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ccNewsletter is a very user-friendly Joomla! newsletter extension for sending a newsletter to one or multiple groups of subscribers.

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If you are looking for a user friendly, easy-to-learn newsletter, then ccNewsletter is what you need!

Broadcast your message today

ccNewsletter is easy to understand and has a clear interface, requiring almost no setup. Start easy communication between yourself and your followers, focusing on the message, not the medium.

Core features

  • Create and send e-mail newsletters in Joomla!
  • Site visitors can also view newsletters on the website
  • Flexible subscriber module that fits any website; 4 module styles: dropdown, popup, horizontal and normal
  • Double opt-in and "Terms & Conditions" check-box
  • Easily customize the newsletter template
  • Professional and individual support from Chill Creations

Segment your subscribers into different groups/lists!

New features:

  • Automatic Open and Unsubscribe reports! Know how many subscribers actually open your newsletter, without any configuration!
  • Live update notifications: get update notifications directly in the administrator of your Joomla! website, never miss an update again!
  • One-click "live update": after getting an update notification, update to the latest version of the extension via the administrator of your Joomla! website!
  • Create a test group of 10.000 subscribers with one-click to see how your server handles sending a newsletter to a large group of subscribers, and adjust your batch settings with this new information.
  • And more UI improvements!

With full open source control: get the unencrypted extension for use on UNLIMITED sites, no restrictions!

And even more:

  • Joomla! user database synchronization
  • Integrated with Maian Music, redEVENT and more
  • Double opt-in (Acknowledgment e-mail)
  • Batch sending of e-mails
  • Import subscribers from txt, csv, or text area (copy and paste)
  • Export subscribers to CSV
  • Frontend newsletter archive

ccNewsletter fully supports Joomla! 3, with a nice bootstrapped interface!

Visitors become subscribers

With four default styles the newsletter module can be adjusted to fit any website, or for even more control the HTML/CSS can be customized. Terms and Conditions and double opt-in are optional.

Create subscribers groups

This newsletter extension comes with easy to use group management. An unlimited amount of groups can be created. Add subscribers manually or via bulk import, or allow subscribers to self-submit.

Professional and personal support

If you have any questions or issues, create a support ticket on my website and I will assist you! I handle support with the highest priority.

Excellent component

Posted on 28 January 2015

Very good functionality

Ease of use

Easy to use


Support is fantastic. David-Andrew even wrote a custom piece of code so that I could manage my existing subscribers.



Value for money


I used this to: A fairly large (8,000-10,000) mailing list.

I have bene using ccNewsletter for fe years now and have nothing but praise for this product.

I recently ran into a display issue on the front page. I contacted support and they quickly and efficiently fixed the issue.

Highly recommended.

If you are looking for something that is easy to install and manage, look no further, this is it.

I also like the support, they are fast and efficient.

It 's the first time I do a review for a Joomla! extension. But I would suggest this extension for the simplicity of use and for the prompt and professional support service offered.


I don't make this comment lightly. I've been a Joomla user since 2006 and have used numerous extensions; most of which I like. However, if I could only choose a single extension for my website, ccNewsletter with no question would be the choice. It's easy to install and easy to use. Their technical support staff are professional and courteous with any level of question. I highly recommend this extension. This review is the highest review I have submitted to date.

Simple to use

Posted on 17 December 2013

A simple to use extension, just like all other extension from Chill Creations. The manual tells all you need to setup a Newsletter.

When something is not clear the online support is answering your questions the same day.

I purchased and implemented ccNewsletter last month for two school PTO sites that I manage. I found the component very easy to install, configure, and use; which was especially helpful for the housewives who use the component to send newsletters to the school's parents.

I did have to modify the component to be able to specify the sender of each email, instead of having one default sender (different PTO functions send emails for different reasons, and they wanted to be able to get their own replies, etc.)

I also had to add some additional plug-ins and custom programming to be able to handle undeliverable email in an automatic way.

Additionally, if the sending of emails is interrupted and needs to be restarted, the component starts back from the beginning, causing multiple emails to be sent to the same recipients. It would be nice if this crash recovery was more graceful.

With that said, this component is very solid and has the potential to be great with just a few enhancements, like bounce support and a graceful restart feature.

Owner's reply: Thank you for your review!

Happy to hear that our focus on user experience is allowing your less experienced users to send e-mail newsletters!

I'll get in touch about the changes you made to ccNewsletter and see whether we can implement them as default, improving the extension for all users.

The installation and configuration of this extension is so easy, and the results are really powerful. Support is also great! I had an issue regarding functionality and they help me really fast (excellent support).

A good job!

Posted on 28 August 2013

I have been using a number of different newsletter options. I do a lot of online PR and SEO work so they come in handy. I found this component to be user friendly, well programmed and it does cater perfectly to the needs for a good newsletter service. It allows recipient groups, easy management and with a little effort you can work with your servers restrictions. If you are not planning on using already planned newsletter services this is a good component.

