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“6gallery”, is a premier Joomla image gallery module which allow to create responsive and filterable image and video galleries to present your portfolio, team, products, photos or anything else. 6gallery module it's ideal tool which allow you very easy and fast to create stunning fully responsive galleries.

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 •   Facilitated with a variety of gallery layouts: Merto grid, Classic grid and Fit Columns;

 •   Pagination

 •   Superbly simple and intuitive admin area;

 •   Unique drag and drop feature for image uploading and ordering;

 •   Stunning thumbnail hover effects;

 •   Fully responsive;

 •   Facilitated with a variety of gallery layouts;

 •   Cross browser compatibility;

 •   SEO friendly;

 •   Support video from Youtube and Vimeo;

 •   Multiple categories feature for image & Video galleries.

Supported languages:

  • Croatian (hr-HR);

  • Dutch (nl-NL);

  • English (en-GB);

  • Estonian (et-EE);

  • French (fr-FR);

  • German (de-DE);

  • Greek (el-GR);

  • Hungarian (hu-HU);

  • Indonesian (id-ID);

  • Italian (it-IT);

  • Polish (pl-PL);

  • Russian (ru-RU);

  • Spanish (es-ES);

  • Swedish (sv-SE);

Developed with love by Team of Six,

Awesome extension

Posted on 30 January 2015

All you need for a gallery with the simplest way. Images, video, pagination, easy to configure

Ease of use

Easy, easy, super easy


Not needed


Not needed

Value for money

worth every dollar it costs

I used this to: Image and video Gallery


With Drag and Drop function is just what I need,upload pictures in different size,like the automatic scale not fixed size,just upload & done

Ease of use

Upload and the rest take care of itself, drag the pictures around the module to get in different order


I give them 11 of 10 points, quick to reply my questions and thoughts,

Value for money


I used this to:
Always give a try to the newcomers and they are good! New looking good designs and simplicity is back!!


6gallery matches all the functions that have been declared. Buy it once and you will use it on any your website.

Ease of use

The most easiest module i have ever seen. Pictures are adding and ordering are implemented through drag and drop.


Support is very fast. This guys knew how to treat the customer. They answering your questions very fast and solve any problem


Documentation is detailed and clear. I have found and answer on any my question.

Value for money

It is totally worth the money. In addition, if you see that it is simple module but 6gallery has functions of whole component!

I used this to: I use 6gallery for my design agency website, but after I've tested it, i will insert it in every my future project. Good work Balbooa team!


Posted on 31 October 2014

High class component, great quality layout, easy to configure and perfect for "impact" websites. Support is fast and skilled.


Posted on 10 October 2014


Your work is superb!

i love it ! im using this module for evey website.

Easy to handle and to configurate.

Slik style with allot of options !

never gonna use something els for a website.


I would not use any other!

Posted on 02 October 2014

This is an intuitive and easy to use gallery, it is well designed, well developed, and it simply works beautifully. The team of 6 go out of their way provide helpful and timely support. I would not use any other!

Hello guys!

I want to share my opinion about this extension. I have been searching for a Joomla gallery for my website, that can satisfy me, the main requirements was:

- be simple;

- have a lot of options;

- have a great user friendly interface

Following this list i have been searching gallery for half a year, and then a reach the new Joomla developer - Balbooa. I go through their website and find out this gallery.

First version was not ideal, but i have seen the great potential in this company.

Today i set "6Gallery" on every website that i develop.

It is and ideal extension, soon they will have the update, and "6Gallery" become the most powerful medial gallery on JED.

5 stars!

Wonderful gallery

Posted on 26 September 2014

This is one of the most easy to use yet complete galleries I've worked with. Works like a charm and has many customization possibilities. Balbooa team give a quick and professional support.

Great product!

Nice Gallery Module

Posted on 23 September 2014

I like the module, it has a very easy interface it actually feels more like a component than a module. Wish it were so I could easily tie it to the menu in that fashion.

I tried updating the typical way of just uploading the newer version. This does not work, support was quick to provide the link showing how to do a manual update. So the updating processes is not as I would desire.

But it is a nice gallery module.

If you're looking for a great gallery grid module then I can't recommend this one highly enough.

Not only is the front end beautifully fluid and responsive but the back end has also had a great deal of care taken to provide an extremely easy to use drag and drop interface. It kind of puts the rest of Joomla 3.0's admin interfaces to shame!!

Tech support is great, I had a small template/module CSS conflict which was resolved quickly with very detailed instructions from Artem of Balbooa.

One of the best extensions I've ever worked with, and I'm looking forward to more from Balbooa.



