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is a simple module that integrates the weather forecast information of site into a Joomla module.

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The only thing it needs is the city ID, which you can obtain from All you have to do is to go to site and get the weather forecast of your city by writing your city name in the upper-left field and the city ID will be shown under the forecast information within the parentheses beside your city name.

The module has 4 styles and supports English, German and other 32 languages.

3 Days forecast option has been added.

Added basic and advanced alignment options for placing the weather forecasts within the module.

Added temperature scale option (Fahrenheit and Celsius). Fahrenheit works only with the 3 days forecasts style for now.

Added new languages support: French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Romanian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Afrikaans, Welsh, Estonian, Finnish, Galician, Croatian, Icelandic, Ukrainian, and Macedonian. The language of the web site is automatically detected. cURL library is needed for these languages.

Reduced network traffic by caching the forecasts locally for 3 hours. The caching also works for multilanguage websites.

Added caching time option to determine how long the forecasts should be cached locally.

Added the support of Traditional Chinese language.

Added new languages support: Albanian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, and Turkish.

Now the module works under Joomla 1.7 .

Increased the cache time options up to 12 hours.

Fixed the issue with the English version in a mutlilanguage website.

Now the module works also under Joomla 2.5 .

Updated the Korean translation. Thanks to Kyunghwan Choi.

Quick fix for the German language support. Thanks to Michael Wick.

Added support for Joomla 3.0.

Fixed the linking problem of the city name with forecasts on

Eleminated unnecssary network traffic in a mutlilanguage website.

Fixed mistranslation of city name.

Higher temperature

Posted on 14 February 2013

The modules is working, just as other reviewer reported the temperature seems to be 2 degrees higher than on the 365 website. Weird.

Owner's reply: The forecast team is working on it. But it will take some time to be fixed.

Problems with the city name

I have instaled this tool on my Joomla 1.5 and it works great with two exceptione:

1. I want to display the weather for Give in Denmark (ID 33978) on my website. The problem is that for this ID the tool display Giv in stead of Give. Maybe it is on weather365 there is a problem.

2. The Max temp. returne by the tool (for all days) is 2 degrees Celcius higher than the temp. displayed on weather365

I hope that someone can help me out.

Owner's reply: I fixed the problem with the city name. The temperature problem will take some time to be fixed, because it requires changes that should be made by the forecast team.


Posted on 22 January 2013

i am working with my thesis and i just want to ask on how can i make the appearance of the module bigger? thanks...

and It's a nice module really...


Looks great, but...

Posted on 10 December 2012

This tool looks great and I really want to use it on my page!

But adding it to a page makes it turn blank :/ - is there anywhere a Support-Forum or known difficulties with other Extensions?

Owner's reply: I didn't get any complaint before only one on a multilanguage site a reviewer wrote: "the module has to be left as the last item in the sequence of the template position (assuming there are other modules on that position)". You can contact me directly for support. Please elaborate more on the problem (Which Joomla Version? Which operating system? under what browser?).

It's a really good extension, but I need to display weather of my user's location or they choose it in frontpage...

Weather365 rocks!

Posted on 11 September 2012

I searched for ages to find a good module that works on j2.5 and included Gibraltar and this is the ONLY one that works, besides that it is a great little module, fast, simple and looks good too - Well Done Weather365 you ROCK!

Hi , i love this little nifty weather module.

looks good and does its work perfectly.

2 minor problems : since i switch to multilanguage, the module has some minor flaws.

in french the city link to the weather365 website is gone, and no german translations.

Otherwise : perfect.

grtz, and many thx,

Eric Van Lierde

Owner's reply: The problem with the German language translation has been fixed.

Multilanguage problem

Posted on 23 November 2011

It looks good and works fine BUT... in a multilanguage site the English version creates strange effects, not in any of the other languages. I tried several things, until I concluded that the module has to be left as the last item in the sequence of the template position (assuming there are other modules on that position). Like that, fine, otherwise it creates odd things.

Owner's reply: Hi, I fixed the issue with the English language in a multilanguage website. Please update to the new version.

Weather 365 for J! 1.6

Posted on 25 February 2011

Searching for a good weathermodule for my dolomites site I'vo found this one.

Module works great in J!1.6 and had an excellent lay-out.

Just missing a more-day forecast, like the html-versions from weather365.

The deliverd data from weather365 is good and accurate for this region.

Owner's reply: Hi, I added the 3 days forecasts option a long time ago. You can update to the new version.


Yaser Houri
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Nov 18 2014
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