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*** New version 2 now fully compatible with Joomla! versions 1.5 to 2.5 ***

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"Tabs & Sliders" is the 'module' adaptation of the highly popular "Tabs & Sliders [for articles]" plugin created by JoomlaWorks. Using this module, you can display other modules in tabs and/or sliders, saving important "real estate" on your template. The tabs emulate a multi-pane structure, while the sliders emulate an accordion-like structure, inside a single block!

This module is ideal for portal websites, where much content needs to be gathered in as less blocks as possible. We even suggest you combine it with other great extensions from JoomlaWorks like the popular K2 or the much smaller (but very flexible) Ultimate Content Display (aka UCD), a "super content retrieval" module that displays Joomla! articles in 3 different ways (unordered list, ajax cross-fader or jQuery-based cross-fader/slider).

"Tabs & Sliders" has been developed with ease of use and styling flexibility in mind! It's the kind of module you "set and forget", cause it simply works!

Download the module from our homepage. Install it like any module. Navigate to the Module Manager in the Joomla! backend, edit the module's parameters, select on the right the module position for which you want all its modules to be shown in tabs or sliders and then publish the "Tabs & Sliders" module.

Detailed setup guide can be found here:


Version 2 is a completely re-written module, now fully compatible with MVC templating. There are 2 distinct layouts: one for "tabs" and one for "sliders".

If you want to show your support please rate and/or comment on the module, here, at the official Joomla! Extensions Directory. Your feedback is very important!

Enjoy one more fine release from the folks at JoomlaWorks!

That module was very good in J1.5.

It is a pity there is no update for J3. Module don't work under J3. JW don't make us wait any more!

Does what it says

Posted on 01 November 2013

Easy to use, just add the code to your content and your away. Easy to update the look with css

Good Module

Posted on 07 June 2012

This is a nice module. Thanx for the developers. And keep the work continue. Good Luck !

Great extension!!!

Posted on 08 February 2012

Helping me ordering content since joomla 1.5, useful and simple

Superb extension

Posted on 11 January 2012

I am amazed with this component. What I want and when i want. Thanks to the developers


Posted on 19 August 2011

I used the plugin version after a client of ours came back after we'd finished everything saying they wanted to eliminate ALL scrolling from every page so they wanted to break content up into pages.. this seemed like a better solution and it worked flawlessly.

Another person mentioned browser incompatibilities but we tested with Chrome, Firefox, IE8, IE9, Older versions of Safari and the latest version of Safari .. all of which worked perfectly fine for us.

I do find it odd however that there's another plugin with this same exact name, and same exact syntax by another person.. nevertheless, we love what it's done for us.. it saves time and looks good out of the box... we went with this one because we're also very happy users of the K2 extension.

Great module

Posted on 30 March 2011

Thank you for a great module! Just what I needed.

Great, but...

Posted on 05 March 2011

Works great, but why add cache and persistence for the last clicked tab!? I've been trying to opt this out for hours, it's really annoying! Please remove it so that it works the way any simple tabs extension should!

A really awesome little app here.

Very flexible and, as the title says, my only complaint is that the tabs do not expand on the Iphone when accessing the full site (not webapp etc) via the built in browser.

Could this be fixed?

Well done otherwise!

This tab is very good and very useful.

However, I am trying to hide the duplicate modules that are already shown in the tab. How could that be possible because it is not making sense to show two duplicate contents on the same page. Thanks.



