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Version: 2.0.2

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  1. Fixed some bugs when add more zones in same column from layout.

Version: 2.0.1

  1. Changed color selector in style page.
  2. Added Google Fonts
  3. Multilanguage for layouts and zones.
  4. Edit author image on list of articles from front-end.
  5. New dashboard style.

Version: 2.0.0

  1. Fixed: Vulnerability in upload images process.
  2. Grab images not only from articles content but from extra image added for article intro text.
  3. Add alignment option in settings for "Read More" button.
  4. Now you can create user friendly style for zones.
  5. For zones "By Year" type, we added an option to edit or not the months for each year in front-end.
  6. Now you can chose articles category for all zones type, not only for "By Category" zone type.
  7. In back-end you can see now a diagram with articles statistics.
  8. New design and useful dashboard.

MioArchive is a Joomla extension designed to structure articles from Joomla!, K2 and EasyBlog on your website. This extension offers you the simple way to drag and drop zones on a selected layout and assign your personalized style on it. You have life support for all your domains.

If you want to add a structured zone articles in another position from your website, you can use our module which is installed automatically with the extension. Just select a zone from a grey-box in MioArchive Zone module.

MioArchive Zones

The articles from zones can be structured by:


You can add zone description and chose to show it or not, add image (Border Image, Rounded Corners and Circle Image), add personalized style, set the number of columns for the Category/Years/Month/Days or Authors from this zone, can publish or not this zone in your layout, or choose publish up/publish down date and you can also add meta data (meta title, meta keywords and meta description) for this zone. The articles from the zone can be:

Last Hits
Most Hits

MioArchive Layouts

You can choose a layout type from a list of 10 layouts already designed, or you can design your own layout and drag and drop zones on it. You have the possibility to upload an image (Border Image, Rounded Corners and Circle Image) for this layout, add description, publish this layout or not on front-end and you can also add meta data (meta title, meta keywords and meta description) for it.

MioArchive Styles and Settings

There are already 4 styles created (blue, red, yellow and green) but you can create your own style.

You can choose from a lot of options for articles, layouts and zones to optimize your content pages. Options for titles, images, thumbnails, descriptions, introtext, read more and others.

Sef Support: Core Joomla.

For more information, you can use our Demo Site and Documentation.



Paid download | SEO & Metadata | MioJoomla
4 reviews
Version 1.0.8 Added support for EasySocial. Added support for VirtueMart. Added support for Digistore. Added "Stop add Meta Title - HTML5" option in General Settings, for meta title HTML tag. Version 1.0.7 Added empty statistics options for GEO map and accessed URLs in a certain time. Added "Analysis" details on "Manage Meta Tags" page, based on your added keywords. Version 1.0.6 Added support for HikaShop. Added support for Phoca Gallery and Phoca Photo. New Breadcrumbs module with specifications of the "Microdata Rich Snippets". Make a statistics for site visitors, generate a GEO Map with number of visitors for each country. Add thumbnail images (where available) for custom search on google in pages for extensions supported by MioSeo. Version 1.0.5 Added support for Cobalt 8 CCK. Version 1.0.4 Edit JomSocial profile meta data for users which are not logged yet. Version 1.0.3 Integrate System - SeoSimple plugin. Integrate Joomla "Metadata Settings" and Joomla "SEO Settings" from Global Configuration. Added support for JomSocial Profile pages. Version 1.0.2 Solved issue: create Custom URL with Cyrillic characters. Version 1.0.1 It's time to take your SEO to the next level. We introduced the new Google Hummingbird concept and multiple language support. Hummingbird makes Google almost human with the way it responds to queries. Instead of looking at keywords, Hummingbird makes Google look deeper and focus on the whole statement or question. Thanks to multiple language support, now it's easy to better structure your multinational sites, you can now add metadata(keywords, title, description) translated in user's language and you can announce Google about similar content for another languages by using rel="alternate" hreflang="x" meta tag. Change Log: Added support for multiple languages Added media share / fallow buttons Meta Data support for Publisher - Media MioSeo extension make your job easier, you save a lot of time adding meta data and make pages content to be easy indexed by Google. Our component integrate more extensions than !Joomla content and menu items, you can use this extension for: K2 extension Easy Blog MioArchive Kunena Forum Form2Content Guru Publisher JomSocial Zoo Cobalt 8 CCK HikaShop Phoca Gallery and Phoca Photo Easy Social VirtueMart Digistore For more extensions please just tell us and we integrate that extension in our plug-in. You can do the following Manage MetaTags (you can add meta title, meta keys and meta description for all articles, items and categories from all included extensions, Joomla articles and Joomla menu items) Monitor your keywords/phrases on Google, (you can see a statistic diagram for keywords rank) Monitor meta data (meta title, meta keywords and meta description, you can see every day on a diagram how many items get or not meta data values and you can see the number of items/categories without meta data values on dashboard for every extension included in our plug-in) Monitor how many links are accessed every day on your site and see the links that have the most hits (you can see this on a diagram too and on a list of links on dashboard) Our plug-in add automatic Canonical URLs and you can create custom canonical URLs too. You can make some
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Paid download | Users Import & Export | MioJoomla
2.5 3
4 reviews
MioTransfer is a Joomla extension designed to migrate your users from an old database to a new database. You can migrate users from Joomla 2.x to Joomla 2.x, Joomla 2.x to Joomla 3.x and Joomla 3.x to Joomla 3.x using more file types. In Dashboard you can see a statistic of all your groups and users. You can see how many users are logged every day, how many users are in each user group, latest five users logged in admin/front page, you can also see a notification area with the staus of your users(Actived, Inactived, Blocked, Logged...) You have the possibility to export users in: csv, txt, html, php array, json, pdf, sql, zip and utf-8 files format. You can choose what user fields to export(name, username, password, email...), what custom fields(address1, address2...), what groups to select for export. You can import: csv, txt, sql and zip files. If regular upload file not import utf-8 user details, you have the possibility to add import file content in a specific textarea. You can send emails to the new users with username, password and other details. You can create custom profile fields(calendar, checkboxes, color, editor, email, hidden, integer, language, list, radio, spacer, text field, text area and url) You have a section for quickly manage users. You can mass delete, activate, block/unblock users by group, by registration date, by user status or from latest visit date. Also you can change user group from one group to another, all users in same time. You can do automatically import and export actions by using our Cron Jobs section. By creating a cron job you receive an URL and use it for cron jobs on server. Export and Import actions are very fast and easy to use. For more information please visit our documentation and demo site.
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Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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