't have to pay any attention to this module - no matter what, every day your website will receive one new verse from Bible.

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The Bible Daily module brings three benefits for your website. The first one is obvious: your visitors can read one verse from the Bible every day and they likely to re-visit your website more often. (When it's appropriate for your audience).

The second benefit is a bit obscure: search engines usually give better rank to websites, updated daily.

The third benefit hidden even more: You can stop some of your visitors from spamming your website (check Dan Ariely books).

You can choose what kind of verses you prefer to have on your website: General, Faith, Prayer, Healing, Prosperity.

This version of Bible Daily module requires enabled file-access in server configuration. If it is not enabled, instead of the text, you'll see something like "Warning: file-access is disabled in the server configuration". If this happens, but you still want to use this module, please let us know.

SBI Rotator

Free | Affiliate Systems | Yevgeniy Glukhov
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This extension helps you monetize your website. All you need is set it once and then, leave it alone. Since SBI affiliate program appealing to a wide range of people, this module will almost certainly find proper customers. SBI Rotator is simple “set it and forget it” solution. You set it once and then all you need to do –not to disturb. Based on Sbi affiliate program.

Bible Daily

Yevgeniy Glukhov
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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