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In the default installation of Joomla there are modules for the latest articles, new articles, etc. A simple module displaying random posts is missing. What could be more appropriate to close this gap.

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DVRandomArticles allows you to display a random list of articles on your website at a module position including the standard settings of Joomla article modules. The module contains the german and the english language files.


Posted on 17 October 2012

Easy to setup!

Select categories from which you want random articles to be displayed and you are done.

Works great. Very Useful, and simple.

Although joomla 2.5 is perfect!, it is missing a random article display module, and this little neat module answers just that problem. had no problem installing and had it working in less than a minute.

you can select more than one category and it starts to display random list of articles each time. Thank you developer

Worked right out of the box. This module shows a LIST of articles, not the articles themselves, and those articles must be from a single category, just like the description says. Useful, simple, and it gets the job done.



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I needed a simple file manager for a professional project. The components available for Joomla are extremely powerful, but because of this they were not suitable for my project. After some research I found the module "Easy Folder Listing" by Michael Gilkes. The basic idea was fascinating: this module simply displays the contents of a selected folder on the server. Because I needed significant enhancements for my project, I decided to recode Michael Gilkes module completely. The result is DVFolderContent. It follows the basic principle of "Easy Folder Listing", but was greatly expanded. In particular, a lot of options for controlling the display using access levels have been implemented. The uploading of files controlled by access levels is possible too. The file links are encrypted, so that no association to the physical location of the files on the server are possible.
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Dirk Vollmar
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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