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The "Joomla! Blank Content Plugin" is an empty plugin for Joomla developers. It consists of all the basic classes and functions that can be easily extended for its own applications.

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This plugin is very simple. With a small code snippet you can place HTML-Codes directly into the content of your website. The code snippet is replaced by your individual string (HTML-Code). This could be a code to place an image, a text or any (dynamic generated) content.

You get a detailed description (german) on http://www.hoerandl.com/blog/item/joomla-blank-content-plugin-info


Posted on 09 July 2013

This works as stated I have created a front page with just modules and was thinking I would have to put up with the small space underneath where the content would have been, then I found this works perfectly Thanks

this is really nice COMPONENT ,,i am using it on my site to show another page where i can add anything i want ,,keep it up ,,thanks a lot for this wonderful extension ,,easy,simple,,,just great



Free | QR Code | Günther Hörandl
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With a small code snippet you can generate individually QR-code graphics that placed directly into the content of your website. Possible Parameters: * size * pixel color * background color * bordersize * css class * alignment * alt-attribute After installation and activation (!) you can use the plugin as following: Write a simple code snippet directly into the article: {QRCODE qrcontent=Hello Word!} Usage with more parameters: {QRCODE qrcontent=Hello World!|size=100|pixcolor=000066|bgcolor=EEEEEE|margin=5|class=image|align=left|alt=QR-Code image} Note: This Module uses the API of qrserver.com, which allows commercial usage! German / Deutsch: Mit einem kleinen Code-Schnipsel können individuelle QR-Code Grafiken erstellt werden, die direkt in den Inhalt der Webseite geladen werden. Mögliche Parameter: * Größe * Farbe der Pixel * Hintergrundfarbe * Rahmenbreite * CSS Klasse * Ausrichtung * Beschreibungstext Nach der Installation und Aktivierung (!) kann das Plugin wie folgt verwendet werden: Schreibe diesen einfachen Schnipsel direkt in den Artikel: {QRCODE qrcontent=Hallo Welt!} Verwendung mehrerer Parameter: {QRCODE qrcontent=Hallo Welt!|size=100|pixcolor=000066|bgcolor=EEEEEE|margin=5|class=image|align=left|alt=QR-Code Grafik} Hinweis: Dieses Modul verwendet die API von qrserver.com, welche auch eine kommerzielle Nutzung erlaubt!

Blank Content

Günther Hörandl
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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