Free | Multimedia Players | JoomlaWorks
2.5 3
271 reviews
*** New version 4.6 out now, fully compatible with Joomla! 1.5, 2.5 & 3.x & fully responsive! *** AllVideos (by JoomlaWorks) is truly THE all-in-one media management solution for Joomla! and a classic must-have extension for any Joomla! based website. You can use the plugin to easily embed media hosted on popular services like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, SoundCloud (and many more) inside your Joomla! articles (or K2, redShop, Virtuemart etc). Additionally, it allows you to playback almost any video/audio file format hosted on your server or even a remote server, providing great flexibility when it comes to media content embedding. Fun videos, product presentations, audio podcasts, you name it! --- WHY ALLVIDEOS? --- - You don't have to copy/paste huge blocks of HTML code, just to get a video from YouTube to playback on your Joomla! website! Your WYSIWYG editor loves it and so will you and your clients! - You use simple and descriptive plugin tags like ,
. - Allows for mobile/tablet compatible media embedding where supported. AllVideos means dead-simple & inexpensive media streaming for anyone. You can use, for example, YouTube to upload your videos and then embed them inside your site without consuming your server's bandwidth or having to spend money on expensive video conversion software! --- FEATURES --- 1. Dozens of media providers supported like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, MySpace, Flickr Video,, TwitVid, yFrog, SoundCloud & more. 2. Stream your own media content, using the 20+ web compatible video and audio formats like flv, swf, mov, mp4, wmv, wma, mp3, 3gp, webm, ogv, ogg, divx and more. 3. Easily embed your media content either directly from your server or a remote server! 4. Simple controls inside the plugin's parameters page provide layout consistency on all the videos shown in your Joomla! website. Set your preferences in seconds, publish the plugin and you're ready to start streaming content! 5. Easy, descriptive syntax for media embedding - {format/provider}filename{/format/provider}. You can also use syntax like {format/provider}filename|width|height|autoplay{/format/provider} (e.g. an "autoplaying" ) to display videos at different dimensions! 6. Uses MVC templating. Just copy the /tmpl folder included in the plugin, move it to your template's /html folder and rename it to "jw_allvideos", then style the output as you wish 7. Mobile/tablet friendly: if you use MP4 for uploaded videos or if you use services like YouTube, Vimeo & Dailymotion, your videos are mobile ready 8. Includes 3 templates: Classic, Framed and Responsive 9. Fully responsive players when using the "Responsive" template 10. Uses the core Joomla! updater 11. Includes the new JW Player v6 --- LEARN MORE --- Visit the AllVideos product page at:
Simple Image Gallery

Simple Image Gallery

Free | Galleries | JoomlaWorks
2.5 3
243 reviews
*** New version 3 released, now compatible with Joomla! 1.5 to 3.x *** Adding image galleries inside your Joomla! articles is now super-easy and simple, using the magical "Simple Image Gallery" plugin for Joomla!. The plugin can turn any folder of images located inside your Joomla! website into a grid-style image gallery with cool lightbox previews. And all that using a simple plugin tag like . So for example, if we have a folder called "mytriptoParis" located in images/stories/mytriptoParis, then we can create our gallery by simply entering the tag into some Joomla! article. The galleries created are presented as a grid of image thumbnails. When your visitors click on a thumbnail, they see the original image in a lightbox popup. The thumbnails are generated and cached using PHP for better results. So let's briefly see what are the main advantages of using Simple Image Gallery: a) You don't need to have an additional gallery component to display a few images, b) you don't need to tell your visitors "to see our photos from Paris click here" and c) you focus more on content writing and less on administering the images! The plugin is ideal for news portals wanting to display some product images, for example, inside their articles. Or for people who quickly wanna show their summer vacation pictures. With Simple Image Gallery, you can have as many galleries as you want inside each article. Please note that if you want to create a gallery from a subfolder located inside your "image gallery root folder", simply adjust the plugin syntax to reflect the remaining path (after your set "root folder"),. Make sure you write the path to your target folder without any slashes at the beginning or the end of your path. You can see a demo of the plugin here: Simple Image Gallery is a Joomla! plugin developed by JoomlaWorks, released under the GNU General Public License.
Tabs & Sliders [for articles]

Tabs & Sliders [for articles]

