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This module allow to insert the Kwicks script. This script use JQuery for show images that slide when the cursor is over there. The image is also a link and is possible to add a small text box.

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Posted on 07 July 2014

Love this module...and the updated version works with jooomla! 3x

Excellent work

Posted on 17 June 2013

Thanks for this plugin very good working in joomla 2.5.X.

but it is not working with joomla 3 & joomlage templates. Can you update this plugin for joomla version 3 & joomlage.


An excellent solution

Posted on 21 April 2013

Thank you for this plugin, which is simple to install and configure.

Exactly what I needed, and I will be sending you a donation.

This is a great little plugin, my only reason for not giving it 5 starts is that it does take a bit of trying to get your head round to get it to work, and it's not available as a module.

However I do use it as a module by using an extension that converts plugins into a module and worked a treat!

Free, unique and simple!

Posted on 21 November 2012

Very nice and simple plugin. Install, enable and use sample code to start. Only need to manually prepare the image. And calculate the parameter "closewidth", by dividing the width of the content on the number of images.

Must have plugin! Thanks!

An elegant extension

Posted on 02 January 2011

This is an elegant extension, and is working beautifully for me. I used it with an Artisteer template on the Home page of an information site.

It works perfectly at the set height of 200px, but I wanted less height (125px). I found that just altering the height in the control and using images 125px high resulted in the images not rendering properly in the browser. When I added a 75px bottom border to the images to bring them to 200px, they rendered perfectly at the height I wanted.

Currently it works only in articles. I would like to be able to use it in a module in the banner1 position so that it stretches right across the page, and look forward to this development.

Support was excellent and very prompt, even though it was holiday time and busy season.

Thank you for a stylish extension and excellent support.

Currency Exchange Informer

Currency Exchange Informer

Free | Currency & Exchange | FalsinSoft
3 reviews
This module is useful for keep informed about exchange rate of a single currency to another specified currency. If your site is oriented only to a particular country and you want to keep informed your visitor regarding the exchange rate of your local currency to the target country currency your can set this module to show only this information. The module obtain the exchange rate from the Google Finance site. In add of the exchange rate the module become available also a very simple currency converter allowing to switch betwwen the two currecnies interested and calculate on real-time the conversion of a specific sum of money from one currencty to the other. This converter can be show or hide using the provided link inside the module. The exchange rate is loaded from the external site using AJAX when the main page is fully loaded. This for avoid to slow down the loading of the main page waiting the result from the external site. Another feature is to "store" the just loaded exchange rate into the user session params. This solution has been added to avoid to reload again the exchange rate every time the users visit the page where the module is present. Using the configuration settings is possible to set the time (in minuts) after passed the module must reload an updated exchange rate. Version 1.1.1 Updated the list of currencies managed. Version 1.1 Changed some part of the codes for have multiple instances of the module working on the same page. If you find a bug Please, report bugs to the author throught the support forum.
Hidden Login

Hidden Login

Free | Site Access | FalsinSoft
2.5 3
2 reviews
This plugin dynamically show a login panel in the center of the page and allow user to login from frontend without need to show login module in the page. This feature is very useful if you created a web site for a customer and want allow him to login in frontend for manually add article, news, pictures and so on. In a "commercial" web site is not very good to see a frontend login panel but if you don't want your customer to login through backend admin page you have to find a way for show frontend login module only in "special" conditions. There are many solutions for have this result but this plugin resolve the problem in a very simple way. The working is very simple. You need to choose a "login word" for use as param to add to the site url. This additional param will show the login panel. Examples of use Suppose that, for example, the login param word is 'login' you need to make as follow: In case of SEF active: In case of SEF not active: (if no additional params are already present in the URL)¶m1&login (if some additional params are already present in the URL)

Sliding Image Links

Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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