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Jimtawl represents a radio station on the web. Show the visitors your programme calendar, programme details, playlists, who is on air.
Jimtawl Features

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  • Presenting radio shows: airtime, next broadcasting date, description, team, contact, website
  • Introducing presenters and editorial stuff: name, picture, description
  • Program announcements for the next show
  • Scheduling and creating playlist for the current program
  • Presenting segments: title, text, audio, category, genre, images
  • Navigable program calendar
  • Segments archive
  • Module "Who is on Air now"
  • Support of Joomlas search
  • Podcast Feed


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Free | Development | Michael Liebler
9 reviews
Just Another Component Creator JACC creates installable Joomla components, modules, plugins, templates and packages, and is a very good starting point for your new extension or template. Install JACC, create a database model, set a few options and click "Save". You will get a working component. Similarly you can create modules, plugins and responsive templates with just a few clicks. After creation you will be able to continue to develop your extension in place. When you've finished JACC will create an installable package for you. JACC's special ability is to create a component by parsing a set of tables based on your data model. The MVC of the created component is now very close to the Joomla coding style. The generated code provides a working 'CRUD' backend ready to add, edit and delete items from the database, as well as a basic frontend which is much more than "hello world". Features: Provides Categories You can use JACC to create install files of your installed components, modules, plugins and templates at any time, assuming they were created by JACC. New: +Components are now very close to the Joomla coding style +Brazilian Portuguese translations - since Décio joined the team +Improved implementation of pluralisation for controller/views/model - since Colin joined the team +Full 3.x compatibility of components backend views Fixed: fixed: pluralization failed on joomla 3.3.1 Select single item from menu in modal mode fixed: bug in tables class fixed: ordering in admin list view did'nt work Remove most deprecated classes and functions
Virtual Domains

Virtual Domains

Free | Multiple Sites | Michael Liebler
52 reviews
VD provides Multi-domain capability for Joomla without changing the Joomla core files and tables. Simply register any number of additional available domains in the components backend and define their properties. You can run different web sites from a single Joomla installation with specific templates, home page content and navigation. Virtual Domains simple starting points: You can select a template from VD's Backend for a specific domain. You can filter menu items, define domain specific languages and meta data. VD will create an accesslevel for each domain/subdomain. This will enable you to control all that content that can deal with access levels. That's all. Small effort, big effect. Fixed: Custom Parameters could not be stored New Features: +Assigning content to each domain via access levels +Hide/show menu items per domain +Dissallow access to certain components per domain +Override site meta data +Access for domain speific items for non-admins on backend +Includes replacement for Joomla Language Switcher
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Michael Liebler
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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