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The SI-Image Scroller extension allows you to display image slides with title and short description. And also you can open image, title and description in light box effect.

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Module Parameters:

  • select slider's type (horizontal, vertical, fade)

  • link Image (don't link, Lytebox, Shadowbox and HighSlide)

  • show/hide title - show/hide description

  • Show description Popupbox

  • Show description Scollar

  • Scollar Description limit

  • Slide Width - Slide Height

  • Visible Images

  • Space between images

  • Max images

  • set slides' effect, duration, delay

  • show/hide readmore

  • set autoplay on/off

  • show play/pause button

  • show next/prev buttons

  • set description width

  • set description vertical/Horizontal position

  • customize buttons! (add the path to your own buttons)

  • Set navigation bar easily

  • Horizontal / vertical Navigation Bar position

  • Slide Duration

  • Next Slide Delay

  • Pre load Time

  • Set Image title, Description, Thumb image and big Image

Bolshoe spasibo!!

Posted on 02 April 2013

Excellent software and excellent support! Big thanks to the developers for their sensitivity and responsiveness to your questions! Done! Thank you! (sorry for bad english)

This is a wonderful, very easy to use, module. The instant support was a wonderful, most helpful surprise.

Thank you !


Works great! I needed something like this and was so glad I found it. Great job guys! Keep up the awesome work!



Paid download | Events | EventsNova Team
2.5 3
36 reviews
Responsive EventsNova for Joomla 3.x and Joomla 2.5 with powerful functionality and modules!! EventsNova is a powerful Event Management component that is designed feature rich and user friendly. It has an intuitive admin interface that allows you to have complete control over your Event System. EventsNova has lot of modules, plugin and languages are available. Moreover we are providing Two Built-in attractive Templates with their own configurations. Jomsocial and Community Builder integration, Messaging and other media. Release History : http://eventsnova.com/Eventsnova-Features/eventsnova-releases.html Full Featurelist : http://eventsnova.com/Eventsnova-Features/features.html PARTIAL INTEGRATION FEATURES: ★Unlimited Categories ★Unlimited Events ★Unlimited Groups ★Unlimited Custom Fields (Textbox, Dropdown, MultiSelect, Editor, Checkbox, Checkbox Group, Checkbox Groups with Image, Radio Button, Radio Button with Image, File Upload, Textarea, Calender, Custom HTML, Custom HTML Field, Field Delimiter, Email, Webaddress, External Video URL, Country, State ) ★Custom Fields for Events, Venues, Review and Rating, Contact Us and registration ★Category Color wise Calender ★Language Manager ★Powerful Recurring Event Functionality ★Taggable Search Functionality ★Email Templates ★Radius Search Plugin ★Custom Field wise Search Functionality ★Unlimited Domain Installation ★Unlimited Domain Support ★Themes ★Payment Gateways ★Automatic Image Resize ★Powerful Search/Filter Engine ★Messaging System ★DashBoard ★Statistics ★Coupon & Gift Voucher System ★SEO Optimized ★Social Networks Support (twitter, facebook, Google +, Linkedin, Myspace, digg, delicious, stumbleupon) ★Bulk Import / Exports ★Video uploading functionality (File upload, YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Daily Motion, MySpace, Google Video) ★Gallery with Unlimited Images - thumbnails, title, description ★Tagging functionality ★Attachment ★Rating and Review with multiple attribute and Comments ★Facebook Commenting ★JomSocial and Community Builder Integration ★Admin can change the design using template manager ★Email Templates ★Newsletter ★Language Pack ★Additional modules, plugins and languages being added all the time! ★Advance search module ★Event Registration ★Event Registration with Ticket Type ★Cancel Registration Functionality ★Waiting list for Registration ★Featured Event ★JomSocial Activity Stream ★Invite Friend ★Attendees List ★WatchList / Add to Favourite ★Transaction Manager ★User group wise Permissions ★Check for Event Conflict Functionality and many more
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Social Bookmarks

