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GENOVA LinkTracker let's you easily track the user interaction with outbound links on your Joomla webpage. That is: Every time a user clicks on a link, that leaves your webpage, this click is logged and can later be analysed in the adminstration area of the CMS.

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Analytics tools, like Google Analytics, only track, where your users come from (inbound links), user demographics and lots of other information. Outbound Links, however, are not being tracked, unless you modify your site quite a bit. GENOVA LinkTracker does this job for you. Especially if you have a lot of traffic on your site, you might want to know, to what external websites your users are leaving. These external websites might benefit heavily from the traffic that is comming from your site. GENOVA LinkTracker gives you numbers you might want to use on the negotiation table :)

And of course, it's always good to know, where your users are leaving to, once they are done with your content.


GENOVA LinkTracker adds a little piece of javascript (1 KB) once your site is loaded. Each time a user clicks on an outbound link, the click will be logged in the database. In the backend you have then the opportunity to analyse these clicks for a specific period of time.

Installation: Never been this easy. Click, enable and the program is up and running.

It took about 30 seconds to enable. And within that timeframe a visitor went to another URL (my profile on a social platform).It showed up immediatly in the graph.

Nice going! I'd really recommend this!

GENOVA Version Control

GENOVA Version Control

Free | Content Versioning | Alexander Bachmann
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GENOVA Version Control is an extendable version control system for Joomla, which allows you to compare and restore revisions of your Joomla articles in the front- and backend. WHY YOU MIGHT NEED IT Version control might be interesting for web developers and designers who create complex designs for their customers and want to enable the client to manage their site themselves. In these cases it is always good to be able to restore a previous version of an article in case the customer messed with the design. With the introduction of ACL in version 1.6 Joomla has become more suitable for collaborative work in larger teams. The introduction of the smart search feature is the reason that Joomla is more and more used for knowledge management purposes. But managing knowledge and information requires security mechanisms for data not being accidentally deleted or changed by the users. This is not only important for data security but helps increasing user engagement at your site. Only if users can be sure that they don't accidentally mess up anything, they are willing to contribute their knowledge to the system. HOW DOES IT WORK? GENOVA version conrol works very similarly to the revisions management we know from Wikipedia. After you installed the component and enabled the neccessary plugins, every change you make to an article is stored as a new revision. You then have the oportunity to compare and restore all revisions that have been made to a particlular content item. Even if you restore a particular revision of the past, all the other revisions are NOT lost. The restored revision becomes a new content revision and is added to the top of the stack. This means, that you can securely change and restore articles as you wish, without the fear of loosing information. WORKS ON THE FRONTEND Managing revisions works on the frontend as well. You need to set the access level in the parameters of the GENOVA Version Control Content Plugin (!), so the extension knows, which users are allowed to see the revisions.
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GENOVA LinkTracker

Alexander Bachmann
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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