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With userport, you can easily export, add, update or delete users in your database.

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Finally a final release!

Note: only the English language file is now present. In the coming days/weeks additional language files will be made available.

• Users can be mass deleted, blocked, unblocked and activated. A re-activation string can be set and their group assignments can be changed; all with only a few mouse clicks.
• All user information can be set or updated, including registration date, activation string and params.
• The exported user list can be downloaded as CSV text directly.
• userport can be configured by non-super users too: all options can be set and checked in the 4-step workflow.
• An export can retrieve all user information from all users. Basic filtering can be applied to restrict which users need exporting.
• A 'test mode' allows you to test the import file and to verify the notification emails safely: without touching your database, and without disrupting your userbase.
• userport will not time-out: it has been tested to successfully import more than 20000 users using 1 import file.
• userport automatically uses default values for those fields you don't supply.
• All options and their consequences are clearly explained on the page where you configure them.

Note: Joomla 1.5 users must use the stable version v2.2

Changes for v3.0:
Only minor fixes since the last beta.
- Corrected access check for non-super-users.
- Clear the BOM if present.
- Do not present the next batch if no more data is present.
- Do not parse the last empty row.

I am a developer of many websites and always have to handle the user data migration. Recently, I have to handle over 200k users migrating into a Joomla 2.5.24 website.

This extension is especially good for those who need to encrypt thousands of user password in plain text. and the most I like is the test mode and the warning about the user-joomla plunging. It is very helpful!

This extension helps me a lot! Even it is quite an old extension. It still works perfectly on 2.5.24! Good Job!

I was fooled by the good (but very old) reviews of this extension. In fact this extension broke at user interface level at the first time it was tested. Looking at the bug-traq forum, I noticed (too late) the very many and serious problems with this plug-in, out of which none has been addressed since more than a year and half back. (June 2012)

You should think at least 2-3 times before installing this, unless you're a PHP expert.


Posted on 26 April 2013

Really helped a great deal with transferring users to another website.

I had to import 3500 users from a non-Joomla website and the new site couldn't afford to be off-line for very long. I exported the users from the old site using Access, then exported from Access to a csv (make sure the date format exactly matches that of Joomla - I thought it wasn't going to work until I noticed!). Then Userport took over, and worked fantastically. The "test import" feature is especially useful. If you want peace-of-mind when importing users, I recommend that you download this very clever little plug-in - and I'm sure you'll want to make a donation to 'PP' when you find it works so well!

I have found this extension absolutely brilliant. One client sent me a mailing list, in MS Excel, and said they wanted these folk all added as users to their website. Userport to the rescue with absolute ease.

Migrating a site from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5 where SP Upgrade and Jupgrade didn't work. Userport to the rescue, simply exported entire user list of some 70 users from the 1.5 site and imported into the 2.5 site with no hassle at all.

Full marks to the developer/s

neatly done

Posted on 01 August 2012

There's a lot of text to read while using this, but I guess that's inevitable with a component as flexible as this one.

Most important is that it works. Good job!

A real time saver

Posted on 09 June 2012

Easy to use. I imported about 30 users from a mailing list. I used the columns in an excel spreadsheet then converted the file to csv.I guessed that to proceed to the next step you click add. It may be worth pointing that out in the instructions.

The interface is difficult to use, but it helps me saving time when importing users from other systems to joomla.

Thank you very much.

Not the prettiest plug in, but it DOES work. I've tried quite a few uploaders and they fall over at the slightest csv issue (often they won't import the file hey just EXPORTED!).

This plug in however, just works.

Probably needs a bit of interface TLC, but if it works then I'll live with that.

Well done.


Posted on 26 March 2012

Hi, Great extension. Is there also a way to only export users that want to receive system emails? I would like to send mass email with another piece of software and would only like to send this to users that agreed upon this. Thanks so far!

Owner's reply: Hello,

No, this is currently not possible. For now, you can export all your users, and then - using LibreOffice or MS Excel - filter on your local PC.

Please contact me via email or the via the forum, so we can discuss your feature request.
Read Less - Text