Free | Article Elements | JoomlaWorks
103 reviews
Tabs & Sliders [for articles] makes adding tabs or sliders (accordions) inside your content a piece of cake. Using a simple syntax you can easily organize your content in tabs or sliders making it better stand out and easier to navigate: for example, organizing your long product descriptions in tabs improves the readability of your product pages, which means more happy customers! The plugin already comes with 2 pre-built template layouts and using MVC overrides you can create your own by simply copying one of the pre-built and modifying the HTML and/or CSS. You can use the plugin's tags in any component, module or plugin that supports 'content plugin' parsing. Aside the default Joomla! article system, you can use for example the plugin in the popular K2 content extension, in Virtuemart, inside the 'Custom HTML' module etc. SCREENSHOTS See screenshots of the 2 pre-built template layouts here in the plugin's description page: COMPATIBILITY The plugin has been tested on all modern browsers, including IE7 or higher. The latest release is compatible with Joomla! version 3.x only. If you're still on Joomla! 1.5 or 2.5, you can still get v2.7 (the last stable release for these versions of Joomla!) from our website, which has the same features as v3.0.0. PERFORMANCE The plugin adds only a few KBs overall to your site. It also uses the Joomla! API to attach 1 JS and 1 CSS file to the document . This means the plugin will have no problem being used in combination with other "performance" plugins which compress JS and/or CSS files on your site.


Free | Content Construction | JoomlaWorks
2.5 3
262 reviews
The powerful award-winning content extension for Joomla with more than 2 million downloads (and counting)! WHAT IS K2? K2 provides an out-of-the box integrated solution featuring rich content forms for items (think of Joomla articles with additional fields for article images, videos, image galleries and attachments), nested-level categories, tags, comments, a system to extend the item base form with additional fields (similar to CCK for those acquainted with Drupal), a powerful plugin API to extend item, category and user forms, ACL, frontend editing, sub-templates & a lot more! Using K2, you can transform your Joomla website to a news/magazine site with author blogs, product catalogs, work portfolio, knowledge base, download/document manager, directory listing, event listing & more, all this bundled under one package! Give K2 a try & you'll instantly love it! It's easy to use and fun to develop websites with! If you need any help or want to contribute to the project, join us at the K2 community. FEATURES Since K2 is extensible with additional fields to its base item form, you can easily create category-specific content types, e.g. article, blog post, product page, directory listing. K2 offers as standard: - nested-level categories - commenting, integrated with Google's reCaptcha & Akismet - tags - item image (useful for articles/catalogs) - image galleries - videos - attachments - user pages (author blogs/user profiles) - smart ACL for frontend editing - unique plugin system to extend item, category & user forms - AJAX based frontend editing & comments moderation - Google AJAX Search integration - Rest-like JSON/JSONP content output - Native advanced SEF options - Flexible sub-templates (for every content output) K2 fully supports the Joomla API, which means any Joomla plugins will function properly within the K2 component & modules, either in the frontend or backend. AMAZING PERFORMANCE,, Groupama, Harvard, the High Court of Australia, MTV Greece, Jaguar Greece are just some of the thousands of top Joomla sites around the world, fully powered by K2. DEPENDENCIES & LICENSE To utilize the built-in video & gallery features you need to install AllVideos (free) & Simple Image Gallery Pro, both provided by JoomlaWorks. K2 is developed by JoomlaWorks & licensed under the GNU/GPL license. WHAT NEXT? Try K2! Install it, hit the "import" button to bring your Joomla articles inside K2, start playing with the component to see the flexibility it provides first-hand. Moreover? You no longer need a dozen of components & even more modules to do things like run a news site or a blog. Drupal & Wordpress have certainly met their match now! Visit the K2 Community website:
c m p
Disqus Comments