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The 6slides joomla slideshow module is a premium slider with touch navigation and various layouts. Easy to use admin interface with drag and drop features allow you very easy to create stunning slideshows. • • • Features You'll Love • • • • simple and intuitive admin area; • drag and drop features for image uploading and ordering; • fully responsive; • support touch swipe navigation; • various slideshow layouts; • cross browser compatibility; • SEO friendly; • captions support HTML code. • • • 6slides options • • • • set the slideshow width and height in pixels; • set the number of thumbnails to display; • set the one of four slideshow layouts; • set the pause time for the slides in milliseconds; • set the speed of the sliding animation in milliseconds; • display slideshow navigation dots: yes / no; • auto play: yes / no; • enter description for slide, html code allowed; • enter meta tag "alt" for image (seo feature); • • • Supported languages • • • • English (en-GB); • Dutch (nl-NL); • French (fr-FR); • Hungary (hu-HU); • Indonesian (id-ID); • Polish (pl-PL); • Portuguese (pt-BR); Developed with love by Team of Six,


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The 6contacts module allows you to implement a contact form with CAPTCHA protection to a Joomla! website. Simplest way to put contact form on your page and get feedback from users. 6contacts is free and fully responsive contact form which means they work on all screen sizes: smartphones, tablets and desktops. Joomla! contact form module 6contacts has amazingly beautiful and intuitive admin panel - Aurum. • • • 6contacts options list • • • 6contacts basic options: • admin email; • manage notice for send mailing notifications; • CAPTCHA protection. Available fields, which you can enable or disable: • subject; • address; • city; • state; • zip / postal code; • home phone; • mobile phone; • company; • website; • contact form pre text; • text below contact form. NOTE: to enable captcha protection you need to enable Joomla core captcha plugin or another captcha plugin. Supported languages: • Dutch (nl-NL); • French (fr-FR); • Hungarian (hu-HU); • Indonesian (id-ID); • Italian (it-IT); • Polish (pl-PL); • Portuguese (pt-BR); • Swedish (sv-SE);


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Turn your visitors into buyers with 6popups. 6popups is a Joomla popup module that increases conversions and calls to action on your website. Perfect solution to attract user’s attention to a specific page or post on your Joomla website via popup. Pop up window is fully customizable and have simple and intuitive admin area, which help you fast create awesome pop ups for promotion you're fabulous products, discounts, offers etc. • • • Features You'll Love • • • • fully customizable popup window; • fully customizable heading text and main text; • fully customizable call to action button; • setup popup Start delay and Repeat; • cross browser compatibility; • main text field support any html code; Supported languages: • English (en-GB); • Dutch (nl-NL); • French (fr-FR); • Hungary (hu-HU); • Indonesian (id-ID); • Polish (pl-PL); • Portuguese (pt-BR); Developed with love by Team of Six,


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Joomla Google maps module 6maps it's a light, simple and free Google maps module for Joomla! Joomla module 6maps allow you to bring Google maps with custom markers, infobox and customized color scheme of the standard Google maps to your website. Joomla Google map module 6maps has amazingly beautiful and intuitive admin panel. Google maps module 6maps is fully responsive which means they work on all screen sizes: smartphones, tablets and desktops. • • • 6maps full feature list • • • Basic Google maps options: • set the height of the Google maps in pixels; • set the width of the Google maps in pixels; • set the default adress; • set the map type: satelite, hybrid, roadmap, terrain; • set the default zoom level; • set the color scheme of the standard Google maps. Google Maps view is fully customizable: • zoom Control: yes/no; • map Type Control: yes/no; • scale Control: yes/no; • street view: yes/no; • pan Control: yes/no; • overview Map Control: yes/no; • rotate Control: yes/no. Google maps Marker and Infobox options: • marker title; • uppload custom map marker; • always show an info box: yes/no; • marker infobox with joomla editor. Supported languages: • Dutch (nl-NL); • French (fr-FR); • Indonesian (id-ID); • Hungary (hu-HU); • Polish (pl-PL); • Portuguese (pt-BR); More information about 6maps: • • Developed with love by Team of Six,


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The 6tweets Joomla! module is the superior way to display twitter stream on Joomla!2.5 and Joomla 3.2 website. 6tweets twitter module is fully responsive and looks amazing on all screen sizes, from desktop to phone. • • • 6tweets full feature list • • • Basic options: • set the twitter module layout; • set the number of tweets to display; • display user avatar: Yes / No; • display tweet time: Yes / No; • display follow link: Yes / No; Twitter API options: • Twitter username; • consumer key; • consumer key secret; • access token; • access token secret; Supported languages: • English (en-GB); • Dutch (nl-NL); • French (fr-FR); • Hungary (hu-HU); • Indonesian (id-ID); • Italian (it-IT); • Polish (pl-PL); • Portuguese (pt-BR); Developed with love by Team of Six,


Free | Articles Display | Team of Six, balbooa
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6news Joomla news module is a free module which allows you to display latest news from your blog. With 6news you can in a minute set the source of your latest news (K2 or Joomla Articles), also the great number of options gives you an ability to manage the module and achieve the best displaying. • • • The Features You'll Love • • • • simple and intuitive admin area; • support items from Joomla and K2; • fully responsive design; • support 3 various news layouts; • full control over all elements.


Team of Six, balbooa
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Mar 11 2015
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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