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The Googlemap light makes it possible to create a googlemap very fast and without much knowledge.

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It features stuff like:

  • Unlimited destinations on your map
  • Attach various information on your maker (address, picture, description, etc)
  • Use custom markers
  • Possibility to attach routeplanning
  • And so much more.

If the Light version is not enough, then you can choose to try the PRO version. use the link below to see what the GoogleMap PRO version offers.


Great Component

Posted on 06 February 2013

A very good component.

Very easy configuration.

Don't need any documentation at all.

Congratulations for the good work.

Keep going.

Nice Component

Posted on 24 November 2012

The component itself is feature-rich, easy to administrate and powerfull in many ways. Most interesting is the fact, that you can add as much marks as you like to the map, which allows you to list for example different branches of your local business. We used the component on some of our client sites and liked it a lot.

BUT! Both download links on the devs page are broken and which is the bigger Problem, the devs are neither responding to mail nor fixing this issue. This leads to a not-usable component, which brings the rating from 4 to 2 stars.

Owner's reply: Hi,

The Download page was down this weeekend, which was solved asap this monday.

Did respond though - but was away in the weekend.

Hope you can use it now though, since the map itself gets no complaints I can see:>

I noticed a discrepancy between the rating of this product and its actual effectiveness and the attitude of the developer.

Firstly, I would like to express my disdain for the lack of clear instructions on this version. The component itself could have included simple instructions in Joomla itself. The 36 page PDF included on the website is actually for the commercial version but even that doesn't include comprehensive instructions.

I wasted a lot of time simply figuring out how to publish the plugin, until I found a poorly answered question on the forum wherein the developer informed another user this version does not contain a plugin but still didn't explain how to publish. When someone asks a question it would make sense to make sure their issue is resolved instead of simply answering their question in the most generic way possible, which is a common theme in many questions answered by the developer in her forum.

When I finally did configure the component and published it through a menu item (thanks for explaining that nowhere in the documentation) it did not display. What did display, however, was a backlink to the developer's site. Anyone who is trying to make a professional-looking site doesn't want a load of backlinks junking it up and also hurting its SEO. I scroll through the forum to find instructions for removing this and found the developer was dodging the questions. She would simply state "there is no crime in removing the backlink" but neglected the question was actually for HOW to remove it. We know there is no crime as we are using open-source products here but thanks developer for your sense of humour.

Overall, I'm disgruntled because this component wasted a good 45 minutes to an hour of my time simply because the developer wasn't common-sensical enough to include proper directions or properly answer questions on the forums and perhaps seems more interested in promoting the commercial version or her marketing business than doing a good deed for the open source community.

Owner's reply: Hi,

First off, thank you for the review.

The review itself does leave some questions unanswered though.

Your issues seems to be of how toactually use joomla, and not the component itself - since you had to use 45 minutes to figure out how to add a menu link.

But if video tutorials, documentation and answered questions on the forum isnt enough - or to generic - I am not sure how I could get a good review from in in the first place.

Best of luck

I have used a number of map tools and have never been satisfied with what they did, how they did it until now.

This extension has solved every single need that I have had and the support is top notch. If you need a map tool, no matter what you need this extension will deliver!

Simple, Clean, Clear Map

Posted on 11 February 2011

I was looking for a simple map to point out one location. Found a few great extensions, but all seamed to have conflicts either between K2 or JCE editor. Didn't have time to muck about sorting issue. Loaded up Jan's GoogleMap Light and 'hey presto'. Can recommend it. Thanks Jan

I downloaded this, uploaded it to my site and had it working in a few minutes and I am fairly new to joomla.

The great things about google map lite (free version) is its free obviously, but you can have custom icons on it through the server which is great for me. Now all my info from my site can go on one map and users can instantly see where articles are from, have locations to go to and see where local shops and services relevant to that content. Oh and did I say it was free.