Read Less - Text

Free | Article Elements | parvus
2.5 3
45 reviews
'read less text' will control the article text: it is a read more alternative, much more powerful while respecting existing settings. • configure the automatic insertion of read more links (respect existing read more, or override), • configure precisely the length of your intro text: in number of characters, words, sentences or phrases, • customize the read more links to your liking, • easily retain and adjust formatting of the shortened text, • automatically create a linked image in the intro text, • enforce login to read the whole article (block guests). • Works on all output of all components; not just com_content. • Fully supports multi-byte languages. All this precisely on those pages you want. This plugin will ensure similar formatting on your site, even when different authors use different styles. • For very site-specific configurations, you can use 'contexts' to precisely define when the plugin may be active: for which combination of components, views and articles. For a best understanding, it is advised to read the help text on the left side of the configuration page, and to use the Discover mode, which is a great aid for both setting up this plugin and checking its working. Release 5.1c: • Now also caching the default thumbnail, so that the article doesn't need to be rescanned every time. • The option 'Respect Position Existing Read More' rejected the 'No' option. Fixed. • Small performance optimization for J2.5.5+ (correctly this time). Release 5.1b: • Regression: thumbnail cache was incorrectly checked and therefore always considered invalid, causing a performance drop. Fixed. Huge kudos to gabs087! • Small performance optimization for J2.5.5+. Kudos to gabs087 again! Release 5.1: • Fixed a warning when CURLOPTFOLLOWLOCATION was set while safemode or openbasedir was set. • Word count was not always available. Fixed. • Removing all tags could sometimes eat an extra space. Fixed (bis). • Now respecting the option showintro from com_content: if set, the full text is not considered when shortening. • The suffix is split in two: an inline version glued to the last part, before closing all tags; and a post-version, after all is closed. • Added a wrapper tag with class options, encapsulating each shortened article, allowing for further formatting. • More flexibility regarding what to do within component or module scopes. -- The last supported version for Joomla 1.x is v3.5 --
read less title

read less title

Free | Titles | parvus
8 reviews
This plugin allows you to fully control the appearance of the titles of your articles. It is born out of read less, but set apart to provide greater flexibility and functionality while still operating lightning fast. You can • Limit the length of the titles. Do you have articles with titles longer than your template can cope with? Now this no longer poses a problem! • Control the cases of your titles. Do you have authors who like to SHOUT? Now you can override their preference! • Prefix the title with various information. Does your template get rid of all article information, but still want a minimalistic way of showing the author/article size/hit count/... ? Now you can! The latest release is a bug fix release and is a recommended upgrade. v3.3 brings enhancements to • better deal with names in titles. • better configure the contexts (where read less title may be active) read less title only affects the title of those articles you want on those pages you configure: disable or uninstall this plugin and the original titles will be fully displayed again. read less title provides an easy but very powerful way to configure when it may be active. Quick configurations are available which will suit most users; a precise configuration is available so you can decide on which read less title may be active: which articles from which components, in which views. -- Changes in v3.3b: • Multi byte characters could disappear under certain configurations. Fixed. • Numbers could disappear under certain configurations. Fixed. • Brackets could disappear under certain configurations. Fixed. • You can now configure whether text between brackets must be suppressed. Changes in v3.3: • Length calculation correction: if a title is stored with multiple subsequent spaces, that whitespace is counted as one. • More flexibility in when prefix and suffix are added. • Enhanced contexts: you can now target all articles in a specific category (note that this is different from targeting a category view, which was already possible). • More choice in how your title is formatted. Changes in v3.2: • Only minor enhancements have been made since the last Beta 2. • This version is fully compatible with J2.5 too. Changes in v3.2 Beta 2: • Bug fixes, including a nasty php error when cutting off at word boundary was enabled. Changes in v3.2 Beta: • Fully prepared for use in J1.6 and J1.7 • All bug fixes for the general part of read less text are applied to read less title too. • A lot more tags can be expanded as prefix and suffix. • Discover text is much more helpful.
p l


Free | Contact Details | parvus
4 reviews
contactlink is a plugin for Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5 It can link contact names in specified contact categories to their contact pages; append email addresses, telephone numbers or other contact information in the article ater the contact name; or generally any html string from a template you define. The text is not altered in any way: it is safe to try out and disabling contactlink will show your original text again. contactlink will not break your existing HTML code, nor break any existing links. Multiple settings allow you precisely configure when contactlink should add what and how it should be formatted. • The contacts to search for can be limited by category. • contactlink will not break your existing html code, nor break any existing links. • It is also not limited to articles only; all text created with an Joomla editor can be taken into account. • You can quickly enable or block contactlink in    • in specific components    • on the frontpage    • in tables • contactlink can replace one occurance, or all occurances. You control what and where. v5.1 • Works on Joomla! 2.5 too • On some servers, the language files were not installed, resulting in illegible options, making the plugin useless. Fixed. Joomla 1.5 users need to download the latest v4.x release which is a maintenance branch where bug fix releases and minor enhancements will take place, once the need arises. Joomla 1.6 and 1.7 users need to download the latest v5.x release. v5.0 Now fully works for Joomla! 1.6 and 1.7 v4.0 Added: • Settings can now be set for different situations, separate from each other:    • normal display in a browser,    • display prepared for printing and    • when generated as pdf. • English and Dutch language files are fully updated; Ukrainian and Russian language files are partially translated and still contain some English phrases. Notes: • contactlink is case-insensitive to all contact names and author links, but only for English and other Latin-derived text. contactlink is case-sensitive for all multi-byte text. In all situations the case is preserved. • Ukrainian and Russian translation is only partially translated. It is included in the zip file, but not installed.
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Date added:
Jul 18 2008
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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