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Grand Gallery - is a mix of bright images and videos presentation, easy front and back-end management, variety of available media formats just in one single pack!

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Key features:
- responsive
- easy front-end management
- drag & drop function
- video & image galleries creation
- variety of video formats (YouTube, Vimeo & BlipTV, FLV, AVI, MOV and DIVX)
- lightbox effect
- images stock function
- image download & print button
- watermarking
- tree/grid galleries view
- gallery access limit option
- sorting images by newest/oldest/alphabetically/voting/ordering
- voting system
- tags adding
- "new" icon indication
- social networks share buttons (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook)
- ability to upload images from picasa & facebook
- manual resizing option
- commenting system

A great gallery component

Posted on 06 August 2014

Slide shows modules and components are a-dime-a-dozen for Joomla, but Grand Gallery is so much more than a slide show. I was looking for a way to accommodate galleries of slide shows. And this component met all my needs thank you for such an excellent product. Does bulk uploads as well. Just a tip unzip the download file first and the folder contains a treasure trove of other plugins within the download, before you install it in your version of Joomla.

After waiting for another gallery component I've been happy with to become Joomla 3.x compatible, I finally decided to go with something different. Though pricey, this component looked to have all the options needed, and some "above and beyond" features, BUT, I find it odd that they choose to place lightbox capability in the categories yet NOT when viewing the main image. Clicking on the main image advances to the next image. Needed is the ability to click on the image and have it open (in lightbox) full browser. Writing to support did not get a satisfactory answer. Though quick to respond they wrote back instructions for adjusting the size of the existing lightbox.

FW Real Estate

FW Real Estate

Paid download | Real Estate | Fastw3b
2.5 3
93 reviews
FW Real Estate is the Best Property Selling Real Estate Extension! Extended Search helps you find properties you need in a convenient way, then compare the most suitable items to make the decision and contact an agent for ultimate consultation. FW Real Estate allows visitors to search and browse through property listings. Moreover, it enables real estate agents to register their properties on your website for potential buyers to browse. AGENT AND PROPERTY SELLER FEATURES: Subscription facility – option to charge agents to add their properties Watermark feature Open House feature Status labels Easy Language Manager for multilingual websites Currency converter for multiple currency use Automated/manual agent approval Allow agents to add in-depth property details, gallery images, PDF brochures, videos (FLV/SWT, Youtube, Vimeo) and more with an advanced WYSIWYG editor Assign properties by country, state, region, area, city and more Assign properties by category (rent or sell) and types (domestic, commercial, 2-4 unit etc) Google Captcha USER AND BUYER FEATURES: Compare Feature Favorite list - Add as favourite feature Email notifications (potentional client gets email when there appears a property, that corresponds his wishes) Advanced search on price, property type, bathroom numbers, floor areas and more Comments - option to leave comments on property (Komento integration) Apply numerous simple-to-use filters, such as availability filters, lease term filters, ‘order by’ filters and more Browse through properties with a user-friendly search system Save searches option with advanced notifications system Browse expert looking slider galleries of property photos Multiple Slideshow effects Download an array of PDF documents, property images and videos Read short descriptions in listings and long, in-depth descriptions on main property pages Share via Twitter & Facebook and use the ‘Send to a friend’ option Page print option Easy to use property enquiry and contact forms View ‘latest’, ‘popular’ and ‘random' property slideshows with an included module GENERAL FEATURES: Google maps back-end and front-end integration Customizable, unlimited currencies & sign positions with different price formats for every country Google Street view List (detailed) & Table (short) & Map property listing layout options Very powerful levels of customization Front-end management – add, edit and remove properties without logging into Joomla admin OTHER FEATURES: Related address fields based on AJAX Optional bespoke MLS integration Supports extra add-ons and other templates FLASH support in property description RTL support RSS feed CSV import/export Built in SEO tools Multilingual support (English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Greek, Arabic, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Portugeese, Hungarian, Dutch, Turkish, Chineese)
c m p
FW VirtueMart Rental