Excellent Support

Posted on 12 October 2010

I must say Thank to jan, He helped me a lot when I customize the google Map light component. Excellent support.


Great component

Posted on 10 September 2010

Installation was a piece of cake. Finding the right coordinates somewhat difficult, but then i saw the transfer direction button. :)

I think there isn't a better mapping component out there. Compliments, Jan!

A Google map component is crucial to my project, so it's no surprise I looked around. I jumped on Jan's project nearly a year ago and haven't been disappointed yet. Each update blows the last out of the water and every time I have contacted Jan he has replied quickly and courteously.

Take a good look at all this component does and be amazed. From user uploads to handling different categories to landing pages (location specific pages with location details), and that is just for starters.

I will be a Jan's Joomla fan for a looong time to come.

I bought Pro after trying light and this component works great and dose what its says. There are going to be some changes in the next version and I cannot wait. Great job on this!




Free | Site Search | Jan Sangill
11 reviews
This modules output is generated via AJAX and is a suplement to the existing search component. The module allows you to control the look of the module completely via CSS, alongside some basic parameters to control it easy via backend. The module is both for 1.5 and 2.5.
GoogleMap Pro

GoogleMap Pro

Paid download | Maps & Locations | Jan Sangill
2.5 3
6 reviews
The newest version is now GoogleMap Pro V4. The earlier version was V3. The difference between version 3 and version 4 is vast. Update: - New template V4 bootstrap added - Minor enhancements for templates in view The joomla googlemap component V4 added: - New template system. Easier for users to modify html and use it. - New infowindow - bluegradient - Destinations can be added to multible categories - Published date control of when to show destinations - Country added as a field - Googlemap geocoding new method - Traffic layer, Weather Layer, Bike layer and Transit layer added - Weather fetched from worldweatheronline now - Added configuration possibilities - Possible to assign destinations/shapes to a user in backend - Joomla syncronization with Google Map Pro. - JomSocial syncronization with Google Map Pro. - JomSocial addon to Google Map Pro. New view that extracts data from JomSocial. Community Builder syncronization with Google Map Pro. - Community Builder addon to Google Map Pro. New view that extracts data from Community Builder. - Plugin googlemap additions to follow new views etc - KML or Mile option added - Farhenheit or Celcius option - Much improved import function - And more... The joomla googlemap component V3 among other thing features: * Unlimited destinations on your map * Add lines/shapes to your map * Attach various information on your maker * Create custom infowindow * Use custom markers * Possibility to attach routeplanning * Add comments to the map * Possibility for users to upload destinations and edit them. * Import/export function * 5 different views * Module that list an unordered list of googlemaps. * Plugin that makes it possible to attach a GoogleMap in articles. * Custom fields to add to the destination marker. * CB Integration. * Paypal integration. * SOBI2 integration. * Destination landing page. * SEO support. * Clustering support. * And so much more. GoogleMap Pro V3 is BOTH for joomla 1.5 and 1.6->. This Joomla Component comes with all the features of the V2 and adds to that. New things include: Joomla 1.6-> compatible. Googlemap API V3 used. No keys needed anymore! Complete Javascript rewrite to use the new API from google. New template system. Enhanced import/export function. It is now possible to import from JSON, CSV, XML and database. You can import all fields, including custom fields. Enhanced module map. Enhanced plugin. (not yet ready, refer to roadmap for more information) Extended configuration possibilities. Small layout changes. Enhanced error messaging. Ability to upload unlimited pictures. Enhanced line/shape mode. And even more...
c m p


Free | Tags & Clouds | Jan Sangill
0 reviews
This module shows the users search input in a cloud. You can display it as a "ul list" or as simple links. Moreover you can write some predefined words you wish to be in the cloud always, and you can blacklist words. Finally you can decide how many tags you with to be present in your cloud. This module requires that search logging is enabled.


Jan Sangill
Last updated:
Jan 02 2015
Date added:
Apr 25 2009
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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