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Folcomedia - Real full text :

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This plugin allows you to fully display your article when you choose from the menu item type :
- Articles » Featured Articles
- Articles » Category Blog

now display your article completely.
With this plugin you can :
- Include or exclude the introductory text.
- Display or hide the read more button.
- Display text with accordeon.

Works fine

Posted on 21 May 2015

Very fine

Ease of use


I used this to: All fine, easy and good, but I still don't understand a lil thing:
In the Link button "More" you can even select a "Single Article", but, once done, how can I set for the article I need?


I wanted it to display full article text without the intro for a category blog. I had to have the readmore for a module. It did that.

Ease of use

Very easy to use. Just install and select what you want from a pull-down menu.

I used this to: As explained. One issue - it still displays intro pics. Had to remove those and relocate to above the readmore break in article. Which was fine.


Worked perfect for the featured article module, but it could not be turned of for category blog where the full text should not be show.

Ease of use

Easy to use.

I used this to: It would have been nice to be able to use it on selected menu items. For example to work on a menu item showing featured articles, but not on all category blogs.

Works, however...

Posted on 05 August 2013

I was looking for a way to show the "full text" (aka the text that you see after clicking the read more button) on featured articles.

This extension does exactly this. It will show the full text on featured articles.

However, it will only work on "leading" articles, which means you have to set a high number of featured articles.

I wish it would wrap the read more text in a div.


Intro Text


Full Text

Good extension. It does what it says it does, I just wish it had more features.


Owner's reply: I understand your questions and I include as you want in the new version of the plugin (V 1.0.6)
Folcomedia - Cookies Alert

Folcomedia - Cookies Alert

Free | Cookie Control | Folcomedia
2.5 3
15 reviews
This plugin is designed to display a message on your site in order to alert the user that your site uses cookies to collect other information. prior consent of the user before storing information on a user equipment or access to information already stored. By amending Article 5 (3) of Directive 2002/58/EC by the adoption of Directive 2009/136/EC, the European legislator has laid down the principle: prior consent of the user before storing information on a user equipment or access to information already stored. ( This plugin is designed to display a message on your site in order to alert the user that your site uses cookies to collect other information. advantages: ★ Multilingual. ★ Responsif (adapts to different screen sizes). ★ Display in popup (Center) or context (Top or Bottom). ★ Select the position on your site. ★ Select the size of the alert. ★ Select the text color. ★ Setting borders (color, shape, size). ★ Set the two buttons "Read more" and "Ok" (text, position, size, color). ★ Support for updates. The fields will appear when the plugin is enabled and saved. This plugin is designed to display a message on the home page of your site to alert the user that your site uses cookies to collect other information. **** V 1.2.8 **** - Fixed a bug with sites which use multiple templates. **** V 1.2.7 **** - Improved SEO. - Improved display of the plugin on mobile. - Fixed a problem of alert display pop-up mode on mobile. - Added a warning message when your default language of your site is not instantiated in content languages. **** V 1.2.6 **** - Added a FAQ and Documentation link in the support tab. - Various optimizations. **** V 1.2.5 **** - The warning message does not appear when your site is offline. - You can now not charge the Bootsrap library. **** V 1.2.4 **** - Fixed a bug in pop-up mode. **** V 1.2.3 **** - Implementation of verifying the presence of a cookie plugin javascript to display or not the message. **** V 1.2.2 **** - Fixed bug for displaying pop-up. **** V 1.2.1 **** - Fixed bug for displaying pop-up. **** V 1.2.1 **** - Ability to choose the life of the cookie. - Ability to choose the background color of the buttons. - Fixed the plugin on multi-path sites. **** V 1.2.0 **** - Added option to transparency of the alert message. - You can Show / Hide the alert based languages. - You can now Export and Import your setup. **** V 1.1.8 **** - You can choose to display the alert message on the page explaining the use of cookies. **** V 1.1.7 **** - Resolution bugs with CSS rules. - Choosing the bootstrap version. **** V 1.1.6 **** - Fixed z-index parameter to display the message above your site. - Added a custom.css file to add your own CSS rules. **** V 1.1.5 **** - Set margins around the message. - Setting the position of the content. **** V 1.1.4 **** - Ability to set the warning message on the screen. - It is now possible to set the size of the alert message in pixels or percentage. - Selection in the order of the buttons. - Ability to display buttons line or following text. **** V 1.1.3 **** - Added multilanguage. **** V 1.1.2 **** - Improving the timeliness. - Fixed bugs.
Folcomedia Generate thumbnails

Folcomedia Generate thumbnails

Free | Images | Folcomedia
2.5 3
4 reviews
When this plugin is enabled, you can get a thumbnail of any picture by adding a suffix to it path (requires URL rewritting). For example: : Thumbnail with fixed dimensions : Thumbnail with fixed dimensions keeping scale : Thumbnail with fixed dimensions keeping format : Thumbnail with maximum dimensions keeping format : Be careful, transparency of GIF/PNG is not preserved.
Folcomedia - Piwik

Folcomedia - Piwik

Free | Analytics | Folcomedia
2.5 3
0 reviews
Reregistered on every page the code Piwik allowing to follow the statistics of the site
Folcomedia Packager

Folcomedia Packager

Free | Extensions Migration | Folcomedia
2.5 3
0 reviews
This tool allow you to package an extension which is already installed on your Joomla website. It is useful for developers, as you can develop directly on a Joomla website and then build your zip file automatically (for the first release or even a new version of your extension). It can also be used by any Joomla webmaster for transfer an existing extension (only files - no data) if you cannot find the zip file anymore. Please report any bug, or extension which does not compile properly. You must use this component in administration part.

Folcomedia - Real full text

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Mar 30 2015
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
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