Disqus Comments

Free | Social Comments | JoomlaWorks
2.5 3
60 reviews
"Disqus Comments for Joomla!" integrates the Disqus comments system & service into any Joomla! based website. Disqus (pronounced 'discuss') is a service and tool for web comments and discussions - currently the most popular comments-as-a-service provider worldwide. It makes commenting easier and more interactive, while connecting websites and commenters across a thriving discussion community. In short, the most important features of the service are realtime comments, inline media embedding, mobile commenting, social integration with Twitter, Facebook & other services and great moderation & anti-spam tools. You can learn more about all Disqus features at: Signup for a free account at: --- WHY CHOOSE DISQUS? HIGHLIGHTS OF THE DISQUS COMMENT SYSTEM --- Web comments can be difficult for both websites and their readers. We think Disqus is the solution. Disqus makes it easier for people to comment and track their contributions on a single profile which they can display as a comment blog. After all, there is no difference between a great comment and a great published article. Disqus makes managing discussions on one or multiple websites painless. With a powerful and intuitive admin interface, Disqus allows website owners to spend time elsewhere while Disqus takes care of the comments. Key benefits for Websites, Publishers, Bloggers * Threaded comments and comment ratings * Powerful moderation and admin tools * Filter out spam, trolls, and unwanted commenters * Enable your visitors to become a real community * Moderation by email or mobile * More comments and increased engagement * Connected with a large discussion community * Increased exposure and readership Key benefits for Commenters, Readers * Track and manage comments and replies * Verified commenter reputations across sites * More control over your own comments on websites * Never lose your comments, even if the website goes away * Build a global profile, or comment blog, to collect and show off what you're saying * Easier to comment on websites using Disqus * Reply to comments through email or mobile * Edit and republish comments with one click --- EXTENSION FEATURES --- - Options for comments counter/anchor link for listing and article pages - Choose to integrate Disqus comments in specific categories and/or menu items - Neutral design for easy integration on any template design. Use CSS for total design control: - Fully MVC skinnable. Just copy the /plugins/content/jwdisqus/tmpl folder (in Joomla! 1.5) or /plugins/content/jwdisqus/jwdisqus/tmpl (in Joomla! 2.5+) inside your Joomla! template's /html folder, rename to /html/jwdisqus and start tweaking the HTML and CSS! - Option for testing Disqus comments plugin locally before going live. Enjoy one more fine release from JoomlaWorks!
c p
Simple RSS Feed Reader

Simple RSS Feed Reader

Free | Social Display | JoomlaWorks
2.5 3
40 reviews
Adding RSS/Atom syndicated content inside your Joomla! website is now super-easy and simple with the 'Simple RSS Feed Reader' module from JoomlaWorks. All you have to do is add a few feeds to the module parameters, publish the module in some position and that's it! You can even publish multiple feeds at the same time (meaning in the same module instance) and have them display combined! The 'Simple RSS Feed Reader' module is based on the same feed parsing engine that powers, the most popular Joomla! news aggregator in the Joomla! Community. The feeds are stored inside your Joomla! site's cache folder and refreshed in a specific time interval, which you set in the module's parameters. This feed cache is different to Joomla!'s cache, as you may need to have your site refreshed every 5 minutes, but have the feeds the module retrieves stored longer than 5 minutes. --- NOTABLE FEATURES --- - one input box for feeds enables you to add unlimited feeds per module instance - combine multiple feeds into one output list - show or hide the first image inside each feed content - extract and resize remote images for more layout control - we use Mobify's world class image resizing service for fast loading times and without stressing your server - additional content options include pre-text, post-text and a custom link option at the bottom of the feeds block - MVC templating is now standard, module comes pre-packed with 2 generic templates that will fit most sites - they also serve as a great starting point if you want to create your own - one input box for feeds enables you to add unlimited sources to your module (previously limited to 20 feeds only per module instance). - option to redirect all external feed links through your site's domain (slighly improves your SEO). --- GETTING STARTED --- After you install the module, add one or more feed sources in the related box under "Fetch Options" and simply adjust the "Feed Content Options" in the module parameters. Then publish into some module position. --- STYLING --- The module installs with 2 generic templates (default and compact), which should be sufficient for most websites. If you want more control, you can simply override both the generated HTML and CSS, using MVC template overrides within your Joomla! template. Or you can create new folders with new module templates inside your template's /html/modjwsrfr/ folder and just select the new ones in the module's parameters. The compact template is inspired by --- DEMO --- Demo for "default" sub-template: (right column) --- NOTE ON JOOMLA! 1.5 --- If you're on Joomla! 1.5, you can still get v2.3 of the module in our site's product/download page of the module.
User Extended Fields for K2