Perfect newsletters

Posted on 12 March 2013

it's not a secret that everybody need some solution for newsletters. If you have some customers database and you need to manage your mailing list most effective way , no doubts, this is exactly what you need! I spent alot of time to find some simple and powerful solution for my needs. This is it! I really like csv import function.

Support is also great! I had couple of questions regarding functionality and this guys help me really fast. Thank you guys!



Paid download | Billing & Invoices | Chill Creations
2.5 3
37 reviews
With the most user friendly Joomla! invoicing extension, create and manage PDF invoices directly from the administrator of any Joomla! website. The easiest way to create and manage invoices in Joomla! No complicated invoice systems, spreadsheets, monthly costs or annoying accountants. Just complete control in an easy and familiar interface. Now beta testing: recurring invoices CORE FEATURES Create and e-mail PDF invoices from your website Don't repeat yourself, with the items and contacts database Customers can pay invoices online Payment methods: Paypal, credit card, 2Checkout, and iDEAL Send invoice payment reminders with just a click Your clients view invoices on your website Export invoices to PDF or CSV Works perfectly on Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x Recently added features Live update: update notifications and easy to use one-click update functionality directly in your Joomla! administrator! Never mis another update! Greatly improved user interface, converted to Twitter Bootstrap user interface framework, with more improvements coming Easy to use footer to quickly get access to manual, support and the extension information New: search invoices by date range Open source: install unencrypted extension on UNLIMITED sites Your customers pay invoices without a log-in When you e-mail invoices to your customers they can pay them online - without logging into the website. This makes it easy for your customers to make payments to you and research proves this increases the percentage successful payments! If users do decide to login, which is optional, they will see a full list of all invoices ever sent to them and can download or send the invoices to themselves via email. Edit invoice & email templates Invoice and other templates can be easily customised. You can use the WYSIWYG editor you are familiar with from the Joomla! Article Manager, or get even more control and directly edit the HTML. Items and contacts database Billing a customer more than once? Selling the same product or service over and over? With the items and customer database, add default information once and easily include them into future invoices. Extended configuration options This billing extension comes with an easy to understand configuration. Important options such as a custom invoice number, currency symbol, currency format and more. Professional and personal support If you have any questions or issues, create a support ticket on my website and I will assist you! I handle support with the highest priority.
c p
cciDEAL Platform

cciDEAL Platform

Paid download | Payment systems | Chill Creations
2.5 3
22 reviews
Add iDEAL to Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x extensions with cciDEAL, which is used by thousands of Dutch Joomla! websites! Add iDEAL to Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x extensions with cciDEAL, just like thousands of other Dutch Joomla! websites New: full support for Virtuemart 3.x New payment providers: Sisow, Rabo OmniKassa and updated to new Mollie API Now support more payment methods in TargetPay and Mollie Supported extensions include: - Virtuemart 3.x - Virtuemart 2.x - RSForm!Pro - ccInvoices - RD Ticketmaster - HikaShop - Joomla! articles - RSEvents!Pro - RSMembership Tested and working with latest versions of Virtuemart 3.x, Virtuemart 2.x, HikaShop and RSForm Pro! cciDEAL Platform makes it possible to easily implement iDEAL in Joomla! extensions, so you can accept iDEAL payments with accounts from ING, Rabobank, Rabo OmniKassa, ABN AMRO, Sisow, Mollie and Targetpay. Via Mollie, TargetPay, Sisow and Rabo OmniKassa we now also support: Overboeking, Mister Cash, Credit Card and Sofort banking! Yes, cciDEAL supports iDEAL v3 / iDEAL SEPA New features new responsive (bootstrapped) layouts improved user interface fast "test payment" button from the administrator pre-payment email that can be sent before payments are started live update: update notifications and easy one-click update from the Joomla! administrator New integrations overview to manage all your integrations with other extensions from the Joomla! administrator With full open source control: get the unencrypted extension for use on UNLIMITED sites, no restrictions! Easy installation Implementation of iDEAL in these Joomla! extensions is easy. All you need to do is install cciDEAL Platform, the extension you want iDEAL in and a Joomla! plugin we developed, and you can start accepting iDEAL! Payments in Joomla! articles The easiest way to accept payments, is with the cciDEAL Platform content plugin for Joomla! articles. Add payment buttons for invoices, donations and more! Informative payments overview View a very informative payments overview, which shows the status of payments, which extension requested the payment, the transaction ID and more. Immediately retry payments If for whatever reason a payment is not successful, for example the customer forgot the "random reader", the payment can be immediately retried. Automatic updates The payment status is communicated back to the site, so the status is automatically updated in Joomla! (with ING Advanced, Rabo Pro, Mollie and TargetPay). Joomla! 3 supported cciDEAL Platform supports Joomla! 2.5 and 3, with a nice bootstrapped interface! Tested and working perfectly on Joomla! 3.4 also! And... professional support from iDEAL expert David de Boer
c p


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Mar 25 2015
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Nov 18 2014
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