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This module displays a 10 day, long-term, detailed weather forecast from the weather api including a meteogram for your chosen areas.

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The module needs the full width to display properly. It's best to load the module with the 'loadposition' method in an article, unless you have a full-width position available in your template.

Version 1.1
-Changed fopen to use cURL for wider server compatibility.
-Fixed problem with Joomla2.5 and dropdown

Version 1.0
-Fixed UTF-8 Char encoding

Thumb up!

Posted on 14 November 2013

works like charm. Just install it, set the location and.. "abracadabra!" already set and working.

the best weather extension. and it comes already styled: no need to mess with CSS ecc.

well done guys: sometimes it impossible to ask better solutions. LIKE IT!

Simple and great

Posted on 10 December 2012

It is a great module. Very simple to install and use. I have emailed for support regarding SEF URL settings and Rob helped me out instantly. It is a detailed, reliable weather forecast and I do recommend it for anyone who is willing to use such kind of extension.

Please keep up with the good work.

If you want an informative weather extension that has more than the typical 3 day temperature and average conditions, then you should look no further than this.

The 48 hour meteogram is simply brilliant. I know that later this year plan to change their feed and that if the meteogram continues it will be generated by Rob.

The users of my site constantly remark on how useful this forecast is. They are particularly impressed with the precipitation forecast which shows the maximum rate of precipitation during a period together with the total forecast precipitation during that period. You then know whether there is likel;y to be a torrential shower for a few minutes or a constant drizzle over the whole period.

I have had a couple of technical questions which have been answered most promptly and professionally. Quite beyond what should be expected for a product which is free!

I cannot recommend this module more highly.

In joomla 1.5 this extension was great. In joomla 2.5 ony the last destination is shown. It means the drop down list is not working.

Owner's reply: Many people have the module working fine on J2.5.

If you had mailed me about it I could probably have fixed this for you, to the benefit of others - but you chose not to.

The Awesomeness

Posted on 27 July 2011

What an easy to use informative module. Really excited about this one, and my users are loving life. Furthermore, at one point I had a question - which was promptly answered by the creator of the module. Thanks, keep up the good work, and looking forward to see this extension being developed further. I would recommend this module to anyone who is looking for a decent weather extension.

Great Module

Posted on 31 May 2011

This is perfect module for weather forecast and almost covered all areas.


Very nice Gem

Posted on 10 May 2011

To prepare a paragliding championship in the Peruvian Andes (Ayacucho), we need weather information on our site. Google's weather is too simple for us, Yahoo/Weather Channel doesn't (or at least didn't) provide data for this area, some others distract with crowded unrelated issues and we don't have zip codes here, requested by many to determine locations.

YR.NO WEATHER provides in a clean way, apart from the longterm forecast, very useful meteograms few others do, even for remote areas.

My formatting issues were solved by the developer within 10 minutes across the Atlantic from north to south: amazing support.

Excellent for a rather young module!

YRNO2 Long Term Weather Forecast

Free | Weather | Robert Went
2.5 3
7 reviews
This is an update to the yrno long term weather forecast module originally created for Joomla 1.5. The api used for the original module will come to a close in October 2012 and the module will stop working. This is an early beta version and there are still many bugs and optimizations to make. I am aware of these issues and am actively working to fix them. Please do not contact me for support regarding site-specific/styling/javascript issues at the moment. This is meant as an early release for people to test and submit errors with the core functionality. Some of the newer features include: New ways to add locations Original fixed location mode Multi-list without urls (just type the name of the town) Google geo-search ajax location lookup HTML5 geolocation (users location) Ability for user to save favorite location (in a cookie) The ability to turn off parts of the table (humidity, pressure etc) The metogram is now plotted rather than an image and is translateable Added cloud cover % Added wind direction icons Added temperature icons Sun up/ Sun down times Show webcams for the chosen area The credit for the original script once again goes to Henkka of


Free | Mailing & Newsletter bridges | Robert Went
0 reviews
An update to the old Joomla 1.0 module that places a simple newsletter sign up box on your site. Updated for Joomla 1.5 with some added features. * The output is now css based rather than a table * css is editable in module parameters * You can choose the target of the redirect after submission
Mod Custom Plus

Mod Custom Plus

Free | Coding & Scripts Integration | Robert Went
0 reviews
I created this module to be able to add text to a component view and override the page title, meta description and meta keywords. I also added the functionality to add extra css and general code to the head section. Normally there is no option in a menu item to add a description. With this module and a simple template override you can add introtext, footer text or text anywhere in the component and override the page meta tags and title.

Long Term Weather Forecast

Robert Went
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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