User Extended Fields for K2

Free | K2 extensions | JoomlaWorks
9 reviews
"User Extended Fields for K2" extends the user profile of K2 with additional contact and social details. Download, install and activate the plugin and all your Joomla!/K2 users will be able to add their expanded contact and social details in their profiles. --- REQUIREMENTS & LICENSE --- This is a K2 plugin and it requires that the component K2 version 2.5.2 or later be installed on your website. For additional information on K2, please visit the related entry here on the Joomla! Extensions Directory: "User Extended Fields for K2" is a Joomla! plugin interfacing with K2. It's developed by JoomlaWorks & licensed under the GNU/GPL v2 license. --- USEFUL LINKS --- Visit the K2 website: Join the K2 community (support, tutorials, videos):
p e
TinyLetter Subscribe

TinyLetter Subscribe

Free | Newsletter | JoomlaWorks
2.5 3
2 reviews
TinyLetter is an elegant, simple and free newsletter service brought to you by the folks behind MailChimp. Sign up for a free account and start sending newsletters in a couple of minutes. If you are looking for a simple way to add a newsletter to your Joomla! site without the bloat and complexity that usually comes with most native Joomla! newsletter extensions, then TinyLetter is just the right service to use. By using the TinyLetter Subscribe module for Joomla! (by JoomlaWorks), you can quickly integrate the TinyLetter service to your Joomla! site. === GET STARTED === 1. Sign up for a free account at - It's quick and easy. When you sign up you create a username which you can then use in the module parameters to hook up your TinyLetter account to your Joomla! site. 2. Design your subscribe page: The signup form is elegant and easy to edit, so you can make TinyLetter your own. 3. Install and setup the TinyLetter Subscribe module: Once you install the TinyLetter Subscribe module, enter your TinyLetter username, set the module parameters and publish the module in some position. 4. Compose your TinyLetter: Log into your account. There aren't any templates to bother with. One click, and you’re off. 5. Reply to your readers: See who reads your newsletters, and continue the discussion with those who respond. === REQUIREMENTS === The only requirement is that you (obviously) need to sign up for a free TinyLetter account. === MVC TEMPLATING === The module already includes some generic CSS styling, which makes it truly 'plug and play' for your Joomla! website. If you want more control, you can simply override both the generated HTML and CSS, using MVC template overrides within your Joomla! template. Hover over each parameter on the right for additional info on each parameter. === ABOUT === TinyLetter Subscribe is a Joomla! 2.5 & 3.x compatible module developed by JoomlaWorks, released under the GNU General Public License. If you're on Joomla! 1.5, you can still get v1.0 of the module in our site's product/download page at: === DEMO === See the module in action in our demo site, located in the right column:
Latest Tweets

Latest Tweets

Free | Social Display | JoomlaWorks
2.5 3
5 reviews
"Latest Tweets" is a sleek module by JoomlaWorks which can be used to fetch your Twitter statuses on your Joomla! website, the easy way and real-time. Just set your parameters and publish the module. You can even copy the module to multiple instances and fetch the latest tweets from different users on your website (e.g. in a multi-author environment). Unlike other related modules, this one does not require that you create a Twitter app for your site (a quite tedious process). Instead it uses 2 "proxy" services which provide a public API to Twitter's now walled garden of APIs. The module is released under the GNU/GPL v2 license and you can see a demo here (frontpage, left column): Enjoy one more fine release from JoomlaWorks!

Tabs & Sliders

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