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★ Since December 2009 - Make life easier when it comes to Google Mapping by not using Latitudes and Longitudes!

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Joomla 2.5 and 3 Native - No more Lat/Long or API key mess!

Do you need a simple Google Map for Directions to your business or personal address that is up-to-date with the most current API on offer without the extraneous and confusing implementation?

If you are using this module for a client project, they will be happy you have used this module and not one that uses difficult to find/calculate Lat/Long parameters or static API keys.

This module has been created to show a Google map according to specific textual addresses between a Point (A) and Point (B).

The module utilizes the New Direction service from the offered API Version 3. A great module to render inside a content item (articles) or switch off the directions capability and use it as a static point on map locator for any module position.

Browsers tested in:-
Firefox 12
Safari 5.1.7
Google Chrome 19.0.1...
(IE localhost may not show map icon if you are using sub-directories within XAMPP or WAMP type setups, this is a Microsoft bug on how base is implemented)

Language support for Hindi.

Installed fine on version 3.2 and the only problem I experienced was that you can't change the Start A location when viewing in the front-end. Clicking in the field box to change the start location does nothing. Posted to their forum for assistance, but lacking a response. Too bad because it was promising.

Owner's reply: Please use our Contact web form if you feel you are not getting quick enough support for our free extensions from the public forum. Additionally, I hope you are able to resolve your template issue with Rockettheme.

I have yet to thoroughly test this extension, but everything has gone well with download/installation/setup. I recommend trying this extension if you're looking for a Gmaps module with directions input and calculation.

Content - Load map

Content - Load map

Free | Maps & Locations | Noel Dixon - Noxidsoft
0 reviews
This Google Map extension built for Joomla will allow you to add a quick clickable map icon or hyperlink into a Joomla article using a land address already included in content. No coordinates or fancy configuration needed and it should work on any address in the world (where Google supports this) when making use of the easy plugin parameters. Usage: Please use the demo and download link(s) to find out about usage and implementation.
Content - Load coord

Content - Load coord

Free | Geotagging | Noel Dixon - Noxidsoft
0 reviews
This Google Map extension built for Joomla will allow you to add a quick clickable map icon into an article using coordinates within content. No API key required.

Google Maps - Directions

Noel Dixon - Noxidsoft
Last updated:
May 26 2015
Date added:
Dec 11 2009
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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