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3D Tags Plugin Support 3d tags feature for EasyTagCloud.

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-Set the width and height of tag cloud

-Set interval between animation frames

-Set maximum and minimum speed of rotation

-Set drag control and drag threshold

-Set initial to start rotation automatically

-Set time to fade in

-Set deceleration rate when mouse leave

-Set maximum and minimum brightness of tags at back of cloud

-Set text color

-Set color, method, thickness, offset, pulsate opacity and pulsate time of outline

-Set deepth

-Set freeze active and decel

-Set front select

-Set click to front

-Set reverse direction of movement

-Set zoom, wheel zoom, zoom step, maximum zoom and munimum zoom

-Set color, blur and offset of shadow

-Set weight mode, weight size and weight gradient

-Set the shape of the cloud, could be sphere, hcylinder, vcylinder, hring and vring

-Set to limit rotation of the cloud using the mouse

-Set to initial size of cloud from center to sides, from center to top and bottom or from center to front and back

-Set to stretch or compress the cloud horizontally or vertically

-Set the offsets the centre of the cloud horizontally and vertically

-Set to prevent the selection of tags

-Set to prevent any mouse interaction



Free | Tags & Clouds | Qi Huang
2.5 3
4 reviews
EasyTagCloud is an cute Tag Cloud extension built for native Joomla! tags. Features -Enhanced by plugins -Set width and heigh -Set maximum number of the tags to display -Select specific tags to display -Set if only get most tagged tags or get tags at random -Set the maximum and minimum font size of the tags -Enforce the font weight to bold -Set tags color, hover color, background color and hover background color -Set tags underline and hover underline -Set the tags align -Set the line height and horizontal space -Set the border radius of tags -Set the target when click on the tags -Enforce generate randomly colorful tags -Support Google fonts -Set if display the number of tagged items -Tags conveter to convert meta keywords to Joomla! 3 tags
c m p
Easy Seller

Easy Seller

Free | Paid Downloads | Qi Huang
0 reviews
Selling digital goods could not be easier with Easy Seller! This project is FREE now but... -Files stored securely in hosting, cheating risk detected when paying and downloading. -Set maximum allowed download times and days. -Add the button in articles, modules, any where in the page. -Intergrated with PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification). -Customize the buy now button image. -Sandbox mode for test purpose. -Flash uploader intergrated, easy to upload and manage files. -Insert download by editor button, no need to remember any code. -Easy to view and edit transaction, export CSV is also available.
c p
Awesome Cloud for EasyTagCloud

Awesome Cloud for EasyTagCloud

Paid download | Tags & Clouds | Qi Huang
2.5 3
0 reviews
Awesome Cloud build tags into nice looking shapes for EasyTagCloud. Features -Set word spacing -set font resize factor -reduces outliers for more attractive output -Set color, could be gradient, random light or random dark -Set rotation ratio -Set print multiplier -Set sort, could be highest, lowest or random -Set sharp, circle, square and star are available

3D Tags for EasyTagCloud

Qi Huang
Last updated:
Jan 10 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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