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Site Lock is a FREE, one of a kind extension for the Joomla CMS that will allow you to password protect your site from being viewed while you are still in development mode.

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This is much different from using the standard "Site Offline" feature of Joomla.

No more need to use an HTaccess file to lock down your site. The Site Lock extension will give you much more flexibility.

Supported Joomla Versions
Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7

Have you ever used the "Site Offline" feature of Joomla and wished that you could allow your clients, colleagues, or friends to view the site without making it public or adding them as a "special" level administrator user?

Or have you ever logged into the front of your site while it is offline to view how it will look to the public only to find that you have those little edit article icons on ever page of the site and you cannot get a true feel for how the site will look to non-logged in visitors?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, Site Lock is your answer.

Site lock offers you the following benefits:

HTaccess style site protection
Give your clients their own login (without making them a user on your website)
No file editing or programming necessary
Create your own custom splash page message
Custom splash page message supports HTML formatting you can edit with your favorite WYSIWYG Editor
Site Lock is FREE to download and use on as many sites as you wish
Log in and view your site just as if it were live and see it as the public would see it
No more needing to use the standard "Site Offline" feature of Joomla
Gives you more control of the site during the design process
You choose who can see the site and who can't with custom login credentials
Enable and Disable in one click


The latest version for Joomla 3 has the same functionality which is appreciated. It can't be used with Akeeba AdminTools admin password

Ease of use

Not nearly as easy to use as the previous version when it comes to getting a certain look. Images don't seem to work with the editor (JCE)

I used this to: I would like to use this for it's intended purpose but it just seems to have been changed for the worse without rhyme or reason and little thought to how people will have to do major customization to have a look that doesn't completely clash with their own site.

Great extension

Posted on 16 October 2014

I have being looking for an extension like this to showcase my website to some selected people before it goes live. I think Site locks does that well perfectly. Great.

I was so worried about letting the development build go live, just for the client to see the progress. Joomla does not help much in locking the entire site. Found this software and it's a godsend! lock the live site in a click and create users for login... no joomla user creation!! Thank you and keep up the good work..

This extension reduces client frustrations during development for sure.

Ideal for purpose

Posted on 27 June 2014

Wanted to allow stakeholders to view website whilst under development without being registered and this did just the job.

It solved my problem!

Posted on 15 February 2014

This extension should be part of the core of Joomla.

Several times I had the problem of showing the website to a client while I needed to have the site off-line.

Site lock solves the problem. The site is off-line but I can assign a specific username and passwod to the client and he can see how the site while it is still off-line.

Perfect out of the box

Posted on 17 December 2013

Excellent product! 2 minutes to download, install, and configure.

Works out of the box very easily.

I needed a product to hide a site from a previous contract who had refused to pay, but I still wanted to use the dev. for my portfolio. Exactly what I wanted.

Thank you so much.

This FREE extension is a "must have extension" in any Joomla designer's toolbox.

I so glad I found.

Thank you to the team of Site Lock

Hi ,

I am using the 'Site-Lock' component for my joomla website and it is very helpful for me, though after Login to site from front-end. I dont see Logout button.

So, whenever I visit the site next time it directly goes to main page instead of showing 'Offline page'

Please help me with this.




Posted on 23 April 2013

This is just what I missed during developing my joomla sites.

Aw-sum, thanks!

Simple & works.

Joomlearn LMS Silver Edition

Joomlearn LMS Silver Edition

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The JoomLearn LMS Silver Edition is your total solution for selling access to your training content. The Silver Edition offers you so many more options than the free basic Edition. Here are some of the features of the joomlearn LMS Silver Edition: * eCommerce Enabled - Now you can sell subscription access to your courses. * You set the amount of days that the course can be accessed after payment is confirmed. * Virtuemart & PayPal IPN & Custom integration - Link your training payments to be used with your virtuemart installations. If you do not have virtuemart installed you may use the PayPal Instant Payment Notification feature to accept payments and confimations to access your content. * Prerequisite Courses - Now you can have a course with multiple tests and content within a series. For instance course "B" cannot be accessed until course "A" has been passed or completed by the student. And course "C" cannot be accessed until courses "A" & "B" have been completed, and so on. This allows for Certifications and Diploma's! * Category Lists - We have now added a better category section. Now the categories are in a similar style to the familiar "Docman" component for easier access to the courses you need. Descriptions of the categories can now be added as well. * One file to install. Installs as a component. * 4 Add on modules are available seperately in our online shop. * No Bots. * No special, custom configurations, or source code to change. * Ideal for small to mid size businesses * Front end administration allows your managers to add or block user access from the entire system. * Complete front end user management. * User registration, block access, assign reporting groups, and more. * Add training content or just deliver Test. Upload and deploy Flash, Power Point, AVI, MPEG Movies, Word documents, PDF, and HTML files as your training content. * Up to 6 way multiple choice and true and false quiz formating. * Photo questions * Photo answers * Random question pool * Mandatory questions on quiz * True/False - Yes/No questions * Short answer questions * Limited attempts to pass a quiz-set limits on how many days a user has to wait to retake a quiz. * Printable certificates that display the users name and date course completion. * Course category filtering feature. * Email notification to HR departments and managers when a user passes or fails test. * Set up company managers so they will have the ability to register their own employees to the system. * Ability to add employees to your "management group" * Reports missed questions at the end of test Reporting tools to see the results of students/employees. * Free sample data and a “Basic Phone Skills” training module to help get you started. * Optional certificate template pack available in our online shop
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Event Registration Pro Calendar