Paid download | Social Presence | EventsNova Team
2 reviews
The SIS Social will display the feeds of your twitter, facebook, fblike, facebook recommendations, google +, rss, flicker, Delicious, YouTube, Digg, Pinterest, lastfm, Dribbble, Vimeo and Stumbleupon. Module Parameters: - Enable plugin for frontend (Yes / No) - Display Social Bookmarks Style (Style1 for System / Style2 for Content) - Location (Top Right / Top Left / Bottom Right / Bottom Left / Right / Left) - Offset (pixels) - Width - Height - Rotation Speed - Show Controls (Yes / No) - Load Open (Yes / No) - Auto-Close (Yes / No) - Rotation Delay - Rotation Direction (Up / Down) - Show Border on all 4 sides (Yes / No) - Start Tab Twitter Parameters - Show Twitter (Yes / No) - Twitter Id - Title - Twitter Link On title (Yes / No) - Follow title - Limit Facebook Parameters - Show Facebook (Yes / No) - Facebook Id - Title - Facebook Link On title (Yes / No) - Follow title - Limit Fblike Parameters - Show Fblike (Yes / No) - Fblike Id - Title - Fblike Link On title (Yes / No) - Follow title - Limit - fblike Stream (Yes / No) - Show Header (Yes / No) Facebook Recommendations Parameters - Show Facebook Recommendations (Yes / No) - Fbrec Id - Title - Fbrec Link On title (Yes / No) - Follow title - Limit - Show Header (Yes / No) Google Parameters - Show Google (Yes / No) - Google Id - Title - Google Link On title (Yes / No) - Follow title - Limit - Page Id - Image Width - Image Height - API Key - Share (Yes / No) - Show Header (Yes / No) Rss Parameters - Show Rss (Yes / No) - Rss Id - Title - Rss Link On title (Yes / No) - Follow title - Limit Flicker Parameters - Show Flicker (Yes / No) - Flicker Id - Title - Flicker Link On title (Yes / No) - Follow title - Limit Delicious Parameters - Show Delicious (Yes / No) - Delicious Id - Title - Delicious Link On title (Yes / No) - Follow title - Limit Youtube Parameters - Show Youtube (Yes / No) - Youtube Id - Title - Youtube Link On title (Yes / No) - Follow title - Limit - Feed (Uploads / Favorites) - Subscribe (Yes / No) Diggs Parameters - Show Diggs (Yes / No) - Diggs Id - Title - Diggs Link On title (Yes / No) - Follow title - Limit - Header Background - Header Text - Body background - Border colour - Link Colour Pinterest Parameters - Show Pinterest (Yes / No) - Pinterest Id - Title - Pinterest Link On title (Yes / No) - Follow title - Limit LastFm Parameters - Show LastFm (Yes / No) - LastFm Id - Title - LastFm Link On title (Yes / No) - Follow title - Limit Dribbble Parameters - Show Dribbble (Yes / No) - Dribbble Id - Title - Dribbble Link On title (Yes / No) - Follow title - Limit Vimeo Parameters - Show Vimeo (Yes / No) - Vimeo Id - Title - Vimeo Link On title (Yes / No) - Follow title - Limit - Feed (Likes / Appears in / All videos / Albums / Channels / Groups) - Show Stats (Yes / No)
SIS Diamond Slider Theme1

SIS Diamond Slider Theme1

Paid download | Slideshow | EventsNova Team
1 review
The SIS Diamond Slider extension allows you to display image slides with title with thumbnail. You also can manage the videos(YouTube, Video, Dailymotion) with Images. As well as you can set the HTML contents as a slide. Module Parameters: - Width of slider - Slide Type - Image Path - Image Title - Thumbnail Path - Thumbnail Title - Video URL - Transition Effect(11 transition effects) - HTML Content - Theme(Classic/Modern) - Columns - Rows - Slide timeout - Show Direction(Forward,Backward,Random) - Auto Play(True / False) - Pause on hover (True / False) - Auto hide primary nav (True / False) - Show thumb titles (True / False) - Show titles (True / False) - Timer position (Top-right, Center,Top-left,Bottom-left,Bottom-right) - Show timer (True / False)
Image & Content GridNavigation

Image & Content GridNavigation

Paid download | Slideshow | EventsNova Team
2.5 3
1 review
The Image & Content gridnavigation extension allows you to display image slides with title and short description. And also you can open image in light box effect. Module Parameters: - Unlimited Images - Image Link Type (Article Link, Menu Link, External Link) - Number of Rows - Insert comma seperated Ids of Images - Number of Images per Row - Thumbnail Height - Thumbnail Width - Show Title - Show Description - Display Image in popup - Navigation effect (Default, Fade, Sequential Fade, Move/Fade, Sequential Move/Fade, Sequential Move/Fade Reversed, Resize Show/Hide, Rows Move, Disperse)
c m

SIS Live Tweets

Paid download | Social Display | EventsNova Team
0 reviews
The Live Tweets extension allows you to display twitter information. Module Parameters: - Show No Of Entries - Width - Operator - Start Messages - Time Between Tweets - Show Thumbnails - Convert Textlink - Link Hashtags - Usernames Link

SI Image Content Scroller

EventsNova Team
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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