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Marketing, CRM

Banckle.CRM is a cloud based Customer Relationship Management – CRM solution for Joomla CMS websites aimed at SMBs that want to work more effectively. It helps sales team to work together and manage the deals in a progressive way through the sales pipeline.

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== Main Features ==
* Web-Based CRM application dashboard
* Effectively track Deals, Contacts and Tasks on the go
* Receive instant updates about total pipeline value, sales, team activities and customer communications
* Intelligent Tasks and Sales Pipeline Management
* Monitor deals status and teams activities
* Email Integration and Contacts Management
* Import Contacts from LinkedIn, Google Contacts and CSV
* Rich Email Text Editor with support of Image or Documents attachment
* Results-driven Sales Analytics, Sales Funnel Analysis and Reporting
* Call any Contacts via Skype Click-to-Call feature

== Main Benefits ==
* 100% Cloud Based – Need not to install anything. Access anytime from anywhere through browser
* Totally platform independent solution
* Enhance and customize your CRM needs using Banckle.CRM API
* Rich Banckle.CRM Marketplace to offer integrations with Outlook, WordPress, LinkedIn, Google Contacts and other Banckle Apps

== Helpful URLs ==
* Banckle.CRM Homepage: http://banckle.com/apps/crm.html
* Explore Features in detail: http://banckle.com/apps/crm/features.html
* Banckle.CRM Marketplace: http://banckle.com/marketplace/crm.html
* Banckle.CRM Documentation: http://banckle.com/wiki/display/crm/banckle-crm-app-documentation.html
* FAQs: http://banckle.com/support/faqs/crm.html


Paid download | Help Desk | Imran Anwar
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Banckle.Helpdesk is a web based customer support, email help desk and online ticketing management system to help your customers in the cloud. Along with organizing all the generated tickets under different mailboxes, users can also integrate and manage multiple mailboxes under one account. Banckle.Helpdesk offers real time reporting through its intuitive dashboard that allows tracking status of integrated mailboxes, getting quick updates about new and all assigned tickets. Using Banckle.Helpdesk Plugin for Joomla websites, you can also link Google Mail, POP3 and IMAP mailboxes using the mailbox wizard as well as organize incoming email workflows to a single helpdesk account. == Main Features: == * Seamless Multiple Mailbox Integration * Collaborative Team Inbox * Real Time Helpdesk Activity Reporting * Platform Independence * Smart Online Ticketing System and Response Tools * Automatic and Organized Ticket Creation * Generate Reports, Tags and Canned Messages == Main Benefits: == * 100% Cloud Based – Need not to install anything. Access anytime from anywhere through browser * Totally platform and OS independent solution * Enhance your Helpdesk and customer support needs using Banckle.CRM API * Rich Banckle.Helpdesk Marketplace to offer integrations with WordPress, Drupal and other Banckle Apps == Helpful URLs: == * Banckle.Helpdesk Homepage: http://banckle.com/apps/helpdesk.html * Explore Features in detail: http://banckle.com/apps/helpdesk/features.html * Banckle.Helpdesk Marketplace: http://banckle.com/marketplace/helpdesk.html * Banckle.Helpdesk Documentation: http://banckle.com/wiki/display/helpdesk/banckle-helpdesk-app-documentation.html * FAQs: http://banckle.com/support/faqs.html


Imran Anwar
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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