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J Admin Mobile! Lite (JAM!) allows you to manage many of the core features of your Joomla site remotely. Developed primarily for the J Admin Mobile! Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch applications, it's a free GPL component meant to be used, and extended, by any application developer that would like to use it!

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The JAM! component works using XMLRPC protocol capabilities and provides the following remote management features:

* View/Add/Edit/Delete Articles
* View/Add/Edit/Delete Sections
* View/Add/Edit/Delete Categories
* View/Add/Edit Users
* View/Add/Edit/Delete Menus
* View/Edit/Delete Menu Items
* View/Edit Global Configuration
* 3rd Party Plugins allow you to use plugins to access any data on your site (including custom tables and files)

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Google Android Market

For a complete list of changes, see:

For more information about JAM Plugins, see:

If you are interested in modifying and using the JAM! component for other purposes and don't know where to start, feel free to contact us and we can help with that as well.

Great, for sure!

Posted on 24 October 2012

Looks like not a big deal from one hand, but everyone should try how amazing to get a chance to manage your Joomla website from your smart! It's work like a sharm! I love this tool! Hope to see more features in future! Thank you !

Great Extension!

Posted on 13 August 2012

This extension is extremely handy for on-the-go updates. It is easy to install and easy to use. There is definitely room for improvement, but this is a great start! I look forward to updates.

To simple but easy to use

Posted on 22 February 2012

1 You can only see your articles in html codes.

2 You can only select images from your iPhone, not images that already are on the site.

Works fine for a quick and simple article. But learn html first... Else this is a good start. But I can't give this to my customers because of the html-codes... You fix this and you will get rich :-)

I may change my rating later when I get to use it. So far I have purchased the iPad application from the Apple Store and installed the component on my Joomla site. The documentation explains how to configure the iPad app, BUT in my version the parameters are completely different. I'm asked to provide a User Access Key Code which seems to be linked not to the (free) Jadmin Mobile component but to the (commercial) Jadmin component.

Owner's reply: @nycxav - I responded to your post on our forums. I believe the iPhone app you are using is the "JAdmin! Mobile" app by CMS Fruit and not the "Joomla Admin Mobile!" app by, which is ours. If you need more help with our application, we will be happy to assist you on our forums. I apologize for the confusion.

First, JAM does NOT feature a full-featured CME; you have to type the code yourself, which I have no problem with at all - but to some people it might be intimidating.

Second, it is GREAT when you need to make a quick edit/addition and for simple articles or quickly put a photo in.

And finally, I MUST say that that the JAM staff is VERY helpful and quick to respond. I had issues running the module on my iPhone (wouldn't connect) and they helped me very fast!

Well worth the money!

Owner's reply: A WYSIWYG editor is our #1 request from users and we hope to address it soon. Be sure to vote on any other suggestions you have on our UserVoice page. Thanks!

Excellent Support

Posted on 29 September 2011

This app does everything that we need to do on the backend of our Joomla site, and is easily accessed on the go. We had a problem in our configuration and the support guys for this app worked promptly and professionally to get our issue resolved. This app and its support staff are highly recommended!


I bought the full version, and so far I've used it a handful of times in the past month, but never to do any serious work. I find the program difficult to use on an iPhone and buggy. Keep in mind, that you have to edit content in code, i.e., manually inserting the html. Also, you do not have access to any content in the modules or the components. You cannot turn plugins on or off. You are mainly limited to edits to body content and enabling or disabling users and editing their passwords.

And I'm not sure I can blame the app just yet, but for some reason, I only see my own account (out of 2500). The others are not showing. At one point, I was trying to see the category list from one website and the App kept taking me to the other installation I had enabled. I had to restart the app.

Is $10 too much? It is if you don't get much value for the money or don't use the app at all. This app, in my estimation, would be good for someone on the road all the time with NO access to their laptop and/or the internet. It's also an excellent proof of concept.

If you're bathing in wifi already and carry your laptop with you everywhere, then take the $10 and buy a couple of lattes at the coffee shop where you do your work.

Great Plug

Posted on 10 November 2009

Works just like it should and easy to set up. I'm all the time getting phone calls about users accounts not working because they didn't confirm the account through email. I can simply enable the account on my phone and I don't have to fumble with a laptop or getting to a computer. I would have given it five stars if I could use it to delete user accounts too.

Owner's reply: We investigated the ability to delete users, but plan on leaving it out for the time being. You can easily block users from the phone and delete them when you're back at your desk. The main reasoning is that, even if we implemented 100 confirmation screens, we don't want to hear of any accidental user deletions.

Here's hoping to get that 5th star! :)

Oh WOW...Very nice

Posted on 10 November 2009

Oh man, this looks very nice, any plans on doing an Android version? Can't wait, got 5 stars if you are.


Posted on 03 November 2009

I like the idea of this app. I was not able to get it working, however the demo version that comes with the app looks very promising. Site has little to no support for install or configuration issues. I will keep an eye on this app, as again I love the concept!

Owner's reply: We realize we had some issues with where to go to find the information you need. We recently just moved over our support forum, plugin download, and installation guide to our SourceCoast home page. Hopefully everything's easy to find there, and we continue to be top notch with support (now you can just find it easier).

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