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Version 3.0 for Joomla! 3.0 is here and is still free.

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What is new?...
- Completely rewritten frontend and backend according the Joomla! MVC standards.
- Language manager in the backend from where you can manage the editor translations, publish/unpublish translation, set default language, install new languages, etc...
- Proxy and Save php files are no longer separated from the Joomla! framework and are implemented in the component MVC structure.

To see how you can build your own translation, create a language installation package and install it, please visit our PredWeb Tutorials section.

PredWeb JPhotoEditor component is a flash application for editing .jpg, .png and .bmp images directly in your browser. It have most of the PhotoShop great features and options. Tools like Brushes, Magic Wand, Pinch and Bloat, Burn and Smudge, Clone Stamp and many others will make online photo editing fun and powerful. The application support things like Layers, many type of filters, multiple undo/redo, 14 pre-built languages, image adjustments and many, many others.
The user is allowed to open images from his computer or directly from URL. You also can build galleries with images linked to the editor, so the user can easy just click and edit the image.

Unbelievable extension

Posted on 18 September 2015

This works nice & fast. Very easy to install. Nothing to configure. But, there should be options for some tools like 'Crop' & 'Marquee'.

Ease of use

Very easy to install & to use. Should have option to save in server. Flash plugin crashes at the time of saving. Don't know why. :(


No support is required, it's so simple.


Everyone knows how to install an extension in Joomla and there is nothing to configure. So, documentation is also not required.

I used this to: I have a photography site. I am going to use this in my site for my members who doesn't have photoshop.


I am truly impressed. Works very well. Pretty quick. Easy to install. The developer even gives an option to review the link. I'm floored.

Ease of use

Very easy to install. Very easy to you. Reminiscent of Photoshop.


I didn't require support. I did have to turn off error reporting though.


I didn't have to refer to any documents.

I used this to: My social website to give people an option to edit their photos before uploading. Thanks very, very much to the developer.

Working extension but what's the point if you can't save edited image to Joomla_Root/Images?

If you are on a Mac, Windows or Linux this extension is not much useful "in my point of view"

Just right

Posted on 20 January 2014

Awesome extension. Well written and easy to implement.


Posted on 17 November 2012

For all my clients who don't know anything about imaging.

Great but...

Posted on 28 October 2012

Its great really powerful but 4 stars because you cannot edit/save images on server. I'll be happy to pay for it if media manager and article manager support is provided.

2 thumbs up

Posted on 27 October 2012

I love this extention and absolutely impressive. Love it very much. no issues as it gives more than I expected. If the sample projects made based on this extention is available it would be great and it will encourage the use of this extention more by others.........thanks for this extention....great work!!!

Excellent component

Posted on 21 July 2012

Because the component is free, easy to install, I give five stars. But there is problem with opening saved files. So you only buy one beer!

I downloaded this extension with average expectations - hoping that it was at least good enough to do the job of resizing images. And man-oh-man those expectations were shattered. I've created Joomla sites for a few years and have seen a lot of extensions, templates, etc - and this one is absolutely excellent. On the slightly negative side, I have to say that the developer's website could be a bit easier to navigate (only for Americans?), the tutorials need work (a video would be great), and a few other things. It took a while to understand how to get to the app (after installation) from the front end (you have to link to it via a menu item). But be patient because these are quibbles worth dealing with, because the image editor rocks! And it cost $0 and has no restrictions as to implementation. (By the way, it is worth purchasing, say $10 to $20, easy!) Thank you! Trent

nice one

Posted on 20 February 2012

Thank you for development of this free extension. Work great for me and undo-redo options are also very useful.

PredWeb 3D Viewer

PredWeb 3D Viewer

Free | Images | Georgi Patrikov - Predte4a
3 reviews
PredWeb 3D VIEWER Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 & 3.0 Module is an application that allows you to use an image sequence as a 3D object. This kind of applications are also known as a Degree viewers. The basic idea is that if you have an images of a single object from all its sides, you can use this image sequence to build a 3D representation of the object. Using this module you can spectacularly present your products, giving your customers the possibility to examine it from all its sides. Also you can use this module for your web site logo or to enrich your web site content.

PredWeb JPhotoEditor

Georgi Patrikov - Predte4a
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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