FW VirtueMart Rental

Paid download | VirtueMart extensions | Fastw3b
5 reviews
FW VirtueMart Rental Plugin extends VirtueMart functionality and allows you to rent products. Its main features: Joomla 2.5.x compatible Please note that the plugin works with Joomla 2.5.x only! It doesn't support Joomla 1.5.x or other versions. VirtueMart 2.0.20b compatible FW VirtueMart Plugin works with the latest version of VirtueMart component. Make sure that you have updated your version to the latest one before using the plugin. Customizable rental terms You can create unlimited 'from/till' days term and price for every product. Like it is shown on a screenshot below. Calendars to choose rental terms on the front-end Customers select from/till dates with the help of calendar on the front-end. Admin can customize the number of months shown on the calendar on the front-end and set its number per row, or can use space-saving calendar. Deposit & Insurance fields Every product has extra deposit and insurance field. In case if Admin doesn't fill in the field, it is not enabled on the front-end. img4 Availabilty checking In case if the product customer chooses has been already rented and is not currently available, our plugin doesn't allow customer to add it to his cart and pay for rental. Blocking days for paid/pending orders Admin can allow customers to rent the same product unlimited number of times or can limit it to one time only. Also, he can block rent days for the number of hours he selects in settings. Possibility to sale and rent the same item Plugin makes possible to choose whether you want to have only rent functionality for the definite product or prefer both saling and renting the item. Control of available items in stock
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FW Gallery

FW Gallery

Free | Galleries | Fastw3b
2.5 3
100 reviews
Fastw3b offers a nicely designed, responsive joomla gallery with lots of handy features. Have a look at the list of its main features and be free to visit our DEMO to try everything yourself! Here are the key features that FW Gallery possesses: -Adaptive design -Drag n drop function -Watermark option: downloaded file/text option -Tag System -Voting system: public/registered only -Copyright: Yes/No option -Lightbox option in a gallery view -Lightbox effect with zoom in option -Galleries/images sorting options -Different colors for every gallery -Gallery access limit option -Option to hide galleries/images, names/authors -Sub-galleries support with nested-level structure -Menu items for: All Galleries, Several Galleries, Single Gallery and Single Image Views -Configurable galleries/images sizes and frames -Width/height options for images and thumbnails -“New” icon indication: configurable number of days -Configurable date format -Download and print buttons -Gallery/image description fields -Capacity to read EXIF information -Back-end image rotation -HTML editor -and many others
FW AuthorSpace

FW AuthorSpace

Paid download | Content infos | Fastw3b
6 reviews
Introducing AuthorSpace plugin... It is the ONLY plugin of its kind that gives you total control of how author credits, article dates, comments & more are displayed on your Joomla articles. AuthorSpace Joomla plugin gives you total control over how you can display author information on your website--without hacking or modifications to Joomla's code. It's easy! Main features: * JomComment integration * link to author`s Community Builder or JomSocial profile page * Vertical, horizontal and Tumblr layouts several show parameters (on front page, in sections, categories & articles) * comments icon with number of comments for each article * link “More Post from Author” (limit of posts number can be fixed) * links to Facebook/Linkedln/Twitter/Blogger/Tumblr/Myspace/Youtube page of the author * date format control * Disqus integration * possible integration check
FW Open Hours

FW Open Hours

Paid download | Opening Hours | Fastw3b
2 reviews
FW Open Hours will give your customers definite answer when you will be open or closed! Its main features: Time fields for each day of the week displaying your working hours Weekend fields - show whether you work on week-edns or not (Saturday/Sunday off options) Shift according to server time - if your server time doesn't concur with current time in your office, this feature will easily correct that. You can set the difference and module will use it in the calculations. Office time zone drop-down list Display status - Yes/No option for displaying your status Open/Closed on the front-end. Display current time at the office - clock with great designs. 2 time formats - you can select any of the introduced time formats: xx:xx or xx:xx am/pm 10 great designs - simple, social, shop, business, cafe, restaurant and others will supplement your Joomla! website. Please view screen shots below and visit the product page Over midnight working time option Date display option Back-end prompts added
FW Gallery for JomSocial

FW Gallery for JomSocial

Paid download | JomSocial Extensions | Fastw3b
0 reviews
FW Gallery JomSocial plugin is the best way to share most popular gallery images and to make the rating much higher. JomSocial is one of the most popular and flexible components for communicating and sharing information with others. It is easy-in-use and it will provide you with your own online business card. Features: *Images ordering option: a drop downlist allows you to select one of order types (most viewed first, most voted first, new first or by name) *Option to select the quantity of displayed images *Option to set the number of images per row *Configurable image box (option set the width parameter)
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Grand Gallery

Last updated:
Dec 18 2014
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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