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JoomPower Slick Slideshow makes it easy to create amazing slide shows in minutes. Loaded with simple, yet powerful options and transitions (including the "Ken Burns" effect) you can animate your Joomla site with your nice pictures.

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You can assign links to each picture, directing your visitor to a new page or some other page from your website. You can also add background music!

Each slide can hold a description with UTF support and amazing IN and OUT effects. You will build a story, not only a slideshow.

To make it more attractive, we've included 3 lightbox engines for you to use. Support for JCE MediaBox and RokBox was added too!

From snow to hearts, blinds or bars, you can now use one of the 8 included overlays to enrich your slideshow. Pictures can be grouped in categories, managed by a nice component. Images will take less to upload with the included batch uploader.

We even built support for creating a fast slideshow. All you have to do is point to a folder with images and publish.
You'll get an instant show!

Using the component you can add, edit, preview, build slides and batch upload your pictures or backgrund music.

It's so easy to tell your story with JoomPower Slick Slideshow!

What I really like about this slideshow is that there is a button named "Article" right there for me to find the article I want to link to the slide. Having both the ability to set up individual link to each article and also getting images displayed from a folder, is truly outstanding.

This is an excellent slideshow module that works like a charm. I use a number of these type plugins and this one is by far the clearest, easiest and most reliable. Better yet, it's 2.5 compatible now. It's easy to have some great eye candy in a module now and it has made one site really pop. Get it. Use it. You'll love it.

I rate this extension 5 stars because it's simply the best you can get and them guys are really doing their utmost. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; JP Slick Slideshow is worth a million words!

keep working on optimizing the user friendliness though, especially with the KenBurns effect.

Excellent Service

Posted on 13 March 2011

From a complete joomla newby, JPslick delivers the goods. Outstanding documentation built into the extension and... it works beautifully.

Service is as good as other reviewers have stated, in my case a Saturday email resulted in a bug fix and my own error being corrected within 4 hours... on a Saturday!

Only suggestion would be clear explanation of how numeric values control pan and zoom.

This is an excellent product and the best $18 you will ever spend on your joomla site.

Display quality is amazing

Posted on 05 September 2010

Not only did this slideshow come with an amazing number of extra features like music, overlays, logo placement and such, what blew me (and my client) away was the quality of the transition and motion effects.

There are simply no other slideshow on the market that look this nice. Compare the demos. JP is truly as smooth and clear as it promises.

This one is really a great piece of work for a higher quality site. The free ones are fine, usually, for average work, but for a beautiful presentation I will use this again and again.

Looks very professional, works like a charm "out of the box" and the developer support is fantastic. We needed a minor customization to the code and our request was handled very quickly. You'll love it!

Great extension

Posted on 22 June 2010

Great extension, very easy to use !!

I'm a newbie and I still had this extension running in a few minutes. After days of wrestling with various Flash galleries and lots of problems with swfembed, this extension solved all my problems. Thanks for the excellent (and affordable) module. Very nice work!

Recently purchased this extension, it was exactly what I needed for the project I am working on. In fact this extension surpassed my expectations. Easy to use, quick installation, packed with lots of features and options. You can't go wrong and even someone new to Joomla can use it as they have a tutorial that takes you through the installation and setup step by step. Kudos to the developers and keep up the good work, we could definitely use more extensions like this.


Posted on 16 February 2010

This slideshow component is exactly what I needed on my news site. You can see it in action in the right column here:

When I had a question, the developers literally answered it within 5 minutes. I also purchased the 3D Power Spin. These components are expertly designed with no glitches of any kind.

They are well worth the low cost to purchase both!! If every component worked this well, my life would be much easier!

3D PowerSpin

3D PowerSpin

Paid download | Rotators | JoomPower
6 reviews
Everybody loves cool 3D effects, right? That's the reason PowerSpin, the image rotator, was created. You have the pictures, this product has the power. Easy to set up, precise settings and nice features will let you have it ready in minutes. You can build unlimited categories, apply captions and links, batch upload photos with the included smart uploader. Each picture can have its own caption and link and can open it to a new window or the same page. Captions can be styled with any color and size you like. 3D effects are easy to set up. Create your style with 6 transitions and 3 ease types. We've also added support for a fast setup. All you have to do is point to a folder with images and publish. Using the component you can add, edit, preview and batch upload your pictures.
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JP Slick Slideshow

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Nov 13 2009
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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