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Displays Joomla!'s system message on popup window! User cannot miss the message!

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On my homepage(, you can see a actual work of the plugin. Try logging into the site with a wrong username and password.

- Popup window : A error message is displayed on a fake popup window

  • Topbar : A error message is displayed on a topbar

Perfect : )

Posted on 17 May 2013

Great little plugin. Simple and very elegant - Perfect TY

HS message Rocks

Posted on 01 April 2013


tested an error message to see if it works

pops up system message in a box

Thank you

Simple and nicely styled too!

HS Highlighter

HS Highlighter

Free | Coding & Scripts Integration | Hayato Sugimoto
12 reviews
Make your code display beautiful! Hs Highlighter is a code syntax highlighter with a button to insert your code into content easier. Available languages - HTML, XML - CSS - Javascript - PHP - Plain Text - ActionScript - Bash, Shell - Coldfusion - CPP - C# - Delphi - Diff - Erlang - Groovy - Java - Javafx - Perl - Python - Ruby - Sass - Scala - Sql - VBNet Files - plgcontenthshighlighter : Syntaxhighlighter itself. - plgeditor-xtdhshighlighter : A button plugin to insert codes. *These files are packed to one package file.


Free | Site Access | Hayato Sugimoto
6 reviews
Hs Users offers you a ability to sign-in with social services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and other major services. The process of authentication on the extension follows Joomla!'s register/login process, which means that you can use the social sign-in function with other Joomla's extensions. Main Functions - This extension follows a process of a default Joomla! users component. - Easy to setup. - 10 social services are available - Works on Joomla! 2.5 and 3.0 - A admin page is integrated with Joomla!'s user admin. - Available to see user data which is obtained from social services - Available to add a user image from social services or original image - Easy to add social list to everywhere( You need to write a PHP code but it's a few lines ). - For developers, offers Hs User object and easy to access user properties including user image. Available Social Services - Twitter - Facebook - Google - LinkedIn - FourSquare - Yahoo - Windows Live - My Space - AOL - OpenID * Most of social services require to register as a developer to use each API calls. Please see documentation for settings of social services. Limitations - Size of user image is limited to width 50px and height 50px - Depending on social services, some data cannot be accessible. e.g. Twitter doesn't return e-mail address. - Bad English! I'm not a good English speaker:( I'm glad to know a correction of my bad English! Base Engine Hs Users uses HybridAuth( Included Files - pkghsusers : A package file. You can install Joomla! extensions listed followings at once. - comhsusers : Offers main authentication process. - modhsusers : Offers social list to default login module - plguserhsprofile : Offers connection to Joomla!'s user component - libhs : Offers classes related to user object A main file is which can be installed on Joomla!'s extension manager.
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Hayato Sugimoto
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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