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New: this module has been merged into DanCarousel image rotator module:

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This is a simple to use module replacing the native newsflash with a jquery carousel fading or sliding. You can show image intros you wish from a selected category of articles.
Automatically risize the images for you inherting the module size. Options to show introduction text, banner style, pager, navigation arrows, and much more.

Based on the fabulous timthumb and bxslider scripts.



Free | Rotators | Giuliano DANSKY D'Angelo
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DanCarousel makes a slideshow from a folder with images or from a category of articles (In this case it will use the article intro image). NEW: You'll like this: if you embedded a youtube video in the article content, DanCarousel will automatically put the youtube thumbnail as image; im this way you can use it as video channel carousel viewer. There are a bunch of options: navigation controls, pager, vertical jquery resizing, article title, captions, an extra content box to insert images or headlines, ticker mode, image resizing and cropping, etc. You can combine lots of options It'responsive, and it resize the images automatically fitting and cropping the space. DanCarousel use timthumb and bxslider scripts. NEW 1.6.7: Code rewrite, now it's simpler and lighter Youtube thumbnail options, automatically use the still frame if you embedded a video Timthumb deprecated, the image is now cropped with divs and css3 Seo optimizations NEW 1.6.5: - Now it's possible to use or hide frontpage articles - Timthumb script updated - Various bugfixes NEW 1.6.4: - Bugfix NEW 1.6.3: -"DanImageIntro" module has been integrated inside DanCarousel, so you can now select intro images articles too. How to use: 1: Install the module. 2: In module settings select your mode: "images folder" or "Latest articles". 3: See to corresponding tabs to tweak your settings. There are lots of options and combinations. If you like this module, consider to send a paypal donation! You'll get a credit-free version.

Dan Image Intro

Giuliano DANSKY D'Angelo
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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