Event Registration Pro Calendar

Paid download | Events |
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Event Registration Pro is the Enterprise level Event Management System for Joomla! If you're looking for a professional solution that offers a higher level of event management then you won't be disappointed in Event Registration Pro. Features: - Responsive design - Built with Bootstrap CSS - Conference Sessions Support - Front End Event Management - Easy to use and learn - Create both Free and Paid events - 100% customizable CSS - Built-In Calendar View - Multi Language Support - 30+ Payment Gateway Options To Choose From - Customizable Email Notifications - Full Reporting with CSV File Exporting - Tons of parameters allow for easy customizations - Upcoming Events Module - Events Category Module - Mini Calendar Module - Google Events Map Module - Custom Event Registration Form Builder with 11 form field types - Private / Public events - Custom Event Category Menu Views and Filters - Discount / Promo Codes - JomSocial and Community Builder Integration - Free Updates - Free Support - Front End event management - Event Meta Data and Keywords - Social Media Sharing of events - Individual or Group Registration - Allow registrants to upload files - Event Archive Manager - Repeating events capabilities - Multiple Event Registration with a single checkout - Unlimited Form Fields - Each event can have its own unique registration form - Spam proof design...No hard to read Capchta images Needed!!! - Registration Cut-off and Start Dates and Times - Unique payment methods per event - Calendar filtering by category Optional customization services are available. PLEASE SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR OUR MASSIVE FEATURE LIST. WE SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE ROOM TO POST THEM ALL ON THIS LISTING.
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Conversion Splash

Conversion Splash

Paid download | Popups & iFrames |
2.5 3
4 reviews
You work so hard to market your website to get the visitors to show up, so why not try everything possible to get them converted into a customer, registered member, a mailing list subscriber? Did you ever wish that you could have a second chance at making a sale? The Conversion Splash content plugin for Joomla will give you that SECOND CHANCE! Here's how it works and it is SO SIMPLE! This tiny, yet powerful little plugin script allows you to gain a second chance to convert your website visitors. You get a visitor to your site. That visitor reads some content and looses interest. That potential customer closes the browser window to leave your site. When that happens the potential customer gets a popup window with your custom text in it asking them to click the OK button. Then the potential customer is redirected to your "upsell page" where you get a second chance to convert that visitor into a customer, registered member, mailing list subscriber, or all three. perhaps you can offer them a last chance discount, or re-promote your services in a different way. Turn Your Exit Traffic into Pure Cold Hard CASH! You can have multiple custom tags and redirects to your second chance sales pages. This plugin is something that no eCommerce or paid membership site should be without.
JS Testimonials

JS Testimonials

Free | Testimonials & Suggestions |
3 reviews
The JS Testimonials for Joomla extension is the nicest component available for displaying your customer testimonials on your Joomla Powered website. Joomla Showroom has taken testimonials a step further. Not only can you display text testimonials, but JS Testimonials also supports audio and video testimonials as well. And it doesn't stop there. It can display all 3 testimonial types at once if you want it to. There are also 3 nice fading modules included to display your testimonials. Here's what's included: * 5 customizable themes for displaying your testimonials. * Customizable CSS files for both component and the 3 testimonials modules. * Allow unregistered guest users to leave testimonials (that is, if you want to). * Author photos. * Author's website link. * Add text testimonials. * Add audio testimonials. * Add video Testimonials. * Fully customizable. * Settings for adjusting the 3 modules fading speed. * Re-Capchta support (spam control) * Configure the data you want to collect. * Configure the data you want to display.
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Scribe SEO Content

Scribe SEO Content

Free | SEO & Metadata |
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Get More Traffic and Leads With Less Time and Hassle. Optimize your Joomla content and keywords to maximize your content marketing efforts. There is no longer an excuse for poor content! Use this FREE extension to bring the features of Scribe SEO Content right inside of your Joomla CMS article editor. It's like having your own SEO consultant looking over your shoulder. This extension is FREE, however you do need a subscription to Scribe to analyze your content.
c p Payment (AIM) for Event Registration Pro Payment (AIM) for Event Registration Pro

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TC Event Countdown

TC Event Countdown

Free | Events |
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TC Event Countdown module for Joomla is an easy way to display a countdown to your next event. TC Event Countdown is mobile friendly and responsive. You can add a custom pre-text message as well as a post-text message above and below the countdown boxes. Calls to actions are very important when getting people to sign up to your event so we have included an option to show a button that you can add your own custom text and link. You can see a demo of the module above. You can easily edit and style the module CSS file to match your template or custom design.

Site Lock

2.5.0 & 3.0.0
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
Uses updater:
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